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Gary Hoonsbeen

Title:   The Design History of the One-Cylinder Oldsmobile

Brief Description:

Over four decades, Gary Hoonsbeen researched and documented the single-cylinder Oldsmobile. His efforts included procuring original Company documents, reference material from the early 1900’s, and extensive documentation of surviving vehicles. He amassed a significant collection of period documents, photos, and drawings of Oldsmobile’s one-cylinder Models.

This hard cover book is his effort to provide a detailed history of the one-cylinder Oldsmobiles produced from 1900 to 1907. He discusses each component of the early Olds vehicles to provide the reader a comprehensive understanding of how these cars evolved during their production.

His goal was to leave a useful record on these early automobiles—information on how to properly restore them and keep them running.  Over 550 pages of information!


            Number of Pages:       565      Number of Images:     Black and white:         1384

            ISBN:                          13:978-0-692-99907-3           

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Table of Contents:

The Ziegler Drawings
Chapter 1        Overview of One-Cylinder Oldsmobiles
Chapter 2        Model R, 6C and B Holley Carburetor
Chapter 3        Splitdorf Coil

                        The Model R

Chapter 4        Model R General Construction                                  
Chapter 5        Model R Wheels and Tires                                        
Chapter 6        Model R Front Axle                                                  
Chapter 7        Model R Rear Axle                                                    
Chapter 8        Model R Steering                                                       
Chapter 9        Model R Engine Basics                                             
Chapter 10      Model R Valve Timing                                              
Chapter 11      Model R Ignition Timing and Commutator               
Chapter 12      Model R Cooling Systems                                         
Chapter 13      Model R Muffler                                                       
Chapter 14      Model R Fuel Tank with Mixer                                 
Chapter 15      Model R Transmission                                               
Chapter 16      Model R Cranking and Decompression                     
Chapter 17      Model R Electrical System                                        
Chapter 18      Model R Non-Holley Carburetors                             
Chapter 19      Model R Lubrication                                                 
Chapter 20      Model R Body                                                                       
Chapter 21      Model R Fenders                                                       
Chapter 22      Model R Side Lamps                                                 
Chapter 23      Model R Rear Seat and Tops                                     

                        The Model 6C

Chapter 24      Model 6C General Construction                                            
Chapter 25      Model 6C Wheels                                                                  
Chapter 26      Model 6C Front Axle                                                            
Chapter 27      Model 6C Rear Axle                                                              
Chapter 28      Model 6C Steering                                                                 
Chapter 29      Model 6C Engine Basics                                                       
Chapter 30      Model 6C Valve Timing                                                        
Chapter 31      Model 6C Ignition Timing and Commutator                         
Chapter 32      Model 6C Cooling Systems                                                   
Chapter 33      Model 6C Muffler                                                                 
Chapter 34      Model 6C Fuel Tank                                                              
Chapter 35      Model 6C Transmission                                                         
Chapter 36      Model 6C Cranking and Decompression                               
Chapter 37      Model 6C Electrical System                                                  
Chapter 38      Model 6C Non-Holley Carburetors                                       
Chapter 39      Model 6C Lubrication                                                                       
Chapter 40      Model 6C Body                                                                     
Chapter 41      Model 6C Fenders                                                                 
Chapter 42      Model 6C Side Lamps                                                           
Chapter 43      Model 6C Rear Seat and Tops                                               

                        The Model B

Chapter 44      Model B General Construction                                              
Chapter 45      Model B Wheels                                                                    
Chapter 46      Model B Front Axle                                                              
Chapter 47      Model B Rear Axle                                                                
Chapter 48      Model B Steering                                                                   
Chapter 49      Model B Engine Basics                                                         
Chapter 50      Model B Valve Timing                                                          
Chapter 51      Model B Ignition Timing and Commutator                           
Chapter 52      Model B Cooling Systems                                                     
Chapter 53      Model B Muffler                                                                   
Chapter 54      Model B Transmission                                                           
Chapter 55      Model B Cranking and Decompression                                 
Chapter 56      Model B Electrical System                                                    
Chapter 57      Model B Lubrication                                                             
Chapter 58      Model B Fenders                                                                   
Chapter 59      Model B Side Lamps                                                             
Chapter 60      Model B Rear Seat and Tops                                                 

                        Model N & Model T Common Systems

Chapter 61      Model N & T Common Parts
Chapter 62      Model N & T Carburetor and Air Filter
Chapter 63      Model N & T Cranking and Decompression
Chapter 64      Model N & T Side Lamps
Chapter 65      Model N & T Steering
Chapter 66      Model N & T Muffler
Chapter 67      Model N & T Electrical System
Chapter 68      Model N & T Lubrication
Chapter 69      Model N & T Valve Timing
Chapter 70      Model N & T Ignition Timing and Commutator

                        The Model N

Chapter 71      Model N General Construction                                             
Chapter 72      Model N Wheels                                                                    
Chapter 73      Model N Front Axle                                                              
Chapter 74      Model N Rear Axle                                                               
Chapter 75      Model N Engine Basics                                                         
Chapter 76      Model N Cooling Systems                                                     
Chapter 77      Model N Fuel Tank                                                                
Chapter 78      Model N Transmission                                                           
Chapter 79      Model N Body                                                                       
Chapter 80      Model N Fenders                                                                   
Chapter 81      Model N Tops                                                                        

                        The Model T

Chapter 82      Model T General Construction                                              
Chapter 83      Model T Wheels                                                                     
Chapter 84      Model T Front Axle                                                               
Chapter 85      Model T Rear Axle                                                                
Chapter 86      Model T Engine Basics                                                          
Chapter 87      Model T Cooling Systems                                                     
Chapter 88      Model T Fuel Tank                                                                
Chapter 89      Model T Transmission                                                
Chapter 90      Model T Body                                                                                   
Chapter 91      Model T Fenders                                                                    
Chapter 92      Model T Rear Seat and Tops                                                 

                        The Model D & I

Chapter 93      Model D Light Delivery Wagon
Chapter 94      Model I Railroad Inspection Car

                        Additional Information

Chapter 95      Owning and Driving a One-Cylinder Oldsmobile
Chapter 96      Special Information

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