The Brigham Award is presented for magazines published in the previous calendar year.


DeSoto Adventures, published by the National DeSoto Club, Geoff Overly, Editor.


Sports Car Market, Keith Martin, publisher.


The Packard Cormorant, published by Packard Automobile Classics, Stuart Blond, Editor.


Antique Automobile published by the Antique Auto Club of America. Editor-in-Chief/design director West Peterson.


Collectible Automobile, published by Publications International, Ltd. John Biel, editor-in-chief; Frank E. Peiler, publisher.


Old Cars Weekly published by F+W Publications, Angelo Van Bogart, editor.


Charge Utile, published by Histoire & Collections, Jean-François Colombet, rédacteur en chef.

Hemmings Classic Car, published by Hemmings Motor News, Richard Lentinello, editor-in-chief.


The Bulletin of the Vintage Sports-Car Club, published by The Vintage Sports-Car Club, John Warburton, editor.

Vintage Motorsport, D. Randy Riggs, editor-in-chief, Syd Silverman, publisher


Horseless Carriage Gazette, published by the Horseless Carriage Club of America, John C. Meyer III, editor.

Aston, published by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, David Burgess-Wise, editor.


Automobile Quarterly, published by Automobile Heritage Publishing and Communications LLC, Gerry Durnell, editor and publisher, Tracy Powell, managing editor.

Automobilia, published by Histoire & Collections, François Vauvillier, Directeur de la publication, Marc-Antoine Colin, Responsable éditorial.


The Rodder's Journal, Steve Coonan, editor.


The Way of the Zephyr, The Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club, David L. Cole editor.


Collectible Automobile, John Biel, editor-in-chief; Frank Peiler, publisher.

Automotive Fine Art, Automotive Fine Arts Society, Jack Juratovic, editor.


V8 Times, The Early Ford V8 Club of America, Jerry Windle, editor.


Turning Wheels, The Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc., Linda L. Fox, editor.


Automobile Quarterly; Jonathan A. Stein, publishing director; Karla A. Rosenbusch, managing editor.


The Automobile, Enthusiast Publishing, Ltd., Brian Heath, editor.


The Road Back, Jenna Publishing Ltd., Nigel Trevena, editor.


The Classic Car, The Classic Car Club of America, Beverly Rae Kimes, editor.

Hispano-Suiza Newsletter, The Hispano-Suiza Society, Jules Heumann, editor.


La Vie de l'Auto, Bruno Leroux, rédacteur.


The Bulb Horn, The Veteran Motor Car Club of America; Walter O. MacIlvain, editor; Thomas F. Saal, managing editor.

Collectible Automobile, Duane O. Mackie, editor-in-chief; Frank Peiler, publisher.


Special Interest Autos, Hemmings Publishing, David W. Brownell, editor.


V8 Times, The Early Ford V8 Club of America, Bob McCoppin, editor.


Automobile Quarterly, John F. Katz, executive editor; Martha Rachel Teel, managing editor.


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