President – Andrew Beckman #3767 – Contact for questions and comments about the Society of Automotive Historians

Vice PresidentEdward Garten #3209

SecretaryBob Ebert #0135

TreasurerRubén L. Verdés #3433 – contact regarding questions on SAH Payments


Board of Directors



Terms ending Oct. 2017

H. Donald Capps #3122

Louis F. Fourie #3158

John A. Heitmann #3099 ex officio

John A. Marino #2039


Terms ending Oct. 2018

Bob Casey #1385

Carla Rose Lesh #2870

Vince Wright #2058


Terms Ending Oct. 2019

Robert G. Barr #3598

Don Keefe #1356

Matt Short #4193

2012 Annual Board Meeting Minutes


Publications Committee

Thomas S. Jakups, Chairman, Pat Chappell, Christopher G. Foster, Louis F. Fourie, D. Donald J. Keefe, Allan Meyer, Rubén L. Verdés, Steve Wilson.


Web Editor

Louis F. Fourie – for questions and comments about AutoHistory.Org

Louis is out of the country, for the time being all queries can be sent to Mike Reilly until he returns.


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