The Society of Automotive Historians

International Organizations

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Automotive Historians Australia (AHA) was founded in Melbourne in 2015 to promote the understanding and enjoyment of automotive history through scholarly research, discussion and events.

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The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain was originally established, in 1980, as a Chapter of the Society of Automotive Historians. The SAHB is now entirely independent from the SAH.

The principal purpose of the SAHB is to encourage research, recording, compilation and publication of historical facts concerning the worldwide development of mechanically powered road transport and all related topics from inception to the present day.


Heritage and History of the Automobile in France (PHAF) Patrimoine & Histoire de l’Automobile en France. email the PHAF

The Automobilhistorische Gesellschaft e. V. (AHG) is an association of experts who research and publish in the field of automotive history. Historians, publicists, technicians, lecturers, chroniclers, archivists, museum operators, curators and private collectors are mainly represented in the AHG. The AHG is economically and politically independent and is financed exclusively through the contributions of its members and through donations.

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The  Italian Society of Motoring Historians (AISA) gathers fans of the history of motorization and witnesses of that history, interested in knowing it and making it live again.


Society of Automotive Historians from the Netherlands (CONAM) is now an association of more than a hundred people with an interest in the history of motor vehicles. This includes passenger cars, company cars, buses and motorcycles, but also, for example, car companies, car pioneers and license plates. Each member has its own ‘spearhead’, but the great thing about Conam is that all members like to broaden their horizons by talking to other members, exchanging information and writing for each other in the club magazine or on the website.