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Note that this information was originally compiled as a subject index by Joseph R. Malaney, Taylor Vinson and Louis F. Fourie. The subject index is still available.

AHR001 (Winter, 1973-74)
Editorial Page, 2
The Cars of William Walter, 3
Viewpoint, 4
The Packard Clipper, Make or Model?, by Charles H. Hebb, 4
Elwood Haynes – His Car and His Company, 6
The Grant, by Richard B. Brigham, 8
A Wrap-up on the Red Bug, 10
The Argonne – Power and Speed with Economy, by G. Marshall Naul, 12
Back Cover: Famous 1915 Cadillac advertisement
Front Cover: Elwood Haynes, 1857-1925
AHR002 (Summer 1974)
Editorial Page, 2
William Walter – a Follow-up, by Alessandro Sannia, 3
Viewpoint, 4
Make or Model Question Again, by Frank T. Snyder, 4
The Red Wing – A Request For Information, 4
The Red Wing, 6
Some Other Grants, by Stanley K.  Yost, 7-11
Bowen – A Name From the Past, by Maurice A. Harrison, 12-13
The Steel Swallow, 13
Cars to Be Identified, 14
The Armac, 17
Veteran Two-Strokes, An Exercise in Comparison, An Exercise in Comparison, by Mike Worthington-Williams, 18
MG How It All Began, by Richard L. Knudson, 24
The Peters, 28
Front Cover: Mr. William Walter, founder of the Walter Automobile Company
Back Cover: 1907 advertisement for the Walter car
Inside Front: 1913 ALCO Limousine
Inside Back: 1911 ALCO Roadster
AHR003 (Spring 1975)
Editorial Page, 2
Viewpoint, 3
Dr. Ferdinand Porsche – A Chronological History of His Life and Accomplishments, 5
J.J. Cole and the Founding of the Cole Motor Car Company, by Robert F. Croll, 9
“Ask the Man Who Owns One” Packard Slogan, 14
Random Notes on the Roebling-Planche, 15
The Willis 9: The Silent Wonder, by Stanley K. Yost, 17
Packard Monoblock 12, 20
Caskets and Bathtub “Bodies” Form the Link, by Rolland Jerry, 21
Ohio Electric Car Co. Factory, c. 1975, 25
Identification Requested,  26
 Front Cover: Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, engineering genius and designer of some of the world’s finest motor cars
Back Cover: Volkswagen advertisement of 1962, the first of an award-winning series
Inside Front: 1914 S.G.V. Touring car
Inside Back: 1920 Owen-Magnetic Roadster
AHR004 (Winter 1975-76)
Editorial Page, 2
Viewpoint, 3
Cleburne Motor Car Manufacturing Company, by D.J. Kava, 4
John N. Willys, by Richard B. Brigham, 5
More About Coles, by Maurice A. Harrison, 8
The Establishment and Growth of the Peerless Motor Car Company, by Dr. Robert F. Croll, 9
The Automotive Industry, 1915, by Harlan Appelquist, 15
1915 Production Figures, 17
Identification Requested, 18
Dr. Fredinand Porsche, Part 2, 20
Fey of Minnesota, by Stanley K. Yost, 22
Some Surviving Pennsylvania Auto Plants, by Donald J. Summar, 26
The Dormandy – Made in a Shirt Factory, by Keith Marvin, 30
Front Cover: John N. Willys, about 1917
Back Cover: Overland advertisement, The Automobile, May 13, 1915 
Inside Front: John Willys with 1927 Whippet Roadster
Inside Back: 1924 Winton Six
AHR005 (Spring 1976)
Editorial Page, 2
Viewpoint, 3
The Duesenberg Plant, by Fred Roe, 3
Automobile Post Cards, by Richard J. Sagall, 4
Charles W. Nash, by Richard B. Brigham, 6
1909 American Motor Car Industry Production Figures, by Harlan E. Appelquist, 9
Ocean To Ocean in the LA Times Special, 1912, by Dick Philippi, 25
The One and Only Frontmobile, by Arthur B. Graisbery, 28
Identification Requested, 30
The Fadgl Flexible Car, 32
The Penn Service Car, 32
Front Cover: Charles W. Nash, about 1930
Back Cover: An Ad for the Jeffery
Inside Front: 1913 American Underslung
Inisde Back: 1907 Aerocar, Model D
AHR006 (Spring 1977)
Editorial Page, 2
Frontmobile Does Exist, by Ralph Dunwoodie, 3
Frontmobile Update, by W.J. Lewis, 3
America’s Forgotten Industry, by Henry H. Blommel, 5
1918 Frontmobile Touring Sedan, by Dean Batchelor, 6-8
Cleburne Motor Car Company, by D.J. Kava, 9
The Great “Pioneer” Fiasco, by Max Gregory, 11
Oliver Evans – The Magnificent “Mud Machine”, by John M. Peckham, 13
The Schoenig Kerosene Carriage, 25
A Follow-up on the Fey (and Other Minnesota Makes), by Stanley W. Liszka, Jr., 26
Steam Carriages for the Common Roads, 27
Highlights of the Development of Moto Meters, Part 2, 28
As They Are Now (Car Plants), 40
Identification Requested, 42
Front Cover: Oliver Evans, 1755-1819, American inventor
Back Cover: Luck Truck Ad of 1912
Inside Front: The Dogue Creek Mill reconstruction Oliver with Evan’s designed apparatus
Inside Back: 1905 White Steamer, Model E, 15 hp. 
AHR007 (Fall 1977)
Editorial Comment and Corrections, 2
Viewpoint, 3
Oliver Evans and Other Pioneers, by Fred Hayward, 3
Krastin Survivor – 1898 or 1902-1903, by Grace Brigham, 4
Ransom E. Olds, by Richard Brigham, 5
American Fiat is Still a Landmark, by Fred Roe, 15
Postwar Automobiles and the Future – A Quantitative Look, by G. Marshall Naul, 6
Atlanta’s Two-Mile Motordrome, by E.L. Balderson, 11
The Rise and Fall of New York’s Automobile Industry, by Gary Levine, Ph.D., 16
The Safety Buggy Company, by Donald J. Summar, 26
The After Life of the Argonne, by Fred Roe, 28
Index to the First six Issues, 29
Front Cover: Ransom E. Olds, Pioneer Automobile Maker
Back Cover: Advertisement for a 1914 Packard
Inside Front: Taking delivery of the first Dodge Car, November 14, 1914
Inside Back: 1928 Stearns-Knight
AHR008 (Winter 1977-78)
Editorial Page, 2
Viewpoint, 3
The 1901 Olds Fire, by D.J. Kava, 4
The Early English Steam Coaches, by Fred Roe, 5
The Cars of Minnesota, by Elliot Kahn, 5
Canadian Chapter of SAH Formed, 6
Robert S. McLaughlin (of GM Canada), 7
Studebaker: The Last Day of Production at South Bend, by John Ernst, 11
The Craven Foundation Museum Museum and Restoration Centre (Toronto), by Lois A. Watson, 12
Bill Gray, by R. Perry Zavitz, 16
Wihtout Horses, 18
As They are Now (California Car Manufacturing Plants), 22
Front Cover: Robert S. (Col. Sam) McLaughlin. 
Back Cover: Gray-Dort advertisement, from MacLeans’ Magazine, January 24, 1918. 
Inside Front: 1925 Brooks Steamer, owned by the Craven Museum, Toronto
Inside Back: 1909 Tudhope. This was the first gasoline driven vehicle purchased by the Bell Telephone Company of Canada
AHR009 (Summer 1978)
Editorial Page, 2
Metz Hubcap Identified, by Ralph Dumwoodie, 3
Adams Car – “A” for Adams, by Harry Pulfer, 4
Charles Y. Knight and the Silent Knight, by Denney Freeston, 6
Many Design … Few Successes:
Dickerson Rotary Valve, 14
Bingham Piston Valve, 15
Royce Piston Valve, 15
Reynolds Rotary Disc Valve, 15
Fischer Crescent Slide Valve, 15
Mead Rotary Valve and the Speedwell Car, 16
American Sleeve Valve, 17
Dodgeson Rotary Valve, 17
Burt-McCollum Single Sleeve Valve, 20
The K-D Car: The Other Knight, 22
The Diffident Ziegler, of Distinct Documentary Deficiency, by Max Gregory, 23
A Tale of Two Uptons, by Donald J. Summar, 27
Front Cover: Charles Yale Knight, Drawing from 1926.
Back Cover: Lyons-Knight advertisement from the Chilton Automobile Directory, April
Inside Front: 1919 Brewster-Knight
Inside Back: 1921 Handley-Knight touring car, from Motor Age, November 18, 1920
AHR010 (Winter 1979-80)
Editorial, 2
Rotary Valve Engine Company, by Henry H. Blommel, 3
1909 Manufacturers, According to Horseless Age, Horseless Age, January 6, 1909, 6
The Trumbull Motor Car, by George S. Clark, 7
Some Notes on the Number of New Makes of US Automobiles Introduced Each Year, by G. Marshall Naul, 11
The Stearns-Knight Motor Car – The Beginning Years (Through 1915), by Arthur W. Aseltine, 12
Two Cars Compared – Austin 16-6 and Willys-Knight 20.7 Six c. 1929, by Maurice Harrison, 19
The Reynolds Museum (Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada), 20
Unlisted Angelinos, by J.H. Valentine, 22
The Burt McCollum Engine, by Max Gregory, 4
The 1904 Stewart-Garbutt Racer, by J.H. Valentine, 22
The Durocar, by J.H. Valentine, 24
Ross Phillips and the Golden State Motor Car Company, by J.H. Valentine, 27
Front Cover: Alexander H. Trumbull, president of the American Cyclecar Company (1913), which became the Trumbull Motor Car Company in 1915
Back Covers: Advertisement for a 1910 Stevens-Duryea, Horseless Age, June 30, 1909
Inside Front: Stearns-Knight racing car at Indianapolis in 1913. 
Inside Back: Photo of a 1909 Overland
AHR011 (Winter 1979)
The Editor’s Page, 2
Getting It Published, by R. Chris Halla, 3
Locomobile’s Locomotives (Riker trucks), by L.J. Andrew Villalon, 5
The Governor’s Pleasure Revisited, by Keith Marvin, 10
Match That Slogan, by David W. Brownell, 13
Book Talk, 14
Little Known Facts, by John M. Peckham, 15
Designer? Dreamer? Delightful!, by John M. Peckham, 16
Front Cover: A military Riker in the heat of battle during WW I. The Literary Digest, June 8, 1918.
Inside Front Cover: The Riker Chassis from a 1916 catalog.
AHR012 (Summer 1980)
From the Editor
From the Readers
Locke & Company, Custom Body Builders 1902-1932, by Harold H. Emmons, Jr., 3
America’s Greatest Automotive Figures, by David L. Lewis, 9
A Singular Car – The Carroll, by Donald J. Summar, 13
Fuller of Kalamazoo (Michigan Cars), by James C. Peterson, 15
Book Talk, 20
Front Cover: 1912 Renault bodied by Locke & Company, New York.
Back Cover: Advertisement for 1905 Michigan Models D & E Light Touring Cars
AHR014 (Fall 1981)
William B. Stout, Inside Cover
The Twyford, A Pennsylvania Primitive, by Donald J. Summar, 2
The Packard Electric Company of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, by Robert E. Ankli and Fred Frederiksen, 6
Book Talk, 8
A Confusion of Falcons, by Keith Marvin, 9
The Flipper-Roof Thunderbird, by James F. Petrik, 12
From the Readers, 14
References fro Researchers, 15
Locke and Company, by Harold H. Emmons, 22
Front Cover: William B. Stout (1880-1956)
Back Cover: Advertisement for the c. 1956 Mercury XM-Turnpike Cruiser
AHR015 (Fall 1982)
From The Editor: The pneumatic Tire inventions of Robert W, Thomson, 1
Thomson’s Road Steamers, 3
Gustav Heine and His Cars, by Kevin Scott Tikker, 10
From the Readers, 17
The Automobile’s Bicycle Heritage, by Frank C. Carson, 20
Bool Talk, 25
Minor Engine Manufacturers, by G. Marshall Naul, 26
Front Cover: Replica of an original Thomson tire
Back Cover: Cowboy’s Dream Car Works Like a Horse on Famed Texas “King Ranch”
AHR016 (Summer 1984)
Rambler Assembly Line, 1908
Letters from Our Readers, 4
The Origins of the Roamer, by Fred Roe, 5
Mr. Duryea and the Eaton Manufacturing Company, by Keith Marvin, 9
Automotive Deception at Indianapolis, by Jerry Gebby, 12
Background on Blomstrom, by James C. Petersen, 14
Some Still-unanswered Questions, by Fred Roe, 16
The Beardsley Electric Car, by James H. Valentine, 18
Passenger Car Registrations-1921, by Harlan Appelquist, 20
Front cover: Two Roamers on Display 
Back Cover: Advertisement for a 1916/1917 Roamer
AHR017 (Fall 1984)
Body Drop Station on the Packard Assembly Line – 1937, 2
Letters from Our Readers, 4
The 1967 Fiat Dino Coupe, by Ken Browning, 5
The Pierce-Arrow and the Pennsylvania Garage, 9
The Not-So-Merry Murray-Mac, by Arthur Lee Homan and Keith Marvin, 14
Mr. Christen Remembers the Automobile, 20
Front Cover: Ink Drawing of a Fiat Fiat Dino Coupe, 5
Back  Cover: Advertisement for the 1917 Murray Eight Roadster
AHR018 (Spring 1985)
Elmore Prototype, 2
Editorial Comment and Letters, 4
A Very Special 1931 duPont, by Dr. B.L. Mundhenk and Richard E. Reigel, 6
Coventry Motor Mills, by Max Gregory, 8
Identification at Last! (Vivinus), 11
Foreign-Bodied Stutz Cars, by James F. Petrik, 12
Some Cars of the Presidents, 14
Willys Station Wagon Prototype, 16
FWD — The Workhorse of the First World War, by Cyril Posthumus, 17
The 1908 Road Runner, by Jim Valentine, 19
Book Reviews, 22
Front Cover: Advertisement for the 1920 Du Pont Speedster
Rear Cover: Factory Photo of the 1922 Earl Sedan
AHR019 (Fall 1985)
Photo of the First S.S. Jaguar, 1935, 2
Badge Engineering Among the Behemoths – Fact or Fancy?, by Keith Marvin, 4
The History of the Jaguar, Part One, by Sir William Lyons, 10
The Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Competition, 14
The Beginnings of Car Production in Czechoslovakia up to 1945, by Marian Suman-Hreblay, 17
Coventry’s First Motor Cars, by David G. Styles, 21
Front Cover: Sir William Lyons (Jaguar)
Back Cover: 1946 Willys Prototype
AHR020 (Summer 1986)
Editorial Comment
The Phantom of Cincinnati, by Keith Marvin, 4
Tales of the Beaver Six-Fact or Fancy?, 8
Armaretta, by Rick Lenz, 12
The History of the Jaguar, Part Two, by Sir William Lyons, 13
Book Reviews, 22
Front Cover: The (Eagle) Car That Never Was
Back Cover: 1910 KATO 1 1/2 ton truck built by the Four Traction Auto Company of Mankato, Minnesota
AHR021 (Winter 1986-87)
Editorial Comment 
Sodomka – Fine Coachwork From Czechoslovakia, by H.J. Mueller, 4
Fine Coachwork from Czechoslovakia, by H.J. Mueller, 4
Designs by Professor Enrico Bernardi, 6
Moving with Midgets, by Gordon Eliot White, 7
La Voiture à Vapeur de Cugnot – Translation and Discourse, by Charles Wakefield Bishop, 9
Albert Champion’s Little Spark Plug Company and How it Grew, by Robert F. Gibson, 17
The Norwalk Underslung, 20
Book Reviews, 22
Front Cover: Cugnot Steam Vehicle of 1770
Back Cover: Advertisement for 1913 Willys 3/4-Ton Utility Truck
AHR022 (Fall 1987)
A Muddy Virginia Road of 1906, 2
Willys Knight’s Great Six, Model 66, by Karl S. Zahm, 4
The Center of the Automobile Industry, by Kit Foster and Marshall Naul, 10
I Can Dream, Can’t I?, by Cecil Stockard, 14
1912 Croxton Mail Trucks, 14
The Riley Cycle Company, by David G. Styles, 15
Front Cover: 1933 Riley Nine race car
Back cover: c. 1908-10 Browniekar
AHR023 (Summer 1988)
More Spinning and Weaving at the Motor Mills, by Max Gregory, 3
The Curious History of the Meteor, by Keith Marvin, 5
The Foresight of Henry Ford, by Tom Crotty, 8
American Lorries in the First World War, by Paul Berliet, 10
The Four-wheel Drive Airmobile, by Jim Valentine, 17
Uppercu’s Ultimate for the Upper Echelon, by Keith Marvin, 20
Book Reviews, 23
Front Cover: The 1916 Milac Racing Car
Back Cover, 1913 Alco Model 2-T Two-Ton Truck
AHR024 (Summer 1989)
Editorial Comment
Remembering Peter Helck’s Americana, by Chester J. Haines, 2
Right-hand Steering: Practicality or Tradition?, by Keith Marvin, 7
A.C. – The Cyclecar Years, by A.B.I. Dick, 10
The 1962 and 1963 Thunderbird Sports Roadsters, by James F. Petrik, 14
Trucks on the Western Front During the First World War, by James M. Laux, 18
Front Cover: Midnight on the Road, sketch from life by Peter Helck, and 1942 Mack ad from Collier’s Magazine, September 26, 1942
Back Cover: 1918 GMC-Columbia Anny Ambulance, formerly in Long Island Auto Museum. Henry Austin Clark
AHR025 (Spring 1999)
Editorial Comment
George W. Dunham: Twentieth Century Engineer, by D.J. Kava, 2
The Crosley “Quicksilver” Engine, by Jim Hockenhull, 8
Tatra T77: Pioneer of Streamlining, by Dr. Jan Tulis, 10
The Origins of Front Wheel Drive, by Charles W. Bishop, 11
The Fabulous Fageol, by J.H. Valentine, 14
Nothing is New but the Name, by Fred Roe, 18
Tracing Automotive History, by Keith Marvin, 20
Front Cover: George W. Dunham, prolific inventor first chief engineer of Hudson Motor Car Company.
Back Cover: George Dunham’s 1909 Model Twenty in the Michigan snow.
AHR026 (Spring 1991)
Editorial Comment
The Lincolnshire Giant-Killer, by David G. Styles, 2
Sebring- Vanguard CitiCar: The Dawn of a New Age, by Patrick R. Foster, 9
The Pennsylvania Turnpike: America’s First Superhighway, by Bob Hall, 12
The Raleigh: Explorer or Princess?, by Keith Marvin, 15
Engineering the Model A, by Leslie R. Henry, 18
Front Cover: Raymond Mays on the starting line at the Shelsley Walsh hillclimb
Back Cover: The Pennsylvania Turnpike, America’s first superhighway
AHR027 (Summer 1992)
Editorial Comment
Yesterday’s Hero, by Patrick R. Foster, 2
How the Rambler Got its Name, by John A. Conde, 25
Herbert Akroyd Stuart and the Fuel Injection Engine, by Max Gregory, 8
Crown Coach: California’s Specialty Builder, by J.H. Valentine, 12
Columbia: Gem of the Highway and of the Fire Service, by Kit Foster, 17
The Mentor, by Keith Marvin, 20
Front Cover:  Edmund Anderson, AMC’s director of styling from 1954 -1963
Back Cover: Edmund Anderson’s design for the 1963 Rambler Classic nears completion
AHR028 (Winter 1993-94)
Editorial Comment
The Coming of War: How Government Regulated the Production of Civilian Passenger Cars, by Taylor Vinson, 2
Sigmund Haugdahl: Swift Norwegian, by Martyn Flower, 7
John D. Davis and the Transcontinental Auto Trip of 1899, by David L. Cole, 10
Riley Nine: The Wonder Car, by David G. Styles, 19
The Fageol Modular Automobile: Too Little Too Soon?, by J. H. Valentine, 24
Front Cover: Advertisement for the distinctive 1942 Oldsmobile “B-44”
Back Cover: The Riley Nine Monaco prototype, announced at Shelsley Walsh in July 1926
AHR029 (Fall 1995)
Editorial Comment
Those Elusive Vehicles: A History of the S.A.H., by Grace R. Brigham, 3
Joseph Renshaw Brown: The Prototype Pioneer, by John M. Peckham, 11
A Sports Car for Edsel Ford, by W. Dorwin Teague, 18
The Forgotten Land Speed Record of 1905: A Short History of the Dufaux Racing Cars of Switzerland, by Ferdinand Hediger, 24
The Car Comes to the Comics, by Keith Marvin, 28
Front Cover: “Old Car Sleuths,” an original drawing by Alexander Telatco, 1962
Back Cover: The 1905 Dufaux straight eight, 100 hp racing car
AHR030 (Summer 1996)
Special Edition on Deusenbergs in Europe
From the Editor, Letters
The First Duesenbergs in Europe, by Fred Roe, 2
Duesenberg’s Model J in Europe, by Jacques Rousseau, 4
L’Avion de la Route (The Airplane of the Road), by Alain Dollfus, 8
Duesenberg Literature Issued by Motor De Luxe, by Thomas T. Solley, 17
Duesenberg at Le Mans, by Taylor Vinson, 19
Roster of European-Bodied Duesenbergs, by Fred Roe, 20
Roster of US-Bodied Duesenberg Model Sold/Used in Europe, by Fred Roe, 34
The Last European-Bodied Duesenberg, by Sam Fiorani, 40
Front Cover: Motor de Luxe publicity card, Paris Salon, Oct. 1930.
Rear Cover: Drawing from Franay custom body portfolio
AHR031 (Summer 1997)
Auto Carriages, by John Philipson, Inside Front Cover
Editor’s Notes, 2
Comments on Past Issues, 3
Those Elusive Vehicles, Chapter 3: The Hunt for Firsts and Specialties, by Grace R. Brigham, 5
The Cars of Kaiser Bill, by Frans Vrijaldenhoven, 13
The RAF, Austria-Hungary’s Knight-engined Car, by Marian Suman-Hreblay, 18
The Jelcz Truck and Bus of Poland, by Robert Pryzybylski, 20
1953 Corvette EX-122: The First V8 ‘Vette, by Don Keefe, 23
A Square Deal to All, by John E. Smith, 26
Front Cover: 1886 Benz Motorwagen
Inside Rear Cover: Ad for Chevrolet Dealers, April 1941
Rear Cover: 1920’s advertisement for the Georges Irat automobile
AHR032 (Spring 1998)
The 1996 Automotive History Conference: The American Automobile Industry: Past, Present, Future. Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan
Editor’s Notes
Henry Ford and the 20th Century, by David L. Lewis, 4
Henry Ford, Charles Kettering and the “Fuel of the Future, by Bill Kovarik, Ph. D., 7
Made in Dixie But… The Anderson Motor Co. and the Problems of Financing and Acceptance of a Southern Made Automobile, by Craig S. Pascoe, 28
The Psychotechnologist & the Good Driver: Granting Admission to Road Society, by Daniel M. Albert, 38
Unionization Efforts at NASCAR, by Harry Carpenter III, 43
Abstract: The Automobile in the American Imagination, by Wesley Swanson, 49
Abstract: Recasting the Machine Age: Henry Ford’s Village Industries and the Vision of Decentralized Technology for Modern America, by Howard P. Segal, 50
Abstract: The Failure of Fordism: Ford and the Reform of the Automobile Repair Industry 1913-1940, by Stephen L. Mclntire, 50
Abstract: The Role of the Small Manufacturer in the American Motor Car Industry, by Sinclair Powell, 51
Abstract: Medium Priced Automobile Producers: Technological Change and Consolidation, 1928-1941, by Robert R. Ebert, 52
Abstract: The Hybrid Cars of the 50’s and their Influence on the American Automotive Industry, by Paul Sable, 53
Abstract: The Arsenal of Democracy: America’s Auto Industry at War, by Thomas L. Brownell, 53
Abstract: Nippon Ford, by J. Scott Mathews, 55
Abstract: Global Reach: The Diffusion of American Power and Influence in the World Automotive Industry 1896-1946, by Gerald T. Bloomfield, 56
Abstract: Employee Empowerment at Delphi Packard Electric: Successful Union Management Cooperation, by John A. Marino, 56
Abstract: A History of Automotive Electrics as Seen Through Wiring Diagrams, by M.D. FACS, 58
Abstract: The Development of GM’s Chairmen: The Extraordinary Role and Impact of the New York Treasurer’s Office 1919-1996, by William P. Mackinnon, 59
Abstract: The First Century of the Automobile as Seen in Showroom Sales Literature, by Torrey H. Brinkley, 61
Abstract: Early Automobile Manufacturing in London, Ontario, by Douglas Leighton, 62
Abstract: “Millions of People are Wealthy”: The Automobile Industry as Contested Symbol of American Progress, by Amy Bix, 62
Abstract: The Evolution of the American Automobile, by Richard P. Scharchburg, 48
Abstract: Doughboys and Grease Monkeys: American Soldiers Learn to Repair the Motor Truck 1916-1918, by Kevin Borg, 54
Abstract: The Impact of American Manufacturers in Britain on the Decline of Indigenous Manufacturing, by Thomas G. Velek, 57
Abstract: From the “Rapid Conveyance” to the “Studebaker Salesman”: Commercial Advertising and the Commerce of Democracy, by C.T. Walters and T.N. Walters, 60
Front Cover: Henry Fords Ford I and II, on steps of the Henry  Ford Museum, Dearborn, 1944
1896 Henry Ford with his 1896 Quadricycle in 1933.
AHR033 (Fall 1998)
Editor’s Notes, 4
Comments on Past Issues, 5
Developing General Motors Chairmen: The Extraordinary Roll of GM’s New York Treasurer’s Office Since World War I, by W.P. Mackinnon, 9
60 Years of General Motors in Switzerland, by Ferdinand Hediger, 19
Two Aspects of Buick: David Buick’s Missing Link, by Keith Marvin, 23
Harlow Curtice, Buick, and and 1948 Model You Never Saw, by Richard H. Stout, 27
Those Elusive Vehicles, Chapter 4: Associations and Clubs, by Grace R. Brigham, 30
Cars Made in Uruguay (1955-1977), by Alvaro Casal Tatlock, 37
Front Cover: 1938 Cadillac Sixty Special
Rear Cover: 1937 Ford, converted to producer gas, in South American race during World War II
AHR034 (Spring 1999)

Proceedings of the 1998 Automotive History Conference. Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

Editor’s Notes
Getting Started in Automotive History, by Sinclair Powell, 4
Milk Consumption, Milk Distribution and the Rise and Fall of the Divco Truck Company, by Robert R. Ebert, Ph.D., 6
Workplace Culture: The Link Between Production and Quality, the GM Lordstown Assembly Plant 1966-1997, the GM Lordstown Assembly Plant 1966-1997, by John A. Marino, 16
Boys Just Wanted to Have Fun: Remembering G.M.’s Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild (1930-1968), by John Jacobus and Skip Geear, 21
Parade Car (Presidential Limousines), by John Christie, 34
Abstract: The Automobile as Artifact: Automobiles in an Archaeological Context, by R. Scott Baxter, 40
Abstract: The Car as a Museum Artifact, by Jerzy Chlopicki, 40
Abstract: Driving Into the Past: Women Writers and the Paradox of Automobility, by Deborah Clarke, 41
Abstract: A Decade of Tension (1966-1988) Politics; Environment: United States Car Industry, by Joop Schopman, 42
Abstract: Moving Relationships: Comparing the Corporate and Personal Practice of Naming Automobiles, by Jameson  M. Wetmore, 42
Abstract: British Car Culture, by Thomas G. Velek, 43
Abstract: Carlore: Mid-course Correction and Further Directions, by L. Michael Bell and Tim Lundgren, 44
Abstract: Folding Money: A History of Folding Camp Furniture and Auto Tourism in America, by Bruce N. Wright, 45
Front Cover: Cover ar from “The Guildsman,” official magazine of the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild, Vol. 1 No.1, April 1934
Rear Cover: The 1961 presidential Lincoln Continental limousine, before its post-assassination modifications
AHR035 (Winter 1999-00)
Flyin High: Some Auto Builders Who Took to the Air
Editor’s Notes & Letters
By Land, Air, Sea – Packard!, by Robert J. Neal, 4
Alfa and Alfa-Romeo, by David G. Styles, 15
John Davenport Siddeley, by Grahame Orme-Bannister, 21
Riley’s Venture into Aviation, by David G. Styles, 30
The Plymocoupe Airplane, by Curt McConnell, 36
Book Reviews, 40
c. 1927 Armstrong-Siddeley Cotswold Tourer, 14HP, Back Cover
Front Cover: Ralph De Palma in one of three Packard-built and powered 1923 Indianapolis 500 cars
Rear Cover: “What Customers Think of Their Armstrong-Siddeley.” Rear cover of a c. 1927 catalogue 
AHR036 (Summer 2000)
Proceedings of the 1996 Automotive History Conference. Peterson Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California
Editor’s Notes
Motorcycles, Model T’s, Buicks, Busses, and “Boss Ket”: Flexible’s Early Years (1913-1942), by Robert R. Ebert, 4
Dreaming of What Might Be: William Stansell, London Motors and the London Six 1921-1926, by Douglas Leighton, 20
“You Know Me!” Barney Oldfield and the Creation of a Legend, by Mark D. Howell, 26
The Birth of the American Sports Car Culture: When Motor Racing Was a Sport, by Richard Knudson, 31
The Emerging China Auto Market, by John A. Marino, 35
Abstract: Auto Racing as a Means for Fund Raising and Development, by Ken Berg, 41
Abstract: The Rouge – Ford’s Manufacturing Marvel: The Early Years, 1915-1928, by Paul Maghielse, 41
Abstract: Indiana! What Might have Been?, by Dennis E. Horvath, 42
Abstract: The Dixie Highway! A Return to Yesterday, by Kevin Clemens, 42
Abstract: The Automobile, Dominant Symbol of the 20th Century, by Thomas Brownell, 43
Abstract: American Cars: Sub-culture in Finland, by Arto Elomaa and Vappu Ikonen, 43
Abstract: Auto-phobia in American Literature: The Challenge for Motorsports, by Patricia Lee Yongue,Ph.D., 44
Abstract: To Spread its Wings: The Animation of the Automobile, 1896-1903, by Nancy Koppelman, Ph.D., 45
Abstract: Anxiously Popular: Women and the Automobile Culture of the Early 20th  Century, by Deborah Clarke, 46
Abstract: Cultures of Automotive Technology: Competing Visions of the Electric Vehicle, 1965-2000, by David A. Kirsch, 47
Abstract: Woodies, Workhorses and the Wonderbread Generation: The Rise and Fall of The Station Wagon and the Emergence of the Minivan, by Thomas Adamich, 48
Abstract: Cause or Effect? Los Angeles Racing Venues, by Harold Osmer, 40
Front Cover: Barney Oldfield at the tiller of the 999
Rear Cover: A London Six sedan at the Boer War Memorial in Victoria Park, London, Ontario, 1921
AHR035 (Winter 1999-00)
Flyin High: Some Auto Builders Who Took to the Air
Editor’s Notes & Letters
By Land, Air, Sea – Packard!, by Robert J. Neal, 4
Alfa and Alfa-Romeo, by David G. Styles, 15
John Davenport Siddeley, by Grahame Orme-Bannister, 21
Riley’s Venture into Aviation, by David G. Styles, 30
The Plymocoupe Airplane, by Curt McConnell, 36
Book Reviews, 40
c. 1927 Armstrong-Siddeley Cotswold Tourer, 14HP, Back Cover
Front Cover: Ralph De Palma in one of three Packard-built and powered 1923 Indianapolis 500 cars
Rear Cover: “What Customers Think of Their Armstrong-Siddeley.” Rear cover of a c. 1927 catalogue 
AHR037 (Spring 2001)
Editor’s Notes
Letters to the Editor
Bunkie Knudsen’s Bumpy Ride at Ford, by David L. Lewis, 8
Sir Herbert Austin Courts Henry Ford, by David G. Jones, 10
Henry Ford’s Rear-Engine Front-Drive Patent, from Automotive Industries, 13
The History of Steam Carriages in Germany 1803-1873, by Dean Lehrke, 14
America’s First Automobile Show, by John A. Conde, 18
Those Elusive Vehicles, Chapter V: Plants and their Vehicles, by Grace R. Brigham, 26
The Great Oldsmobile Plant Fire of 1901, by provided  Ralph Dunwoodie, 33
The Rocket Engine Story by One Who Was There, by F. Gibson Butler, 34
Found! Nash-Healey X-7, by James C. Mays, 38
Front Cover: 1949 Olds 88 serving as the Pace Car at the Indianapolis 500 
Rear Cover: Nash-Healey X-7 prototype
AHR038 (Winter 2002)
After Versailles and Before the Iron Curtain Fell: An Introduction to Some Vehicles of Central and Eastern Europe
Editor’s Notes
The Far Away Country (Czechoslovakia), 4
Passenger Cars Produced in Czechoslovakia 1925-46, 7 
The Aero Family – A Memoir of 80 Turbulent Years, by Vladimir Kabes, Jr., 21
The Myron: Czechoslovakia’s Unknown Car, by Jan Tulis, 26
The Effect of the Magosix on the Hungarian Auto Market, by Brooks T.  Brierley, 28
The History of Ford in Hungary, by Pal Negyesi, 33
The Vehicles of Poland’s Prewar Army, by Robert Przybylski, 37
Persu, a Romanian Study of Aerodynamics, by Ralf J.F. Kieselbach, 42
The Soviet Auto Industry 1917 to 1953, by Michael D. Besch, 44
The Origins of the ZIS 110, by Robert Przybylski, 52
Front Cover: Poster for the Aero automobile, 1929, by Frantisek Zelenka (b. 1904; d. 1944, Auschwitz)
Rear Cover: Factory sales catalogue for the 1936 Tatra 77a
AHR039 (Fall 2002)

Proceedings of the Fourth Automotive History Conference, April 2000. Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum, Auburn, Indiana

Why Indiana?, by Gregg Buttermore and Jon Bill, 4
The Luxury Car Market in the 1920s: Competition, Efficiency, and the Case Of Stearns-Knight, by Robert R. Ebert and Jaclyn L. Gribben, 8
The Cole is Equal to the Sum of Its Parts and Greater Than Any One of Them, by Leroy D. Cole, 26
Elizabeth Junek: Racing the Bugatti, by Patricia Lee Yongue, 32
John Steinbeck: Car Guy or Consumate Raconteur, by Kit Foster, 40
Michigan’s Motor Cities: We Put the World on Wheels, by William Ruxton Chapin, 45
Abstract: 1908-11 Buick: “Race Cars from Hell”, by Terry Dunham, 48
1908-1911 Buick Buick “Race Cars from Hell”, by Terry Dunham, 48
Abstract: American Speed Culture in the 1950’s and the Emergence of Stock Car Racing, by Ben Shackleford, 50
American Speed Culture in the 1950s and the Emergence of Stock Car Racing, by Ben Shackleford, 50
Abstract: Cars on the Tube and the Silver Screen: Automotive Product Placement in TV and Motion Pictures – 1950-2002; Societal and Legal Implications, by Thomas A. Adamich, 55
Abstract: A High-banked Learning Curve: Putting Motor Sports Within Academia, by Mark D. Howell, 51
Abstract: Sports Car Racing as a Distinct Form of Motor Sport, by Janos Wimpffen, 52
Abstract: Mr. Ford Comes to London, Ontario, by Douglas Leighton, 52
Abstract: Around the World Again, by Kevin Clemens, 53
Abstract: Fidel’s Cuba – Treasure Island of American  Cars, by Rick Shnitzler, 54
Abstract: My Mother the Car? Auto Bodies and Women’s Bodies in Contemporary Women’s Literature, by Deborah Clarke, 56
Abstract: Studebaker’s Centennial: Studebaker Serves as a Model of the Evolution of The American Automobile, by Dennis E. Horvath, 57
Abstract: Car Sharing: An Exploration of the “Car-Lite” Lifestyle, by Tom Brownell, 58
Front Cover: 1935 Auburn 851
Rear Cover: from the 1913 Cole Blue Book
AHR040 (Summer 2003)
Transportation Writers 40 Years of Age and Under 
Editor’s Notes and Letters
Driving the Dream – The History and Motivations Behind 60 Years of Automated Highway Systems in America, by Jameson M. Wetmore, 4
Scorching Through 1902: “The Automobile Terror”, by Michael L. Bromley, 20
The Litigation of Auburn Automobile Co: The Historian’s Use of Legal Resources, by Thompson Smith, 26
If Only in Another Time … The Story of the DeVaux-Hall Motors Corporation, by Keith R. Jones, 42
Fiat as a German Manufacturer, by Peter Engelhard, 46
The Fabulous Club de Mer: An In-depth Look at the Most Exotic Pontiac of The 1950s, by Don Keefe, 52
The Return of the Red Oval, by Sam Fiorani, 58
Front Cover: Ettore Bugatti at the wheel of an underslung vehicle he built in 1901
Rear Cover: Arkansas migrant child, Berrien Co., Michigan, 1940
AHR041 (Spring 2003)
Editor’s Notes
Mini: The Creation of a Cultural Icon 1959-2001, by Dean C. Ruffilli, 4
Scooters in America: The Future is in the Past, by Owen Thomas McDonough, 18
Automobiles And Arms, by Ferdinand Hediger, 26
An Even Smaller Crosley: An Oehrli Proposal, by Darwyn Lumley, 40
John O’Hara and the Automobile, by Macdonald H. Leach, 48
Front Cover: The original Mini, in the opinion of some, the most influential car of the second half of the 20th century
Rear Cover: A 1926 Franklin and 1926 Wills Sainte-Claire car mentioned by John O’Hara in his stories
AHR042 (Fall 2004)
Proceedings of the Fifth Automotive History Conference, March 31-April 3, 2004. Dayton, Ohio
Reo and Diamond Reo:  The Rise and Fall of the World’s Toughest Truck, Part 1, by Robert R. Ebert and Timothy Fijalkovich, 5
The Decline of Pierce-Arrow in the 1920s, by Roger J. Sherman, 21
For Official Use Only: The Army Goes Car Shopping, by Arthur W. Jones, 28
Early Automobiles and Airplanes: The Cultural Lag, by Michael L. Bromley, 37
Elwood Haynes – Hoosier State Auto Pioneer, by Taylor Vinson, 62
The Chapin Cars I Remember Well, by William R. Chapin, 63
Abstract: Mitsubishi:  Airplanes and Automobiles, by Thomas F. Saal, 32
Abstract: Displaying the Automobile: Early Auto Shows in London, Ontario, by Douglas Leighton, 49
Abstract: John Jerome’s Death of the Automobile Revisited, by Tom Brownell, 49
Abstract: “Hollow, Rolling Sculptures”: How the Automobile Came to Art, by Michael A. Jacobsen, 50
Abstract: Race Men and Race Cars, by Deborah Clarke, 54
Abstract: Land Speed Record Attempts and Aircraft Engines, by Ron Shook and Jessie L. Embry, 55
Abstract: The Business School Curriculum: A Study of Automotive History, by Pat McInturff and C.E. Tapie Rohm, 55
Abstract: The Cole Flyer:  The Story of the First West-to-East Transcontinental Flight, by Leroy D. Cole, 56
Abstract: U.S. Copyright Issues for Automotive Historians in Publishing and Academe, by John A. Marino, 58
Abstract: Buick’s Engineering Advances (1904-1963), by Terry Dunham, 58
Abstract: “Martyrs to the Cause of Good Roads”: Towards a History of the International Good Roads Tour of 1920, by Dean C. Ruffilli, 61
Abstract: Harriet Quimby:  Autos Before Aircraft, by Patricia Lee Yongue, 62
Front Cover: Orville Wright with an Essex Terraplane coupe outside the Hudson plant, Detroit.
Rear Cover: Model T Fords of the U.S. Army at the Classification Park in France, awaiting disposition in June 1919.
AHR043 (Spring 2005)
Editor’s Notes and Corrections
Eve’s Conquest of the Steering Wheel:  Gender and the Automobile in Interwar France, by Adam Stanley, 4
Reo and Diamond Reo:  The Rise and Fall of the World’s Toughest Truck, Part 2, by Robert R. Ebert and Timothy Fijalkovich, 24
Brazil’s Auto Industry – A Concise History (1891-1991), by Albert R. Mroz, 38
The Rise and Fall of Hall-Scott, Engine Manufacturer, by Ric A. Dias and Francis Bradford, 50
A Buick for Barwani, by Kit Foster with Keith Marvin, 64
Front Cover: Renault advertisement by Raymond Leowy, Vanity Fair, February 1927.
Rear Cover: The first mass-produced car in France, the Citroen 5 CV, c.1922
AHR044 (Fall 2005)
Editor’s Notes, Letters and Corrections
Démandez à Celui qui en Possède Une: Packard in Paris, by Marc-Antoine Colin, 4
The Fascination of 12 Cylinders, by Valerio Moretti, 14
Louis Renault and Adolf Hitler:  Their First Meeting, by Patrick Fridenson, 21
Kaiser Assembly in Rotterdam, by Frans Vrijaldenhoven, 27
Roman S.A.: Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks in Romania, by Tom Brownell  , 32
The Early Years of Fiat in the Italian Royal Army, by Alessandrio Sannia, 36
Front Cover: Drawing of a 1929 Packard from French Packard Importer Barbezat. For the complete ad, see p. 9.
Rear Cover: A Packard 120 convertible pictured in the monthly French magazine L’Auto, June 1939 
AHR045 (Spring 2006)
Editor’s Notes, Letters and Updates
The Fast and the Furious: The Victoria Police and Changing Definitions of Speed and Speeding 1900-1930, by Rick Clapton, 4
History of Chicago’s Motor Row, by David Kerr, 14
Little Cars on the Big Salt,  MG and the Bonneville Salt Flats, by Ron Shook and Jessie Embry , 23
Mann and Overton and the Austin 12/4: How a Dealership Affected the Future of the London Taxicab, by Bill Munro, 32
The Pennsylvania Auto Motor Company:  A Concise History of the Company and its Car, by Kenneth  H. Stauffer, 40
Lost Tunnels of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, by Gregg D. Merksamer, 48
Front Cover: 1947 MG TC Midget
Rear Cover: 1954 MG TF cockpit, from a factory brochure
AHR046 (Fall 2006)
Proceedings of Sixth Automotive History Conference — “Engines of Change: The Automobile and its Influence.” Studebaker National Museum, South Bend, Indiana April 4-8, 2006
Editor’s Notes, Letters and Corrections 
Packards From South Bend: Economic Perspectives on “The Last Packards “ Decision, Part 1, by Robert R. Ebert, Ph.D, and Niccole Pamphilis, 4
American Runabouts Abroad, by Arthur W. Jones, 16
The Shift From Shift to Shiftless: Transmission Advances in U.S. Cars (1929-55), by Byron Olsen, 25
Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.: The Prescient Organization Man, by Jace Baker and Pat McInturff, 42
Abstracts of Other Papers Presented, 48
Book Review: Elwood Haynes — Hoosier State Auto Pioneer, by Taylor Vindson, 62
Message from the Conference Chair, by Kit Foster, 71
Front Cover: Tooting the horn for the 1937 Studebaker
Rear Cover: Front cover of The Studebaker Wheel for October 1930
AHR047 (Spring 2007)
Editor’s Notes
General Motors:  Innovations in American Social Class Structure, by Katharine Mechler, 4
Letters, 27
Packards From South Bend: Economic Perspectives on “The Last Packards “ Decision, Part 2, by Robert R. Ebert, Ph.D, and Niccole Pamphilis, 30
The Aluminium Piston Story, by Graham Orme-Bannister, 39
Mobilizing the Nation: An “Interview” with Howard E. Coffin, by D. J. Kava, 50
Front Cover: Howard E. Coffin with a 1906 Oldsmobile prototype Model S
Rear Cover: 1941 Packard One-Sixty Convertible Coupe
AHR048 (Fall 2007)
Editor’s Notes, Correction, and Letter to the Editor
The Road Less Traveled: Automobiles in French Colonial Indochina, by Ryan S. Mayfield, 4
Muscle Cars Down Under, by Adrian Ryan, 18
Making the Pace – Motor Pacing for Bicycle Races, 1896-1903, by David Manson, 22
Elegant and Mysterious: Sr. Anasagasti’s Dream, by Alvaro Casal Tatlock, 25
A Summary of the Yugoslav Auto Industry’s Historic Evolution and its Economic Drivers Until the Crisis of the 1990s, by Peter Englehard, 28
Automobile History Crossword, by Phil Mathews, 37
Two Review Covers Never Used 38-39
Abstract: Our Town’s Crown Jewel: A Vehicle Assembly Plant, by Thomas A. Adamich, 48
Abstract: The Changing Face of Automotive Marketing: Indiana-built Automobiles Serve as a Model of the Evolution of Automotive Advertising, by Dennis E. Horvath, 49
Abstract: The Greatest Century: The Impact of Autos on American Lifestyles, by Donald D. Patterson, 50
Abstract: Mobile Homelessness Cars and the Restructuring of the American Home, by Deborah Clarke, 51
Abstract: Flint & The Buick: Where Fantasy Became FACT-ORY, by Leroy D. Cole, 52
Abstract: Eights – The Engines That Powered the American Dream, by William M. (Bud) Gardner, 53
Abstract: The Great Valve-in-Head Mystery, by Terry Dunham, 54
Abstract: Renault at Montlhéry: Letters of Ellery I. Garfield, by by  Patricia Lee Yongue, 56
Abstract: From France to France: Automobile Racing Before NASCAR, by Harry Carpenter, 57
Abstract: The Automobile and the Massification/Democratization of Sport (Football) in South Africa, 1945-1975, by Cornelius Thomas, 58
Abstract: A Review of the Derham Body Company Operations – 1917 to 1954, by Dale K. Wells, 59
Abstract: Canadians, Americans and the Early Automobile Industry, by Douglas Leighton, 59
Abstract: The Automotive Psychology of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo:  Motivational Research and the Expressionistic Automobile, by Dave Duricy, 60
Abstract: From Conceptualization to Public Showing: Brawn to Beauty, History of the American Pickup Exhibit at the Alfred P. Sloan Museum, 1919-2011, by Tom Brownell, 61
Front Cover: Somewhere west of Laramie – A wealthy Vietnamese in his 1920s Delahaye
Rear Cover: A Restored Anasagasti in Argentina
AHR049 (Spring 2008)
Editor’s Notes and Corrections
David D. Buick and the Wolverine, by Kevin M. Kirbitz, 4
Creating Order out of Chaos: Establishing Financial Security for NASCAR, by Harry  Carpenter III, 12
Reviewing Canadian Commercial Vehicles, by R. Perry Zavitz, 23
Carrossier van Rijswijk & Zoon of Holland, by Frans Vrijaldenhoven, 33
Abstract: Making Room for the Automobile: The Development of the Garage in Rural Belgian Flanders, by Els de Vos, 37
SAH 40th Anniversary Commemoration
Front Cover: A 1937 Buick
Rear Cover: 1938 Chevrolet with roof modifications by van Rijswijk
AHR050 (Fall 2008)

Proceedings of Seventh Automotive History Conference: “The Search for Performance and Reliability, Competition and the Development of the Automobile.” Nashville, Tennessee, April 2-5, 2008

From Aerodromes  to Race  Courses: the Evolution of Sports Car Racing in Southern Ontario, Canada, After World War II, by Douglas Leighton, 5
Barré Lyndon: How One Writer Reflected the Popularity of Motor Sports in Prewar England, by the Rev. Dr. Richard L. Knudson, 10
The Race That Wasn’t a Race: The Mobilgas Economy Run 1936-1938, by John A. Heitmann, 20
History and Performance of the South Korean Automobile in the Domestic and United States Markets, by Robert Ebert and Mariel Montoney, 27
“A Wonderful Set of Brains”: Norval Hawkins and Henry’s Model T, by Bob Casey, 46
Abstract: Making Room for the Automobile: The Development of the Garage in Rural Belgian Flanders, by Els De Vos, 37
Abstract: William C. Durant: America’s Pre-Eminent Entrepreneur, by Jace Baker and Pat McInturff, 38
Abstract: Eudora Welty’s “Losing Battles”: Women, Cars, and Family Values, by Deborah Clarke, by Deborah Clarke, 38
Abstract: The Evolution of Buick Racing and Performance, by Terry B. Dunham, 39
Abstract: Centennial Recollections of General Motors:  Sights and Sounds of Auto Pioneers, by Lawrence R. Gustin, 40
Abstract: “Put the Pedal to the Metal”: The Impact of the Campbell Cosworth Casting Process on the International Motor Racing Scene – 1980s and Beyond, by Thomas A. Adamich, 41
Abstract: Marathon – Nashville’s Hometown Car, by William H. Pryor, 42
Abstract: The Business of Hot Rods: A Southern California Industry, by Dick Dixon, 44
Abstract: Ben Gotoff and His Scrapbook:  The Charmed Life of an American Outlaw Racer (1908-1920), by Dale K. Wells, 45
Front Cover: Easter and Thompson, who won the 1908 Menor Parkway Sweepstakes in a Buick 
Rear Cover: 1984 Ford (UK) HS 200 with Cosworth-derived engine
AHR051 (Spring 2009)
Editor’s Notes, Corrections, Letters to the Editor
Gearing Up to Produce the First Dodge Brothers Automobile: A View From the Inside, by Charles K. Hyde, 4
George Weidely and his Engines, by Bill Greer, 10
Understanding Why Adler Left the Automotive Industry After World War II – an Approach from the Perspective of Subjective Economics, by Peter Engelhard, 20
Consumers, Cadillac, and Civil Rights: The Social and Cultural Impact of the Automoile in Ebony , 1945-1965, by Peter Cajka, 31
Australia’s Own Car Comes of Age:  The 1968 Holden Monaro, by Paul Murrell, 44
Front Cover: 1939 Adler Trumpf
Rear Cover: 1907 Mitchell
AHR052 (Summer 2010)

Proceedings of the Eighth Biennial Automotive History Conference Tupelo, Mississippi, March 25-27, 2010

From the Editor
Sights and Sounds of Automotive History, by Lawrence R. Gustin, 4
Commander, Stillborn Scion of the Ogren, Stillborn Scion of the Ogren, by Keith Marvin, 9
Detour at the Home Front: Canada’s Wartime Industries Transit Plan, by Jason A. Chiu, 14
Pioneers in Four-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Steering, by Albert Mroz, 36
Front Cover: Catherine Durant, William Crapo Durant’s second wife, about the time of her marriage in 1908
Back cover: Miss Phennette Miller prepares to christen the first Sacramento-built Golden West truck
AHR053 (Fall 2011)
Abstract: Missing Generations: Innovation during Economic and Environmental Crises, 1961-75, by  Ann Johnson, 41
Abstract: Factors Contributing to the Failure of General Motors, by Louis Fourie, 42
Carbon E7 Police vehicle, Cover, 27 (5-photos)
From Garfords to Fords, Prosperity and Crisis in the Lorain County Auto Industry, by Robert R. Ebert and Amanda D. Wyant, 4
What the Doctor Ordered, Early Automobile Manufacturing in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley, by John A. Marino , 19
What the Doctor Ordered, by Early Automobile Manufacturing in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley, 19
Indiana’s Little Detroit, The Automotive Industry and Its Effects on Connersville, Indiana, by Richard A. Stanley, 22
Bumpy Road, The History of Ford in Germany 1903-1931, by Stefan Bauernschmidt, 28
Fatal Attraction, Staying in Step with Benefits Policy at General Motors, Staying in Step with Benefits Policy at General Motors, by Michael Smitka, 34
Front Cover: Carbon Motors E7 police car
Back Cover: Short-lived Carroll automobile built in Lorain County, Ohio
AHR054 (Fall 2012)
Made in China, Daniel F. Myers and the Minsheng Truck, by Elizabeth Myers, Josephine B. Howe and Erik an Ingen Schenau, 4
Making Room for Beetle, Volkswagen’s Impact on the German Motor Industry, by Peter Engelhard, 14
The Automobile, the Interstate and Suburbia, New-found Freedom at the Expense of Downtown in 20th Century America Andrew J. Mabon, by Andrew J. Mabon, 22
Front Cover, Germans enjoy a picnic with their new Volkswagen
Back Cover: Presenting the first Minsheng truck, Liaoning Trench Mortar Arsenal, China, June 19, 1931
AHR055 (Fall 2013)

Proceedings of the Ninth Biennial Automotive History Conference Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 12-14, 2012

Politics and Profitability in South Africa, A Case Study of Toyota and Lexus, 1961-2011, by Hans Heese, 4
The Barcelona Cluster, Hub Firms & Business Cycles in Spain’s Automotive Industry District, by Jordi Catalan Vidal, 12
Motorisierung, The German Motorization Program 1933-1939, by Anders Ditlev Clausager, 23
The Automobile Industry Paradigm, Economies of Scale, Economies of Scale, by Michael Wynn-Williams, 32
Abstract: Stealing Cars: Some International Aspects of Auto Theft, The Unites States and Mexico, by John Heitmann, 40
Abstract: Creating an American Icon: Theodore F. MacManus James R. Adams and the Coming of Cadillac, 1909-1956, by Edwin Benson, 43
Front Cover: Elizalde goes racing in a Barcelona-built Tipo 20C.
Back cover: An MG 6 built by MCI Motors in China, and since from PKD kits at Longbridge, UK, since 2011
AHR056 (Fall 2015)
From the Editor
Function or Form? A Design Comparison of the Ferrari GTO and the Shelby Daytona Coupe, by Alan Yankolonis and Dr. Frederick Simeone, 4
Taxation and Tribulations: The Origins and Consequences of the British Horsepower Tax, by Anders Ditlev Clausager, 14 
They Had Faith in America: Norman de Vaux, E.J. Hall and the De Vaux Automobile, by Ric Dias, 28 
Front Cover: A Ferrari 250 GTO and Shelby Daytona Coupe from the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, showing remarkable similarities
Back cover: A Freestone & Webb-bodied Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, first registered on 9th June 1948
AHR057 (Winter 2017)
From the Editor
The Historic Electric Vehicle Industry: The Case of Baker and Rauch & Lang, by Robert R. Ebert, Ph.d., 4
A Portuguese Hybrid Car from the Early 20th Century: A Case Study on Innovation Towards Energy Saving, by José Barros Rodrigues, Ph.d., 26 
Front Cover: The electric-powered Baker Torpedo Kid (#999) with its contemporaries in 1903
Back cover: A patent drawing of Alberto Antunes’ compressed air-powered automobile of 1910
AHR058 (Spring 2018)
From the Editor
Firm Competitiveness and Postwar Economic Integration in Europe: The Case of Volkswagen in the ECSC and EEC, by Grace A. Ballor, 4
The History and Evolution of Motometers, by Francis G. Clax, 18
The Trailer Revolution: The Origins of Recreational Vehicles in American Culture, by David Burel, 30
Front Cover: An electric-powered 1912 Rauch & Lang Victoria
Back cover: A vintage countertop display for Boyce Motometers
AHR059 (Spring 2019)
From the Editor
Authentic Nostalgia: Engaging Millennials and Gen Z with Our Automotive Heritage, by Katya O. Sullivan, 4
Current Issues and Challenges in Doing Automotive History Scholarship, Moderated and Transcribed by Dr. Ed Garten, 22
Where on the Web Is Dorothy Haener?, by Chris Lezotte, Ph.D., 34
As I Was Motivatin’ Over the Hill: Becoming “Cadillac” in Popular Culture, by Elton G. Gounn, 50
Motor Racing in Heritage, Culture and Preservation: Making the Past Come Roaring Back to Life, by Matt Harvey, 66
Making a Nation of Drivers: Driver Education and Sportsmanlike Driving, 1936-1975, by John Heitmann, 76
Studebaker-Packard Corporation: Factory-Dealer Relations 1956-1966, by Robert R. Ebert, Ph.D., 84
Front Cover: The actual Mustang used by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt, at the Second International Drive History Conference 
Back cover: “Studebaker Legends” display at 2016 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Rosemont, Illinois
AHR060 (Fall 2019)
From the Editor
The Welch Motorcar: The History of an Early General Motors Acquisition, by Louis F. Fourie, 4
A High Price for Perfection: The Saga of the Gaylord, by Don Keefe, 18
Universal Cars: The North American Motor Vehicle in World Markets, by Arthur W. Jones, 34
Front Cover: The lone surviving Gaylord. 
Back Cover: A very rare 1908 Welch Model 4L seven-passenger touring car
AHR061 (Spring 2020)
Editor’s Notes
Truck Driver’s Blues, by James Todd Uhlman, 4
The Soft Sell: Gender, Advertising, and the Chevrolet Corvair, By John E. Mohr, 24 
The Rough Road Ahead: Cuba, the Spanish American War, and the Development of Good Roads in the US, 1880-1916, by Andrew James Clyde Hart, 38
‘Der Porsche vas Pushin’: A Case Study of Porsche’s Expansion in the US Market and its Cultural Impact on American Consumers, by Keenan Shimko, 50
So, Whatever Happened to General Motors in Dayton, Ohio? — A Panel Discussion, Moderated and Transcribed by Ed Garten, 66 
Front Cover: Cover of the record album “Diesel Smoke” from Gusto Records 
Rear Cover: The Deeds Barn Gang, 1952
AHR062 (Spring 2021)
Editor’s Notes
McCann & Me: One Woman’s Experience in Detroit Automotive Advertising, by Christine Lezotte, PhD., 4 
The 20th Century Automotive History of Argentina, by Louis F. Fourie, 18 
Gendering Mopeds in Taiwan: A Gender History about Mopeds and Their Designs, by Kuan-Hung Lo, 34 
Early Racing Rivalry in Texas: The Witch of Wall Street, Her Son, and Howard Hughes Sr., by Wayne Moore, 48 
Racing Professionals and the “Race that Wasn’t a Race”: The Gilmore and Mobilgas Economy Runs, by Dave Hermanson, 54
From the Assembly Line to the Credit Line: A Brief History of Automobile Financing, by Kevin M. McDonald, 62 
Letters to the Editor: A Response to “Whatever Happened to General Motors,” AHR 61 (Spring 2020), pp. 66-81, From Patrick Bisson, 76 
Front Cover: Photo of a GM car in a McCann Advertisement from the 1970s.
Rear Cover: Aerial of the GM Tech Centre in facing north in the 1970s
AHR063 (Spring 2022)
Editor’s Notes
Erskines, Rocknes, and Champions: Studebaker’s Journey to the Low-Priced Market, by Robert R. Ebert, 4
U.S. Automobile Safety Principles and Strategies of the 1950s and 1960s, by John L. Jacobus and Evelyn Jacobus, Contributor, 24
The Origins of NASCAR and American Stock Car Racing: The Development of an Historiography, by H. Donald Capps, 44 
Demystifying the Fork-Tailed Devil: The Origins of 1950s Tailfins by Elton G. McGoun, 62 
Texas Automobiles, Assembly Plants, and Fraudsters: 1900 – 1950, by Wayne Moore, 74
Put it in Drive: Hydra-matic Shifting Through History by Bob Elton, 84 
Front Cover: Steering wheel and dash of Hydra-matic powered Oldsmobile
Rear Cover: Inside the 1957 Cornell-Liberty Safety Car