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Call for papers: Women and the automotive industry

Journal of Automotive Historians Australia is the refereed journal of Automotive Historians Australia Inc. which was established in Melbourne in 2015.

The Journal is devoted to scholarly publication in the field of automotive history not only in Australia and its region but also internationally. One need not be a member of AHA to publish in its journal but it is anticipated that the Journal’s contents will reflect the wide interests of AHA’s diverse
membership. Publication will be online.

From the beginning of automobile manufacture in the late nineteenth century women have been behind the wheel. They embraced the new technologies afforded by the motorcar as drivers, mechanics and consumers and made it their own. In Melbourne after World War I
Alice Anderson established her own garage staffed by women, Joan Richmond became Australia’s first professional racing driver while in Scotland Dorothee Pullinger made the Galloway car for women. Motorised vehicles mobilised house-bound women in the suburbs and rural areas affording them a wider engagement in the world, and the world changed to
accommodate the automobile and the newly enfranchised consumer. Car companies began to target women in their advertising and women determined the choice of family car. While there is a growing body of research in this field of women’s history and gender studies less
research has been published on women’s participation in the automotive workforce, on the factory floor, in the trim section or as designers and engineers.

Guidelines for Authors
The Editors will consider essays of 5000 to 8000 words (including footnotes) comprising the author’s or authors’ original research on any aspect of women and the automotive industry.  Papers should be submitted with an abstract (200 words) at the beginning of the paper and a brief author biography (80 words), images and image captions. Abstracts are published at the beginning of papers.

Papers should be submitted as Word documents. Citations and notes should be provided as numerically ordered end notes. No additional reference list/bibliography is required at the end of the paper. Authors should use the footnote function of Word and follow the punctuation and referencing conventions of Chicago 16. Do not use any pre-existing format (like
Endnote), headers or footers.

All papers published in AHA Journal are blind peer-reviewed.

Proposals for reports or for reviews of books, exhibitions and other events of interest to the membership of AHA can be made to the Editors for inclusion in the Journal.

Image Specifications
For the refereeing process, please submit low-resolution images of illustrations as separate files (or embedded in a separate pdf file with captions). Once a paper is accepted for publication, high-resolution images should be submitted as 300 dpi tiff files, at a minimum of 100mm wide with a separate list of captions indicating permissions.

Authors are responsible for securing all permissions and paying all fees to reproduce images in JAHA.

Papers should be submitted to the editors by Friday 25 May 2018 for publication at the end of the year. 

Harriet Edquist 
Helen Stitt