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President Robert Barr – Contact for questions and comments about the Society of Automotive Historians

Vice President – Kevin Kirbitz

SecretaryBob Casey

TreasurerRubén L. Verdés – contact regarding questions on SAH Payments


Board of Directors

Terms Ending Oct. 2022

 – Chris Lezotte

 – Casey Maxon

 – Steve Purdy

Terms ending Oct. 2023

 – H. Donald Capps ex officio

– John A. Mohr

 – Dean Nelson

 – Bob Schmitt

Terms ending Oct. 2024

– Matt Anderson

 – Bob Elton

 – Carla Rose Lesh


Publications Committee

Thomas S. Jakups, Chairman, Christopher G. Foster, Louis F. Fourie, John Heitmann, D. Donald J. Keefe, Rubén L. Verdés, Steve Wilson.


Website Editor

Louis F. Fourie –  for questions and comments about AutoHistory.Org