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Society of Automotive Historians - Details of Books Written by Our Members

Michael Lamm


Chevrolet 1955: Creating the Original

Brief Description: 

This hardcover volume examines the 1955 Chevy’s early development through exclusive photos and personal interviews with the designers and engineers who brought this landmark car to life. Author Lamm was fortunate enough to record the voices of Ed Cole, Harry Barr, John Dolza, Clare MacKichan, Paul King, Carl Renner and others – men of tremendous stature in the auto industry. Their words form the text of this historic book. Nowhere else is the 1955 Chevrolet so personally, thoroughly and engagingly laid out, explained and re-examined.


Number of Pages:                   102      Number of Images      NA

Price:                           $45.95             ISBN:  978-0932128065                                

Publisher:                                            Lamm-Moranda Publishing Co., Inc              

Link to Website:         http://lammmorada.com/featured-books/chevrolet-1955-creating-the-original.html

The Camaro Book, A to Z28

Brief Description: 

This was the first hardcover book ever published about Chevrolet’s iconic Camaro. It originally came out in 1978 as “The Great Camaro,” and even then it thoroughly covered the first- and second-generation Camaros. Updated in 1984, the latest version forms the cornerstone for all the histories that followed. Packed with photos, this book presents the full history of the Camaro plus extensive details covering powertrains, RPOs, production figures, the Z-28, racing and the men who made these machines possible.


Number of Pages:                   NA      Number of Images      NA

Price:                           $45.95             ISBN:  978-0932128003                                

Publisher:                                           Lamm-Moranda Publishing Co., Inc                

Link to Website:         http://lammmorada.com/featured-books/the-camaro-book,-a-thru-z-28.html

The Newest Corvette

Brief Description: 

Here’s the definitive companion to the C4 Corvette, the car that came out for 1984. Written to celebrate the C4’s introduction, this book explains and illustrates the then-newest Vette in all its nuances of engineering, styling, handling and power. If you’re interested in the inner workings of this fantastic machine, The Newest Corvette serves as the perfect backgrounder. You’ll clearly understand the car, its creators, its standard and optional equipment, production techniques and racing potential. The book contains hundreds of facts, figures, photos and fascinating details.


Number of Pages:                   NA      Number of Images      NA

Price:                           $45.95             ISBN:  978-0932128041                                

Publisher:                                           Lamm-Moranda Publishing Co., Inc                

Link to Website:         http://lammmorada.com/featured-books/the-newest-corvette.html

Chevrolet Small Block Speed Equipment

Brief Description: 

This is an encyclopedia of performance and trim goodies for Chevy’s infamous mouse motor. Compiled in 1988, chapters are arranged by component category; from engine blocks through superchargers, nitrous oxide and everything else. Nothing’s left out, and each component has a part number and illustration. Chapter intros tell you what each part does, how it works, how it goes with other items, what to watch for and how to avoid costly purchase mistakes.


Number of Pages:                   282      Number of Images      NA

Price:                           $39.95             ISBN:  978-0932128058                                

Publisher:                                           Lamm-Moranda Publishing Co., Inc               

Link to Website:         http://lammmorada.com/featured-books/chevrolet-small-block-v8-speed-equipment.html


Thunderbird 2002

Brief Description: 

The book thoroughly documents the body-design and mechanical evolution of the 2002 Thunderbird 2-seater. It also highlights this newest Bird's influential designers and engineers. In addition, the book contains full chapters detailing the complete history of the Thunderbird marque, its racing accomplishments and the collectible items and icons inspired by T-Birds of the past.


Number of Pages:                   130      Number of Images  178

Price:                           $45.95             ISBN:  978-0932128089                                

Publisher:                                           Lamm-Moranda Publishing Co., Inc                

Link to Website:         http://lammmorada.com/featured-books/thunderbird-2002.html

Non-Brand Specific

A Century of Automotive Style

Brief Description: 

Authored by Michael Lamm and Dave Holls, it’s a 100-year history that explains why cars looked - and look - the way they do, who designed what, and why. The original hardcover book was voted “must have” by major enthusiast magazines in the U.S. and Europe. The book also won the Society of Automotive Historians’ prestigious Cugnot Award of Distinction. The book is now out of print, but you can enjoy the DVD as one of the world’s best automotive reads and then keep it in your library for handy longterm reference.

Now available also on DVD! This new disk contains the original book in its entirety: complete text, captions, sidebars and index. Nothing’s left out. The disc is fully searchable and very easy to use. And the DVD remains the “book” of choice for everyone interested or involved in car design.


Number of Pages:                   308      Number of Images – More than 900

Price:               Book   $69.95             ISBN:  978-0932128072                                

                        DVD   $24.95             ISBN:  978-0932128140

Publisher:                                           Lamm-Moranda Publishing Co., Inc   

Link to Website:         http://lammmorada.com/featured-books/a-century-of-automotive-style.html


1997 Cugnot Award of Distinction by the Society of Automotive Historians

Reviews of Book:

What a book! Undoubtedly, without any reservations, this is the most significant automotive book of the decade. How I wish Automobile Quarterly ... could have published it.
-Scott Bailey, founder, Automobile Quarterly magazine

The comprehensive and well-written 'A Century of Automotive Style,' loaded with pictures ranging from the most recent prototypes back to early horseless carriages, traces expertly and engagingly the ever-changing shapes of this quintessential 20th century invention.
-San Francisco Chronicle Book Reviews

We get more information on all of the better-known custom body houses here than in any book previously written.
-Matthew C. Sonfield, The Classic Car

Lamm and Holls ... have put just about all that one could ask for on this huge subject into a large, solidly structured and masterfully written book.
-Jonathan Thompson, Road & Track

Immensely impressive, eminently readable and a comprehensive survey of one of the most fascinating aspects of the motor car.
-Classic & Sports Car (British)

Cars I've Loved and Hated

Brief Description: 

An Unauthorized Auto Biography. This is the “book” version of the 15-chapter blog that Michael Lamm wrote for Hemmings Online in 2012. Instead of an actual book, though, Mike decided to “publish” his Hemmings blog in the form of a CD. The “pages” of the CD are laid out in book form, and it’s easy to leaf through them or print them out. The “book” consists of 223 pages and includes 131 photographs. The layouts were done by Casey Shain, the distinguished Connecticut book artist and auto enthusiast. In his Hemmings blog, Mike talked about some of the 80-odd collectible cars he’s owned over the past 62 years, most of which he loved but a couple he didn’t. It began in 1950, when Mike turned 14. He got his first car that year, a 1931 Hudson Greater Eight sedan. After that he began buying and selling whatever came his way—feral cars, he calls them. He acquired, among others, a 1932 Cadillac V-16, a hot rod, plus a number of unusual and interesting makes and models. He came out on some; on most he didn’t. His automotive adventures and philosophy make for interesting reading.


Number of Pages:                   223      Number of Images      NA

Price:                           $14.95             ISBN:  978-0932128157                               

Publisher:                                           Lamm-Moranda Publishing Co., Inc                

Link to Website:         http://lammmorada.com/featured-books/cars-i%E2%80%99ve-loved-and-hated-(cd).html


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