Unpublished Manuscripts

Ford in My Family by Ed Ruesing

Ed Ruesing records the history of Davis Brothers Ford, a dealership owned between 1911 and 1942 by his Grandpatents, Frederick Bliss Davis and Una Lee Davis.

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A Car Guy Bean Counter Reminices by Patrick Bisson

Since graduating from GMI, Patrick Bisson spent most of his career as an engineer at Buick but he also for a while operated his own GM dealership.

Patrick shares his candid thoughts of his career involving GM.  Not many insiders write about their time with GM so this is a rare inside look and reflection on GM, its culture, practices and quirks.  His words convey a passion for the product tinged with frustration that is sometime repeated but only to show a desire not to scrimp with features in order to save money and leave a less desirable end product.

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