2022 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award

The 2022 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, English, will be awarded to one or more books published in calendar year 2021 that best advance the understanding of the history of the automobile in the English language. Consideration will be given to traditional automotive histories, including those focused on vehicles, manufacturers, individuals and events, as well as social histories of the automobile that examine the effect of the automobile on society, culture, and everyday life. The Cugnot Award Panel may also, if it deems it warranted, select an additional book or books published in the calendar year 2021 for secondary recognition with an Award of Distinction. The Cugnot English and Language Other than English (LOE) awards have been given as a separate awards since 2000.

Nominations should be emailed to sahawards@gmail.com by April 15, 2022. Upon notice that an nomination is accepted, books should be forwarded to the Cugnot Award, English, Panel Chair Ed Garten.

Any book submitted for Cugnot Award consideration becomes the property of the SAH, whether the nominated book wins an award or not. After the awards are made, all nominated and awarded books are sent to Auburn, Indiana for custodial care in The Society of Automotive Historians Special Reference Collection at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum (ACDAM). This collection is available for onsite use by SAH members, ACDAM members and ACDAM visitors, following reading room protocols established by the ACDAM. A Memorandum of Understanding is in place, between the SAH and the ACDAM, detailing their relationship and the custodial care of the SAH book collection.

Questions regarding the Cugnot Award, English should be directed to Ed Garten.

Previous Award Winners


The Cellini of Chrome: George Walker – Ford Motor Company’s First VP of Design by Henry Dominguez, published by Racemaker Press LLC

Award of Distinction: Driving While Black:African-American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights by Gretchen Soren, published by the W. W. Norton


Ballot by Daniel Cabart and Gautam Sen, published by Dalton Watson Fine Books

Award of Distinction: The Doble Steam Car by Jim Crank, published by the Doble Steam Press


Reid Railton: Man of Speed by Karl Ludvigsen, published by Evro Publishing

Award of Distinction: Damsels in Design: Women Pioneers in the Auto Industry 1939-1959 by Constance A. Smith, published by Schiffer Publishing


Blood Sweat and Fear: Violence at Work in the North American Auto Industry, 1960-1980 by Jeremy Milloy, PhD. published by University of British Columbia Press

Award of Distinction: Shelby Mustang GT350 by Chuck Cantwell with Greg Kolasa published by David Bull Publishing.


Wolseley – A Very British Car by Anders Ditlev Clausager published by Herridge and Sons


Squire, the Man, the Cars, the Heritage by Jonathon Wood published by Bridgnorth

Mercer Magic: Roeblings, Kusers, the Mercer Automobile Company and America’s First Sports Car by Clifford W. Zink published by Roebling Museum

Award of Distinction: Power Without Glory: Racing the Big-Twin Cooper by Terry Wright published by Loose Fillings.


J. Saoutchik, Carrossier by Peter Larsen and Ben Erickson published by Dalton-Watson Fine Books

Lancia and De Virgilio by Geoffrey Goldberg published by David Bull Publishing

Award of Distinction: Ikarus – Busse fur die Welt by Christian Suhr, published by Verlagkraftakt


Cunningham: the Passion, the Cars, the Legacy by Richard Harman published by Dalton-Watson Fine Books

Award of Distinction: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining by Davide Bassoli published by Nubes Argentea

Award of Distinction: Arsenal of Democracy: The American Automobile In World War II by Charles K. Hyde published by Wayne State University Press


Talbot-Lago Grand Sport: The Car from Paris by Peter M. Larsen with Ben Erickson published by Dalton-Watson Fine Books

Award of Distinction: Rippon Bros: A Coachbuilder of Renown, by Jonathan Wood, published by James Hinchcliffe and Annabel Sleigh


Sports Car Racing in the South: Texas to Florida 1957-58, by Willem Oosthoek, published by Dalton-Watson Fine Books.


Carribean Capers: The Cuban Grand Prix Road Races of 1957, 1958, and 1960 by Joel E. Finn,

Award of Distinction: Voiture Minimum: Le Corbusier and the Automobile by Antonio Amado, published by The MIT Press.


Storied Independent Automakers: Nash, Hudson and American Motors by Charles K. Hyde, Wayne State University Press, 2009.

Award of Distinction: Maxwell Motor and the Making of the Chrysler Corporation by Anthony J.Yanik, Wayne State University Press, 2009.


Ferdinand Porsche, Genesis of Genius: Road, Racing and Aviation Innovation, 1900 to 1933 by Karl Ludvigsen, published by Bentley Publishers.


Trust and Power: Consumers, the Modern Corporation and the Making of the United States Automobile Market by Sally H. Clarke, published by Cambridge University Press..


Billy, Alfred and General Motors: The Story of Two Unique Men, A Legendary Company and a Remarkable Time in American History by William Pelfrey.

Award of Distinction: Karl Maybach: His Engines and Automobiles by Harry Niemann.

Award of Distinction: Béla Barényi: Pioneer of Passive Safety at Mercedes-Benz by Harry Niemann.


Pioneers, Engineers and Scoundrels: The Dawn of the Automobile in America by Beverly Rae Kimes, published by SAE International.


The Stanley Steamer: America’s Legendary Steam Car, by Kit Foster, published by Stanley Museum, Inc.

The Electric Vehicle: Technology and Expectations in the Automobile Age, by Gijs Mom, published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Award of Distinction: The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin and Community in Autotown, U.S.A., by Lisa M. Fine, published by Temple University Press.


Three Men in a Hupp, by James A. Ward, published by Stanford University Press.

The Fairmount Park Motor Races, 1908-1911, by Michael J. Seneca, published by McFarland and Company, Inc.


Sloan Rules: Alfred P. Sloan and the Triumph of General Motors, by David Farber, University of Chicago Press

Award of Distinction: Zora-Arkus-Duntov: The Legend Behind the Corvette, by Jerry Burton, Bentley Publishers


The Classic Era, by Beverly Rae Kimes, The Classic Car Club of America.

Awards of Distinction: The Automobile in American History and Culture: A Reference Guide, by Michael L. Berger, Greenwood Press, Inc.


Battle for the Beetle, by Karl Ludvigsen, Bentley Publishers.

Award of Distinction: The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile, Nick Georgano, editor-in-chief, The Stationery Office, Ltd.


The Franklin Automobile Company by Sinclair Powell, The Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.

Award of Distinction: Edsel Ford and E.T. Gregorie by Henry Dominguez, The Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.


The Graham Legacy: Graham-Paige to 1932, by Michael Keller, Turner Publishing with M.T. Publishing Co., Inc.

Award of Distinction: The Pacesetter: The Untold Story of Carl G. Fisher, by Jerry M. Fisher, Lost Coast Press.


The Motoring Century: The Story of the Royal Automobile Club, by Piers Brendon, Bloomsbury Publishing plc.

Award of Distinction: The Story of Hampton Cars, by Trevor G. Picken, Hampton Cars.


The Splendid Stutz, edited by Raymond A. Katzell, The Stutz Club, Inc.

Award of Distinction: A Century of Automotive Style, by Michael Lamm and Dave Holls, Lamm-Morada Publishing Co.


Mercedes-Benz Quicksilver Century, by Karl Ludvigsen, Transport Bookman Publications, Ltd.

Award of Distinction: Cord 810/812: The Timeless Classic, by Josh B. Malks, Krause Publications, Inc.


Awards of Distinction: Taking Charge: The Electric Automobile in America, by Michael Brian Schiffer, Smithsonian Institution Press.

Awards of Distinction: Automobile Quarterly Vol. 32 No. 4, an issue devoted entirely to Chrysler Corporation.


Carriages Without Horses: J. Frank Duryea and the Birth of the American Automobile Industry, by Richard Scharchburg, Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.

Award of Distinction: Jaguar in America, by John Dugdale, BritBooks.


The American Automobile – A Centenary 1893-1993, by Nick Georgano, Prion/Smithmark.

Bugatti, the Man and the Marque, by Jonathan Wood, Crowood Press.

Automobile Quarterly Vol. 30 No. 4, an issue devoted entirely to Duesenberg.

Awards of Distinction: Skoda Laurin & Klement, by Ivan Margolius and Charles Misl, Osprey Publishing.

Awards of Distinction: The American Gas Station, by Michael Karl Witzel, Motorbooks International.


Pontiac! They Built Excitement, by Thomas E. Bonsall, Stony Run Press.

Award of Distinction: Chevrolet 1955: Creating the Original by Michael Lamm, Lamm-Morada Publishing Co.


The Motorcar in Art: Selections from the Raymond E. Holland Automotive Art Collection, by John J. Zolomij, Automobile Quarterly.

The Cobra-Ferrari Wars, by Michael L. Schoen, CFW.

Award of Distinction: The Cameron Story, by William T. Cameron, International Society for Vehicle Preservation.

Awards of Distinction: The Classic Kissel, by Val V. Quandt, Palmer Publications, Inc.

Awards of Distinction: Ford, the Complete History, by the Editors of Consumer Guide, Publications International Ltd.

Awards of Distinction: Tatra: The Legacy of Hans Ledwinka, by Ivan Margolius and John J. Henry, SAF (Publishing) Ltd.


Austin Seven Sourcebook, by Brian Purves, G.T. Foulis/Haynes.

Awards of Distinction: The Story of the Red Triangle, by Kenneth Day, G.T. Foulis/Haynes.

Awards of Distinction: Soaring Spirit: Thirty-Five Years of the Ford Thunderbird, by John Katz, Automobile Quarterly.

Awards of Distinction: The Automobile Industry 1920-1980, edited by George S. May, Facts on File, Inc.

Awards of Distinction: Tangled Web: The Legacy of Auto Pioneer John F. Dodge, by Jean M. Pitrone, Avenue Publishing Company.

Awards of Distinction: Jaguar E-Type: The Definitive History, by Philip Porter, G.T. Foulis/Haynes.


Wheels of Misfortune: The Rise and Fall of the British Motor Industry, by Jonathan Wood, Sidgwick and Jackson.

Awards of Distinction: The Behring Collection, by Rob Haeseler, Behring Educational Institute Press.

Awards of Distinction: Klassiche Wagen, 1919-1939, by Ferdinand Hediger, Hans-Heinrich von Fersen, and Michael Sedgwick, Hallwag AG.

Awards of Distinction: Make ’em Shout Hooray!, by Richard H. Stout, Vantage Press.

Awards of Distinction: Sporting Rileys: The Forgotten Champions, by David Styles, Dalton Watson.


Volvo: Sixty Years of Truckmaking, by Christer Olsson, Forlagshuset Norden AB.

Jaguar: Sports Racing and Works Competition Cars from 1954, by Andrew J.A. Whyte, G.T. Foulis/Haynes.

Award of Distinction: Rolls-Royce: The Classic Elegance, by Lawrence Dalton, Dalton Watson.


The Star and the Laurel: The History of Daimler, Mercedes, and Benz, by Beverly Rae Kimes, Mercedes Benz of North America, Inc.

The Immortal 2.9: Alfa Romeo 8C 1900 A and B, by Simon Moore, Parkside Publications.

Awards of Distinction: There is No Mistaking a Pierce-Arrow, by Brooks Brierley, Garrett & Stringer, Inc.

Awards of Distinction: Bentley: The Vintage Years, by Michael Hay, Dalton Watson.

Awards of Distinction: Dynamic Beherrschen, by Erik Eckermann, ATE/Teves.

Awards of Distinction: Golden Wheels: The Story of Automobiles Made in Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio, (corrected edition) by Richard Wager, John T. Zubal, Inc.


The Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942, by Beverly Rae Kimes and Henry Austin Clark, Jr., Krause Publications.

The Marmon Heritage, by George and Stacey Hanley, Doyle Hyk Publishing Co.

Awards of Distinction: John Montagu of Beaulieu, by Paul Tritton, Golden Eagle/George Hart. 

Awards of Distinction: Pontiac: The Complete Story, by Tom Bonsall, Bookman Publishing.

Awards of Distinction: Jaguar: A Tradition of Sports Cars, by Bernard Viart and Michel Cognet, Editions Practique Automobile.

Awards of Distinction: Mercedes-Benz:The Supercharged 8-Vol. I, by Jan Melin, Nordbok International.


No Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award

Awards of Distinction: Pierce-Arrow: The Golden Age, by Marc Ralston, privately published.

Awards of Distinction: Automania: Man and the Motor Car, by Julian Pettifer and Nigel Turner, William Collins Sons & Co.


My Two Lives, by Rene Dreyfus and Beverly Rae Kimes, Aztex Corp.

Awards of Distinction: Ford 1903-1984, by David L. Lewis and Lorin Sorenson, Publications International.

Awards of Distinction: US Military Wheeled Vehicles, by Fred Crismon, Crestline Publishing.


Duesenberg: The Pursuit of Perfection, by Fred Roe, Dalton Watson.

As Old as the Industry: Riley, by David Styles, privately published.


The Lincoln Motorcar: Sixty Years of Excellence, by Tom Bonsall, Bookman Publishing.

Awards of Distinction: The Miller Dynasty, by Mark Dees, Barnes Publishing West. Bugatti, by Borgeson, by Griffith Borgeson, Osprey Publishing Ltd.


Jaguar Saloon Cars, by Paul Skilleter, Haynes Publishing.


The Complete Encyclopedia of Commercial Vehicles, edited by G.N. Georgano, Krause Publications.


Packard: A History of the Motor Car and the Company, edited by Beverly Rae Kimes, Automobile Quarterly Books.


Isotta-Fraschini, by Tito Anselmi, Segrate.


The Public Image of Henry Ford, by David L. Lewis, Wayne State University Press.


Kaiser-Frazer: The Last Onslaught on Detroit, by Richard M. Langworth, Automobile Quarterly Books.


American Automobile Racing, by Albert Bochroch, Viking Press.


 Mack, by John B. Montville, Aztex Corp.


Mercedes Benz Racing Cars, by Karl Ludvigsen, Bono/Parkhurst Books.


A History of Sports Cars, by G.N. Georgano, E.P. Dutton.