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Pontiac Concept and Showcars

Brief Description:

An in-depth history of Pontiac’s non-production and experimental cars


            Number of Pages: 192                        Number of Images – Color:    300      Black and white: 100

            Price:   $39.95                         ISBN:  1613252161                           

            Publisher: CarTech Books

            Link to Website:         

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Pontiac’s Penchant for Innovation

Chapter 2: Pontiac and the Motorama Cars

Chapter 3: A New Mission Statement for Pontiac

Chapter 4: Dawn of the Muscle Car

Chapter 5: Pinnacle of the Muscle Car Wars

Chapter 6: An Automobile Industry Redefined

Chapter 7: Driving Excitement, the Concept Car Years and Beyond

Chapter 8: Pontiac Winds Down

Reviews of Book:

Pontiac Concept & Show Cars jumps right into the subject matter. No wasted time on general Pontiac history or concept car explanation–Keefe skips the appetizer and digs right into the steak.” (Old Cars Weekly2016-05-01)

“Informed and informative, profusely illustrated, and a pure pleasure to browse through.” (James Cox Midwest Book Review2016-05-21)

“The text fairly drips with inside knowledge, the kind that only an expert like Keefe could deliver. Very well done.” (Jim Donnelly Hemmings Motor News2016-07-13)

“On the whole, if you are a gearhead with a particular affinity for Pontiac, then Pontiac Concept and Show Carsis a necessary addition to your bookshelf or coffee table.” (The News Wheel2016-06-17)

“Pontiac Concept & Show Cars will appeal to anyone with an interest in automotive history and/or design.” (Thomas DeMauro Hemmings Musle Machines2016-08-11)

Title:   How to Restore Your Pontiac GTO 1964-1974

Brief Description:

A practical restoration guide for Pontiac’s GTO and other Pontiac A-Bodies


            Number of Pages: 176                        Number of Images – Color:                Black and white: 400

            Price:   $29.95                         ISBN:  1934709697                              

            Publisher: CarTech Books

            Link to Website:         

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Selecting a Project

Chapter 2: Disassembly

Chapter 3: Bodywork

Chapter 4: Painting

Chapter 5: Engine

Chapter 6: Transmission

Chapter 7: Suspension

Chapter 8: Brakes

Chapter 9: Interior

Chapter 10: Body Assembly and Alignment

Chapter 11: Electrical

Reviews of Book:

“Don’t touch a GTO project without reading this book cover to cover- your goat will thank you.” (Old Cars Weekly 2012-10-18)

“Longtime HPP contributor, Smoke Signals Editor-in-Chief, Pontiac Historian, and all-around good guy Don Keefe has written this in-depth restoration book. Its 176 pages are crammed with info and 398 color photos to help you breathe new life into your old Goat, and the section on electrolytic rust removal alone may be worth the cover price to you.” (High Performance Pontiac 2012-10-15)

How to Restore Your Pontiac GTO 1964-1974 goes beyond the usual auto restoration guides to discuss how to restore everything from the body and trim to brakes, chassis and steering. Step-by-step captions accompany color photos and keys to restoring a GTO to factory-new specs, and come from an editor of the official Pontiac GTO newsletter. From the most desirable models to restore to how to repair trunks, floorplans and how to return an engine to top condition, this is a ‘must’ for any GTO owner who wants specifics- not generalities- on restoration options.” (James Cox Midwest Book Review 2013-01-24)

Title:   Grand Prix: Pontiac’s Luxury Performance Car

Brief Description:

A History of the influential 1962-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix


            Number of Pages: 128                        Number of Images – Color: 300         Black and white: 100

            Price:   $34.95                         ISBN:  1583881840                              

            Publisher: Iconografix

            Link to Website:         

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Grand Prix’s Early Beginnings

Chapter 2: Coming to Market (1962-64)

Chapter 3: The Second Generation (1965-68)

Chapter 4: Redefining the Luxury Performance Car (1969-72)

Chapter 5: Setting Sales Records (1973-77)

Chapter 6: Losing Its Way (1978-87)

Chapter 7: A Return to Driving Excitement (1988-96)

Chapter 8: Adding Some Sizzle (1997-2003)

Chapter 9: Continued Refinement (2004-Present)

Chapter 10: Experimental, Prototype and Specialty Grand Prixs

Reviews of Book:

Pontiac Grand Prix was indeed Grand….

Landis Odoms January 10, 2013

I must say I enjoyed the book. I liked the information, the photos and the inside Pontiac/GM information. The thing I liked most was the information given about the product and the history. I learned a lot from reading how Grand Prix was born from the Bonneville in and Pontiac was forming the cars image and heritage in the late 1950’s as concepts. I did like reading about the 1977 to 1980’s Grand Prix as well as learning when Pontiac got its mojo back for the Grand Prix line. What was sad was reading how Pontiac almost died in 1982, but the ending was sad too. I like the fact the author left no details out. It gives a fresh perspective too. I did enjoy the spread of photographs too. I would like to see more books like this on other GM cars from the past that are legendary. I also enjoyed reading about the other GM brands in relation to Pontiac and Grand Prix as well.

Great book

David W. Temple December 19, 2012

“Grand Prix: Pontiac’s Luxury Performance Car” is an excellent reference. The photography is also great. Each model year is well detailed. Don Keefe even provided accounts of the Pontiac X-400 show cars and answered questions I had regarding what became of them. This book should be in the personal library of any Pontiac enthusiast.

Great detail, a must have for any GP enthusiast.

ByItsSuperchargedon November 28, 2012

This book is a delight for any Grand Prix enthusiast. I’ve seen reviews that aren’t really pleased with how much attention this book pays to the 6th generation GP, but to be honest, that’s the one that most people are interested in. There were pictures of design concept drawings and in-progress models that I’d never seen before. It was also nice to see some of the year-to-year changes that I hadn’t known about before. This makes a great coffee table book, and can also serve as a reference book to some extent