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Advertising and Promotional Images from the Past

Filed in alphabetical order excluding `the` and à`.


SAHJ254               AC Invacar

SAHJ247               Aero 50 1939 and with Sodomka body and trailer 1940

SAHJ191               Aerotrain by Jean Bertin 1969

SAHJ202               Aero Willys rear seat

SAHJ255               Alamagny (4 images)

SAHJ174               Alco Truck 1912

SAHJ262               Alfa Romeo 8C-2900B Spider 1938

SAHJ233               Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ1 1963

SAHJ233               Alfa Romeo Pre-WWII racer

SAHJ077               Alfa Romeo Targa Floria

SAHJ139               Allard 1947, 1955, 1939

SAHJ250               Amilcar

SAHJ092               Amilcar Grand Sport 1925

SAHJ139               AMX III Concept 1967

SAHJ221               Anycar II

SAHJ087               Apperson Jack Rabbit 8

SAHJ095               Apperson Factory c1923

SAHJ195               Austin-Healey 100 1952

SAHJ069               Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III

SAHJ071               Austro Daimler

SAHJ199               Auto Union V-16 Avus (x2) and Audi R8

SAHJ255               Autocycle 1986

SAHJ252               Autoped Scooter (3 photos)

SAHJ168               AVX Coupe 1997


SAHJ267               Babs Leyland 27-litre Piloted by J.G. Parry-Thomas

SAHJ218               Beckel Prototype

SAHJ262               Bedelia Cyclecar

SAHJ260               Bentley Arnage Blue Train Series 2005

SAHJ260               Bentley Gurney Nutting Speed Six 1930 (2 photos & 3 images)

SAHJ260               Bentley H.J. Mulliner Speed Six 1930 (photo & image)

SAHJ060               Bentley Mark VI Drophead Coupe by Park Ward

SAHJ109               Benz Victoria 1893

SAHJ197               Benz 1900

SAHJ035               Blodgett

SAHJ241               BMW 600

SAHJ254               Bond 250 Mark G 1961-1966

SAHJ245               Bond Ranger

SAHJ061               Brewster Convertible Sedan

SAHJ252               Briggs & Stratton Scooter 1920

SAHJ122               British Ensign Six 1920-22

SAHJ267               Brooke Swan Car

SAHJ085               Bucciali (3 photos)

SAHJ241               Bucciali (6 photos)

SAHJ250               Bugatti

SAHJ255               Bugatti

SAHJ254               Bugatti 4WD Experiment (4 photos)

SAHJ241               Bugatti Royale

SAHJ247               Bugatti T23 Brescia 1922, T40 1927, EB110 SS 1994

SAHJ213               Bugatti T37 1926

SAHJ259               Bugatti T57 Cabriolet by Saoutchik 1939

SAHJ253               Buick c1925-1927

SAHJ066               Buick 7 HP Engine 1904

SAHJ266               Buick Moxie 1923

SAHJ226               Buick “Number One Boy”

SAHJ244               Buick La Balleine

SAHJ261               Buick LeSabre Concept 1951 (2 photos)

SAHJ180               Buick LeSabre 1999 (Last “ceremonial” car built at Buick City)

SAHJ261               Buick Y-Job Concept 1938 (2 photos)


SAHJ261               Cadillac 1902 & 1903

SAHJ115               Cadillac 1911

SAHJ159               Cadillac 1912

SAHJ220               Cadillac 1912 Coupe

SAHJ182               Cadillac Logos

SAHJ083               Cadillac Derham Bodied Model 62, 1946

SAHJ086               Cadillac Dealership 1953

SAHJ166               Cadillac Fleetwood 1996

SAHJ172               Cadillac Holbrook 1934

SAHJ182               Cadillac LeMans Entry

SAHJ212               Cadillac 10-seater Limousines 1947

SAHJ243               Cadillac railroad inspection Car

SAHJ266               Cadillac Series 62 1959

SAHJ259               Cadillac Series 62 Cabriolet by Saoutchik

SAHJ196               Cadillac Wagon c1960

SAHJ216               Cadillac XLR 2005

SAHJ089               Cameron air-cooled 1908

SAHJ090               Cameron racer

SAHJ124               CGV Fire Engine c1905

SAHJ114               Chalmers 1917

SAHJ203               Chandler

SAHJ112               Chandler Six 1920

SAHJ244               Checker (7 photos)

SAHJ193               Checker Model C c1921

SAHJ179               Chenard & Walcker Type TT 1921

SAHJ201               Chevrolet 1912

SAHJ253               Chevrolet Assembly in Poland C1928

SAHJ265               Chevrolet Cadet c1957, 1940s

SAHJ126               Chevrolet Corvair Sprint by Finch 1964

SAHJ250               Chevrolet Corvette

SAHJ266               Chevrolet Corvette 1953

SAHJ266               Chevrolet Corvette 1954

SAHJ264               Chevrolet Corvette Production Line 1953

SAHJ265               Chevrolet Corvette Production Line 1953

SAHJ266               Chevrolet Corvette Production Line 1953 (3 photos)

SAHJ076               Chevrolet Corvette String Ray 1963

SAHJ265               Chevrolet Corvette SS 1956

SAHJ216               Chevrolet Miniature Replica 1933

SAHJ266               Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1972

SAHJ253               Chevrolet Sprint

SAHJ235               Chico

SAHJ253               Chrysler 1928

SAHJ230               Chrysler 300C 2005

SAHJ163               Chrysler Atlantic Concept Vehicle

SAHJ121               Chrysler Imperial 1940 by Derham

SAHJ230               Chrysler Neon

SAHJ266               Chrysler New Yorker 1956

SAHJ178               Chrysler PT Cruiser

SAHJ211               Chrysler Robot 1960

SAHJ162               Chrysler Saratoga “Zippo” customized 1947

SAHJ186               Chrysler Sebring 2001

SAHJ190               Chrysler Six 1924

SAHJ249               Citroën 2CV 1948 and 1988

SAHJ104               Citroën 7C 1934

SAHJ254               Citroën C4 2004, Ami 6 1961-1969, C60 Prototype

SAHJ260               Citroën DS 1955

SAHJ244               Citroën DS Prestige 1960

SAHJ241               Citroën GS Birotor

SAHJ256               Citroën GT Concept 2008 (4 photos)

SAHJ201               Citroën Landaulet

SAHJ263               Columbia Electric Brougham

SAHJ169               Consulier

SAHJ240               Cony 360 Mini Wagon

SAHJ239               Cord E-1

SAHJ192               Cornish Friedberg Motor Car Company 1908

SAHJ086               Cottin-Desgouttes 1927

SAHJ177               Crane-Simplex (5 images)

SAHJ181               Crestmobile

SAHJ164               Crosley FarmOroad 1951

SAHJ250               Cugnot replica (4 photos)

SAHJ252               Cushman Airborne Model 53 1944 and Mailster 1957

SAHJ267               Cygnet Swan Car


SAHJ242               Daf (9 images)

SAHJ253               Daihatsu 360 Cab 1971 and 1990 Model range

SAHJ245               Daihatsu Midget MP4

SAHJ222               Daimler design twin-cylinder 12 hp boat engine

SAHJ168               Daimler Truck c1898

SAHJ186               Daimler Motor Company’s Factory & Offices NY.

SAHJ150               Daniels c1916-1924

SAHJ247               Darmont Morgan Sport Aero Roadster 1930

SAHJ176               Datsun 1200 Pickup 1960

SAHJ253               Datsun 210 or 1000 c1960

SAHJ129               DeDion Bouton 11CV Model A 1931

SAHJ259               Delage D8-120S Cabriolet by Saoutchik 1939

SAHJ259               Delahaye 135 M Cabriolet by Saoutchik 1949

SAHJ259               Delahaye 175 Coupe de Ville by Saoutchik 1949

SAHJ259               Delahaye 235 Coupe by Saoutchik 1953

SAHJ097               The Delamare Debouttville 1884

SAHJ163               DeMot 1910

SAHJ176               Desoto Mascots

SAHJ170               Diamond T Trucks 1948

SAHJ247               Doble mechanicals

SAHJ101               Doble Steam Car

SAHJ257               Dodge 1924

SAHJ266               Dodge Brothers Army Staff Car 1918

SAHJ230               Dodge Caliber

SAHJ253               Dodge Colt 1974

SAHJ241               Duesenberg Twenty Grand

SAHJ247               Duesenberg Twenty Grand

SAHJ099               Duesenberg Racing Car

SAHJ173               Duesenberg: She Drives a Duesenberg

SAHJ076               du Pont  (7 photos 1919 to 1924)

SAHJ068               du Pont Model G Convertible Sedan 1929

SAHJ255               Duvant engine


SAHJ091               Edwards-Knight 1913

SAHJ156               Elmore Taxis

SAHJ177               Elva Mark I

SAHJ102               Enger Two-cylinder 1909

SAHJ131               Enzmann Model 106 1960

SAHJ107               Essex Coach 1924

SAHJ194               Essex Convertible Coupe 1929

SAHJ188               Excelsior Engines 1911


SAHJ194               Fadgl Auto Train

SAHJ118               Fageol 1917

SAHJ082               Farman A6B circa 1925

SAHJ153               Federal Model 8911 Tank Truck

SAHJ149               FIAT 40hp

SAHJ249               Fiat 124 and 126

SAHJ262               Fiat 1914

SAHJ204               Fiat 600 Multipla 1956

SAHJ261               Firebird II Concept 1956

SAHJ261               Firebird III Concept (2 photos)

SAHJ171               First Mascot 1896

SAHJ256               Flxible Visicoach

SAHJ164               Ford Adrenalin Concept Truck 1996

SAHJ254               Ford Anglia, Consul Classic & Consul Capri

SAHJ188               Ford Camping Trip

SAHJ141               Ford Cométe by Facel 1953

SAHJ267               Ford GT CP-15 2004 (2 photos)

SAHJ267               Ford Highland Park Schematic

SAHJ253               Ford Festiva 1988

SAHJ266               Ford LTD 1978

SAHJ267               Ford Model A

SAHJ123               Ford Model A by LeBaron 1930

SAHJ267               Ford Model N Experimental Engines 1906, 1908

SAHJ241               Ford Model T

SAHJ267               Ford Model T

SAHJ267               Ford Model T 1909 (2 photos)

SAHJ267               Ford Model T Ambulance

SAHJ267               Ford Model T in Sicily

SAHJ140               Ford Model T on Air Mail Run

SAHJ217               Ford Model T with Trailer

SAHJ130               Ford Model TT Racing Car Transport

SAHJ267               Ford Piquet Plant & Offices (6 photos)

SAHJ192               Ford “Sweepstakes” Replica 1901

SAHJ175               Ford Thunderbird 1955

SAHJ064               Ford Thunderbird 1955 and 1980

SAHJ142               Ford Thunderbird 1972

SAHJ178               Ford Thunderbird 2001 Concept

SAHJ199               Ford Traction Patent 1912

SAHJ199               Ford V8 for Germany 1938-39

SAHJ267               Ford with Mrs. Ford Driving

SAHJ262               Fournier Cyclecar

SAHJ212               Franklin Olympic 1933

SAHJ086               Fraser 1947

SAHJ155               Frontenac Indy Racer 1921

SAHJ252               Fuji Go-Devil Scooter 1960 and Rabbit 1962


SAHJ167               GangStar by Beijing Automobile  c1996

SAHJ224               Gardner Motor Car Company 1930

SAHJ217               General Motors c1925 Beirut to Bagdad

SAHJ075               Georges Irat 1,100 cc 1935

SAHJ255               Georges Irat MDU with Ruby Engine

SAHJ255               Gerin prototype

SAHJ241               GM EV 1

SAHJ255               Gordan Diamond Shaped Car

SAHJ060               Gorham Car

SAHJ250               Gulf race Car Collection


SAHJ180               Hanomag 2/10 PS, 1.3 of 1939,Type 3/16 of 1929 & Strum of 1938

SAHJ252               Harley-Davidson Topper H

SAHJ035               Hawk Motor Company

SAHJ195               Hayes-Hunt Bodies 1926

SAHJ094               Haynes Model 75 1922

SAHJ260               Helica

SAHJ249               Hillman Hunter 1967

SAHJ096               Hillman Minx 1932

SAHJ084               Hillman Straight 8, body by Hill & Boll

SAHJ249               Hindustan Ambassador Mk II and Grand Ambassador

SAHJ247               Hispano-Suiza 1922

SAHJ259               Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet “Zenia” Coupe by Saoutchik 1938 (2 photos)

SAHJ259               Hispano-Suiza J12 Cabriolet by Saoutchik 1936

SAHJ252               Honda City & Motocompo 1984

SAHJ255               Honda N600

SAHJ187               Honda S800

SAHJ253               Honda S800 & N600

SAHJ144               Houpt Rockwell 1910

SAHJ200               Howard Motors Corporation

SAHJ200               Hudson & Southwest Air Fast Express Trailer 1929

SAHJ201               Hudson (New) Light Car 1922

SAHJ206               Hudson Twin H-Power 1952

SAHJ145               Humber Super Snipe pick up 1951

SAHJ110               Hupmobile Model 417 1934

SAHJ100               Hupp-Yeats Electric 1911

SAHJ039               A Huselton Survives

SAHJ253               Hyundai Pony I 1984, Stellar 1987, Excel 1986, Equus 2000


SAHJ128               International K-series pickup 1941-1946

SAHJ135               Itala 1908

SAHJ095               Izzer

SAHJ253               Isuzu Bellel Station Wagon c1962


SAHJ152               Jaguar Mark V c1961

SAHJ073               Jaguar XK 150 Roadster 1958

SAHJ230               Jeep Cherokee Renegade 2005


SAHJ113               Kaiser Manhattan 1953

SAHJ203               Karrier Motors

SAHJ252               Kenilworth Scooter 1917

SAHJ253               Kia Sephia 1994, Sportage 1994, Amanti 2004

SAHJ177               King Midget 1961

SAHJ198               Krohb Kar 1915

SAHJ245               Kurogane KY


SAHJ233               La Jaimais Contente 1899

SAHJ146               Lamborghini 350GT c1964-65

SAHJ262               Lanchester 1924

SAHJ258               Lancia Astura Tipo 233 Corto Cabriolet Aerodynamica 1936 (14 photos)

SAHJ125               Lancia Aurelia B20 1953

SAHJ264               Largo Grand Sport T26 1948

SAHJ257               LaSalle 1931

SAHJ262               La Vigne Cyclecar 1914

SAHJ254               Lincoln Continental Mk III to V (5 photos)

SAHJ202               Lincoln with Judkins Coupe body 1928

SAHJ134               Lincoln Zephyr and Burlington Zephyr 1935

SAHJ074               Lincoln Zephyr 1937

SAHJ173               Locomobile

SAHJ106               Long Distance 1903

SAHJ250               Lorraine-Dietrich

SAHJ187               Lotus Seven America 1961

SAHJ249               Lunar Roving Vehicle (3 photos)


SAHJ249               Mahindra Jeep

SAHJ072               Marmon 1926

SAHJ147               Marmon-Harrington Model A-10 US Army Ordinance truck 1931

SAHJ181               Marsh Motor Cycle 1903

SAHJ255               Martinet Tractor

SAHJ223               Maxwell 1911

SAHJ176               Maxwell 1914

SAHJ253               Mazda 1800 and R100

SAHJ254               Mazda Carol 360 & 600

SAHJ245               Mazda TEA 43 and TUA 32

SAHJ213               Mercedes 1907

SAHJ143               Mercedes 1914

SAHJ173               Mercedes-Benz 500K 1935, 300Sc 1956, 300SL 1955

SAHJ259               Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik Torpedo 1928 (6 photos + an advert)

SAHJ241               Mercedes-Benz 6.9

SAHJ266               Mercedes-Benz 600 1969

SAHJ165               Mercedes-Benz F200 Design Study 1996

SAHJ230               Mercedes-Benz W25 1935

SAHJ259               Mercury Comet (2 photos)

SAHJ246               Mercury Turnpike Cruiser 1958, Montclair 1956, Capri (1980 & 1991), Monterey 1963, Sable 1986, Grand Marquis 2009, Cougar 1987, Bobcat

SAHJ254               Mercury Monterey 1965 & 1963, Cougar 1983 & 1987-88

SAHJ183               MG Y Mascot

SAHJ154               MG by Zagato

SAHJ210               Millermobile 1911/1970

SAHJ171               Minerva 1956

SAHJ224               Mitte Special

SAHJ249               Mitsubishi Debonair 1964-1986

SAHJ252               Mohs King O’ Road 1947

SAHJ166               Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan 1975

SAHJ169               Momo Mirage 1971

SAHJ085               Moon 6-72 Royal Cabriolet 1928

SAHJ138               Morgan c1912

SAHJ249               Morgan Plus 8

SAHJ079               Morris 1016 Sports Special 1934-35

SAHJ262               Morris 1924

SAHJ168               Morris Minor Classic Car Collection by Stanley Mott

SAHJ249               Morris Oxford III

SAHJ252               Moto-Kar Deluxe 1939

SAHJ079               Moyer (11 photos)


SAHJ133               Nash Rambler 1950

SAHJ166               Nash-Healey possibility

SAHJ181               Northern Automobiles 1903

SAHJ017               Northway Motor Sales Co.

SAHJ098               Norwalk Motor Car Company Factory

SAHJ248               NSU Prinz 4 1963


SAHJ231               Oaklands 1924 & 1923

SAHJ172               Olds 1897 Directors Minutes

SAHJ261               Olds Motor Works Cutaway Drawing 1901-1902-1903

SAHJ196               Olds “Stanhope”

SAHJ196               Olds Phaeton

SAHJ184               Oldsmobile Aurora 2000

SAHJ191               Oldsmobile Bravada Indy 500

SAHJ261               Oldsmobile`s New Jetaway Hydra-Matic Ad 1956

SAHJ120               Opel Kapitan 1958

SAHJ262               Orient Autogo Quadricycle 1899


SAHJ235               Packard 1948

SAHJ081               Packard Clipper by Brewster 1941

SAHJ136               Packard Clipper by Brewster 1941

SAHJ266               Packard Custom 8 1947

SAHJ179               Packard Military Truck WWI

SAHJ266               Packard Model 903 Convertible Sedan 1932

SAHJ198               Packard One-Sixty 1940

SAHJ111               Packard “Phantom” 1940

SAHJ254               Packard Predictor

SAHJ243               Packard Rail Inspection car

SAHJ103               Packard Twin-Six c1920-1921

SAHJ141               Packard Twin-Six c1920

SAHJ078               Palmer-Singer “Six-Sixty” 1909

SAHJ191               Panhard

SAHJ250               Panhard

SAHJ258               Panhard Dynamic 1937

SAHJ249               Paykan

SAHJ259               Pegaso Z-102B Coupe by Saoutchik 1954

SAHJ253               Peking Light Cross Country Truck

SAHJ255               Peraves

SAHJ245               Piaggio Ape

SAHJ262               Pierce-Arrow 1921

SAHJ116               Pierce-Arrow Model 38-C4 Brougham 1915

SAHJ255               Pininfarina X 1960

SAHJ148               Playboy 1946-1948

SAHJ266               Plymouth Barracuda 1965

SAHJ258               Pontiac 1935

SAHJ190               Pontiac Bonneville 1999 (Last “true” car from Buick City)

SAHJ243               Pontiac Catalina 1965

SAHJ240               Pontiac G8 Ute

SAHJ266               Pontiac GTO 1967 (2 photos)

SAHJ253               Pontiac LeMans 1989

SAHJ243               Pontiac Model 6-27, 1926

SAHJ243               Pontiac Solstice Coupe

SAHJ252               Powell Challenger C-47 1947

SAHJ196               Powell Pickup 1955

SAHJ253               Prince Gloria Super 1964

SAHJ132               Protos 1908 New York-to-Paris race

SAHJ255               Prnevac c1959 (5 photos)


SAHJ161               RAF 1996

SAHJ215               Rambler

SAHJ151               Rambler Classic Custom Cross Country Wagon 1962

SAHJ237               Ramses

SAHJ247               Rauch & Lang Electric 1914

SAHJ093               Regal Model T 1914

SAHJ137               Reitland & Bree 1931

SAHJ245               Reliant 10 cwt van

SAHJ254               Reliant Regal

SAHJ250               Renault 4

SAHJ255               Renault 5 & Alpine

SAHJ240               Renault 30TS

SAHJ158               Renault Dauphine 1951

SAHJ209               Renault Fregate 1959

SAHJ067               Renault ‘Monastella’

SAHJ199               Renault Type FT 17 Tank

SAHJ232               Renault Traffic

SAHJ257               Republic 1914

SAHJ085               Revere

SAHJ088               Riley 1.5-litre Sprite 1935

SAHJ257               Rolls-Royce advert

SAHJ257               Rolls-Royce 1925 New Phantom

SAHJ065               Rolls-Royce 1931 Phantom II AJS Croydon Convertible Victoria by Brewster

SAHJ262               Rolls-Royce 20hp 1928

SAHJ262               Rolls-Royce 20hp 1929

SAHJ247               Rolls-Royce 20/25

SAHJ260               Rolls-Royce 25/30 1936

SAHJ263               Rolls-Royce Legalimit V8 1906 (3 photos)

SAHJ267               Rolls-Royce Phantom II

SAHJ259               Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Saoutchik Tourer 1913

SAHJ259               Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Sedanica Coupe by Saoutchik (4 photos)

SAHJ261               Rolls-Royce Wraith (4 photos)

SAHJ090               Ruxton (3 photos)

SAHJ145               Ruxton


SAHJ035               S. Russell Company of Detroit

SAHJ243               Saab 9-5, 2010 and 92 c1955

SAHJ246               Saab 9-X 2008

SAHJ252               Salsbury Model 85 Scooters 1946 & 1948

SAHJ240               Sambar Truck & Van

SAHJ105               Sandusky 1.5 ton Stake Body Truck 1912

SAHJ243               Saturn S –series 1991 and 1985 prototype

SAHJ070               Sayers Six of Cincinnati, Ohio

SAHJ225               Saxon 1916

SAHJ255               Scripps Booth Bi-Autogo 1913

SAHJ171               Sears 1910

SAHJ094               Seneca 1921-1922

SAHJ262               Senechal Le. Cyclecar

SAHJ081               Sensaud de Lavaud Coupe

SAHJ182               Shay Midget Racer

SAHJ245               Sherpa (2 images)

SAHJ207               Singer

SAHJ160               Skoda Favorit 1936

SAHJ247               Stanley Mountain Wagon

SAHJ267               Studebaker 50 hp 1916

SAHJ212               Studebaker Light Six by Shanghai Horse Bazaar & Motor Company 1921

SAHJ157               Studebaker with Sodomka body 1938

SAHJ167               Studebaker Champion 1950 Golf Cart by Golden Classics

SAHJ228               Studebaker Commander 1951

SAHJ182               Subaru 1969

SAHJ183               Subaru 1970

SAHJ242               Subaru 360

SAHJ253               Subaru 360 (2 photos), Star

SAHJ240               Subaru Rex

SAHJ267               Sunbeam Blue Bird 18.5 litre Sir Malcolm campbell

SAHJ255               Sunbeam-Mabley (5 images)

SAHJ253               Suzuki Brute 1972

SAHJ240               Suzuki Fronte 360


SAHJ264               Talbot 4-cyl. 1923

SAHJ264               Talbot-Largo America 1959, Special T150C

SAHJ259               Talbot-Lago T-26 Grand Sport Coupe by Saoutchik

SAHJ241               Tatra 87 Streamliner

SAHJ113               Tatra (3 photos)

SAHJ246               Tatra T600 (2 photos)

SAHJ247               Tatra T600 1949 and T34 1934, scale models, V570, 601 Monte Carlo, 603 Ambulance 613 V8 Engine

SAHJ245               Temp Hanseat (2 images)

SAHJ191               Terex 33-19 Titan

SAHJ119               Terraplane 1933

SAHJ190               Thomas-Detroit 1907

SAHJ247               Toledo Steamer 1901

SAHJ253               Toyopet Crown Custom Sedan

SAHJ241               Toyota Corolla E10

SAHJ247               Toyota Crown, Tiara, Land Cruiser, Stout, Hi-Lux, 2000GT

SAHJ253               Toyota Stout and Land Cruiser

SAHJ216               Toyota Updated Replica of 1936 Model AA

SAHJ254               Toyota Will V 2000-2001

SAHJ258               Tracta A Le Mans Special 1929

SAHJ202               Traub Motorcycle

SAHJ245               Trivan (2 images)

SAHJ248               Trivette (3 photos)

SAHJ262               Trumbull Cyclecar 1914

SAHJ251               Twin Coach Delivery Van 1931


SAHJ214               Vauxhall Victor Station Wagon

SAHJ252               Vespa Rickshaw, Super Sprint 90 1966, 400

SAHJ065               Victory Motor Car 1916

SAHJ080               Vim circa 1917

SAHJ247               Voisin C6 Laboratoire Racer 1923

SAHJ182               Volkswagen 1949

SAHJ182               Volkswagen “Classic” by Walter Laev

SAHJ212               Volkswagen Pickup “Electro-Transporter”

SAHJ249               Volkswagen Sedan Type I and Transporter

SAHJ165               Volkswagen Tribute to Jerry Garcia 1942-1995


SAHJ247               Walter Junior 1937, Regent 1934, 68 1930

SAHJ191               Waukesha Engines

SAHJ213               Weebermobile 1903

SAHJ257               Whippet 1927

SAHJ267               White Snowmobile off Ford T 1925

SAHJ066               Willys Jeepster 1949

SAHJ108               Willys-Knight Model 64 1923

SAHJ086               Willys-Overland 1945

SAHJ219               WR-70


SAHJ253               Xebra Electric Car 2006


SAHJ127               Yakovlev-Frere 1896

SAHJ228               Yugo 45 1984


SAHJ174               ZIS-101 c1936

SAHJ240               Zoe Zipper

SAHJ252               Zoe Zipper 1984

Author Hints and Resources

Filed in date sequence

SAHJ016               Bibliographers Corner – Some Hints for Historians by G.M. Naul

SAHJ017               Hints for Historians – The Securities & Exchange Commission by Jeffrey I. Godshall

SAHJ017               The Reliability (or Unreliability) of Sources by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ020               Standards and Definitions by Frederick D. Roe

SAHJ022               Mathematics and the Automobile by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ025               Library Report by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ026               Two Questions on Semantics by Richard Langworth

SAHJ032               Long Island Automotive Museum Library Facilities Open to SAH Members

SAHJ033               Motor or Engine – On the Proper Usage of Terms by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ039               Computers and Automobile History by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ044               Tools of the Trade by Michael Lamm

SAHJ047               Tools of the Trade – A Sequel by Richard M. Langworth

SAHJ047               Oral History for the SAH Researcher by Terry B. Dunham

SAHJ053               More on Oral History for the SAH Researcher, Part II by Stanley W. Liszka, Jr.

SAHJ053               Local Research Sources for the Automotive Historian

SAHJ058               May I Copy This Article? By Marlene D. Morrisey

SAHJ059               Plagiarism and Our Rubbery Copyright Laws by Harry Zehner

SAHJ063               The New Copyright Law and What It Means to You by Richard Langworth

SAHJ063               The Collection of Industrial History (at GMI)

SAHJ068               Ford Archives moved to Lovett Hall

SAHJ070               Archives Column by Howard Applegate

SAHJ071               Rolls-Royce Owners Club Foundation to Preserve RR History

SAHJ071               Museums with Library & Archival Collections

SAHJ079               Oakland Information

SAHJ080               The Henry Ford Archives & Research Library

SAHJ084               Reopening of Chrysler Historical Collection

SAHJ088               Automotive Emporium, The Big Rock Candy Mountain for Grownups by Tony Hogg

SAHJ092               The International Historical Commission of the FIA by Griffith Borgeson

SAHJ092               The Berliet Foundation

SAHJ093               News from Torino

SAHJ095               The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust

SAHJ100               The Helen Jones Earley Library

SAHJ107               Sources and Resources 1

SAHJ108               Sources and Resources 2

SAHJ108               A 2-Hour Tape by Ray Dietrich

SAHJ109               Sources and Resources 3

SAHJ112               Sources and Resources 4

SAHJ113               Sources and Resources 5

SAHJ114               Oral History 1: The Interview

SAHJ115               Oral History 1: Post Interview

SAHJ116               Sources and Resources 6

SAHJ119               A-C-D Museum Receives Grant from Cord Foundation

SAHJ122               The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust

SAHJ122               San Diego Automotive Museum Library

SAHJ133               Give Credit Where Credit Is Due by W.F. Robinson

SAHJ154               Oral History for the SAH Researcher

SAHJ154               Archival Material Related to Automobile Manufacturers

SAHJ161               Some Copyright Guidelines by MacDonald Leach

SAHJ182               Research on the Internet by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ190               David L. Lewis on Book Indexing by David L. Lewis

SAHJ191               Patent Collection to Scharchburg Archives

SAHJ253               A Visit To The National Archives by Pat Negyesi

Automaker Listings/Roster – Also Rans

Filed in date sequence

SAHJ003               “A”

SAHJ004               “A” continued

SAHJ005               “A” continued

SAHJ006               “B”

SAHJ007               “B” continued

SAHJ008               “A” updates

SAHJ010               “B” updates

SAHJ011               “A” & “B” updates

SAHJ016               “B” continued

SAHJ018               “B” &”C” continued

SAHJ012               U.S. Passenger Cars, 1950 – 1970

SAHJ014               U.S. Passenger Cars, 1950 – 1970 revision

SAHJ019               Makes of Automobiles by Country of Manufacturer and by Decade of Beginning of Manufacture

SAHJ051               The Motor Truck Roster Program by R.A. Wawrzyniak

SAHJ052               Automobiles of New York

SAHJ057               Indian Automobile Industry by George Tesar

SAHJ057               Diamond Reo Rises Again

SAHJ059               A Short Survey of the 1907 Massachusetts Registration List by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ071               Automotive Supplies Companies

SAHJ071               Petroleum Companies

SAHJ173               The Belgian Motorcar Industry by Raymond Vaes

The Automotive Century:

Most Influential People

Filed in sequence of Influence as voted by Members

SAHJ184               Editorial Comment

SAHJ185               Editorial Comment Part II Automotive Writers

SAHJ186               Editorial Comment Part III Advancements/Developments

SAHJ185               Automotive Writers by Beverly Rae Kimes – Ken W. Purdy, Tom McCahill, Griffith Borgeson, Floyd Clymer

SAHJ184               Henry Ford by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ185               Ferdinand Porsche by Prescott Kelly

SAHJ187               Soichito Honda by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ188               Sir Alec Issigonis by Gavin Farmer

SAHJ186               Enzo Ferrari

SAHJ184               Andre Citroen, Karl Benz, Alfred P. Sloan, Ettore Bugatti & Henry Leland

Centenaries of Motor Vehicles Recognized by SAH

Filed in date sequence

SAHJ195               Pierce-Arrow and Peerless

SAHJ198               Rambler at 100

SAHJ209               Centennial Recognition Program 2003 Honorees – Buick, Marmon, Standard

Book Reviews

Filed in alphabetical order excluding `the` and à`.

SAHJ097               ’32 Ford: The Deuce by Tony Thacker

SAHJ050               50 Ans D’Automobile (50 Years of the Automobile) by J.A. Gregoire

SAHJ071               75 Years: A Commemorative Album (Rolls-Royce) by David Roscoe

SAHJ073               75 Years of New Hampshire License Plates 1905-1980 by Josiah H.V. Fisher

SAHJ135               500 Dream cars (Schlumpf Collection) by Jacques Rousseau

SAHJ222               500 Fantastic Cars, A Century of the World’s Concept cars by Serge Bellu

SAHJ155               1950 – The Tear, The Races by Jean-Paul Delsaux


SAHJ267               ABC of Auto Racing History by Tommy Saal

SAHJ046               The Aerodynamics of Sports & Competition Cars by Bernard Pershing

SAHJ248               The Age of Hot Rods: Essays on Rods, Custom Cars and Their Drivers from the 1950s to Today by Albert Drake

SAHJ212               Album Smochodow FSO by Jerzy Dembrinski

SAHJ102               Alfa Romeo Giulietta by Angelo Tito Anselmi

SAHJ126               Alfa Romeo – The Legend Revived by David G. Styles

SAHJ169               All Corvettes Are Red; The Rebirth of an American Legend

SAHJ258               Alle Autos der 80er Jahre by Roger Gloor

SAHJ066               Allots and Automobiles:  The Life of Elwood Hayes by Ralf Gray

SAHJ169               Amazing Patented Inventions by Will Hanna

SAHJ130               The Ambulance by Katherine Traver Barkley

SAHJ146               The American Automobile – A Centenary1893-1993 by Nick Georgano

SAHJ256               American Automobile Art, 1945-1970: Drawings from the Great Age of American car Design by Frederick A. Sharf

SAHJ039               American Automobile Racing – An Illustrated History by Albert R. Bochroch

SAHJ067               American Automobile Sales Literature Checklist 1928-1942 by Robert N. Tuthill

SAHJ105               American Automobiles of the 50’ & 60s by Alberto Martinez & Jean-Loup Nory

SAHJ267               American Automobiles of the Brass Era by Robert D. Dluhy

SAHJ150               American Automobilia by Jim and Nancy Schaut

SAHJ181               American Beer Trucks by Donald F. Wood

SAHJ061               The American Car of 1921 by Richard B. Brigham

SAHJ083               American Cars by Leon Mandel

SAHJ211               American Cars, 1960 to 1972: Every Model, Year by Year by J. “Kelly” Flory, Jr.

SAHJ187               American Car Haulers by Richard J.Copello

SAHJ035               American Car Spotter’s Guide 1940-1965 by Ted Burness

SAHJ060               American Car Spotter’s Guide 1940-1965 New Edition by Ted Burness

SAHJ221               American Car Spotter’s Guide 1940-1965 New Edition by Ted Burness

SAHJ260               American Cars, 1946-1959 Every Model Year by Year by J. `Kelly`Flory , Jr.

SAHJ260               American Cars, 1960-1972 Every Model Year by Year by J. `Kelly`Flory , Jr.

SAHJ260               American Cars, 1973-1980 Every Model Year by Year by J. `Kelly`Flory , Jr.

SAHJ226               American Cars in Europe 1900-1940by Bryan Goodman

SAHJ213               American Cars in Prewar England, A Pictorial Survey by Bryan Goodman

SAHJ103               American Classic Car Poems for Collectors by Mary Swope & Walter H. Kerr

SAHJ135               American LaFrance Genealogy Chart, 1931-1991 by John M. Peckham

SAHJ146               American Motors, The Last Independent by Patrick R. Foster

SAHJ136               American Muscle – Muscle Cars from the Otis Chandler Collection by Randy Leffingwell

SAHJ101               American Steam-Car Pioneers by John H. Bacon

SAHJ107               American Toy Cars and Trucks by Lillian Gottschalk

SAHJ064               American Trucking – A Seventy-Five Year Odyssey by Robert M. Roll

SAHJ262               American Turnaround: Reinventing AT&T and GM and the Way We Do Business in the USA by Ed Whitacre

SAHJ147               American Volunteer Fire Trucks by Donald F. Wood

SAHJ262               American Wheels, Chinese Roads: The Story of General Motors in China by Michael J. Dunne

SAHJ245               Andre Lefebvre and the cars he created for Voisin and Citroën – the story of a passionate pioneer by Gijsbert-Paul Berk

SAHJ159               Art of the American Automobile – The Greatest Stylists and Their Work by Nick Georgano

SAHJ251               “Ask the Man Who Owns One” An Illustrated History of Packard Advertising by Arthur W. Einstein, Jr.

SAHJ194               Aston Martin by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch & Hartmut Lehbrink

SAHJ051               Aston Martin 1963-1972 by Dudley Gershon

SAHJ164               Auburn & Cord by Lee Beck & Josh B. Malks

SAHJ141               Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg by Don Butler

SAHJ233               Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum Presents Duesenberg Racecars & Passenger Cars Photo Archive by Jon. M. Bill

SAHJ136               Auburn, Reo, Franklin & Pierce-Arrow versus Cadillac, Chrysler, Lincoln and Packard by Brooks T. Brierley

SAHJ230               Audi Sportwagen by H. Hofner, H.J. & V. Schneider, F.P. Wiedl

SAHJ064               Austin-Healey 300 1959-1967 by Brooklands Books

SAHJ032               The Austin Seven 1922-1939, The Motor for the Million by A.J. Wyatt

SAHJ233               Auto Enciklopedia by Pal Negyesi

SAHJ136               The Auto Index by David F. Plump

SAHJ215               Auto Legends – Classics of Style and Design by Michel Zumbrunn

SAHJ236               Auto Mechanics: Technology and Expertise in Twentieth-Century America by Kevin L. Borg

SAHJ233               The Automobile Body Builders of Amesbury Massachusetts by K. Doubleday

SAHJ172               Automobile History day by Day by Douglas A. Wick

SAHJ168               The Automobile in South America: The Origins, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay by Alvaro Casal Tatlock

SAHJ082               The Automobile Revolution: The Impact of an Industry by JP. Bardou, JJ. Chanaron, P. Fridenson & J.M. Laux

SAHJ089               Automobile Year Book of Models #3 1984 by Jean R. Piccard

SAHJ098               Automobile Quarterly Twenty Year Index

SAHJ158               Automobiles, a television series

SAHJ191               Automobiles by Architects by Ivan Margolius

SAHJ213               The Automobiles of the Maharajas by Sharada Dwivedi and Prince Manvendra Singh of Barwani

SAHJ049               Automobiles of New York by Charles W. Bishop

SAHJ192               Automobiles Tatra by Miroslav Gomola, Gavin Farmer & Jan Tulis

SAHJ141               Automobiles Voisin 1919-1958 by Pascal Courteault

SAHJ068               Automobilia – A Guided Tour for Collectors by Michael Worthington-Williams

SAHJ165               Automobilia – A History of the Automobile in 52 Weeks by Joseph Louis Troise

SAHJ213               The Automotive Bibliography by Denis Veilleux

SAHJ112               Automotive Fine Art, Premiere Review of the Automotive Fine Arts Society by Jack Juratovic

SAHJ120               Automotive Literature Index 1982-1986 by A. Wallace

SAHJ263               Auto Racing Comes of Age: A Transatlantic View of Cars, Drivers and Speedways 1900-1925 by Robert Dick

SAHJ229               Autorennsport in der DDR by Horst Ihling

SAHJ109               Autos on the Water: A History of the Great Lakes Automobile Carriers by Lawrence A. Brough

SAHJ064               Avanti by Thomas Bonsall

SAHJ124               A-Z of Cars of the 1930s by Michael Sedgwick & Mark Gillies


SAHJ193               Battle for the Beetle by Karl Ludvigsen

SAHJ113               Bennington Wasp by Keith Marvin

SAHJ203               Bentley by Jan Tulis

SAHJ218               Bentley: Fifty Years of the Marque by Johnnie Green

SAHJ209               Bentley Motors, On the Road by Bernard L. King

SAHJ127               Bentley: The Silent Sports Car 1931-1941 by Michael Ellman-Brown

SAHJ110               Bentley: The Vintage Years by Michael Hay

SAHJ121               The Behring Collection by Rob Haeseler

SAHJ147               Beijing Jeep. The Short Unhappy Romance of American Business in China by Jim Mann

SAHJ181               Bentley Factory Cars: 1919-1931 by Michael Hay

SAHJ126               Berta Benz & the Motorwagen by Mindy Bingham

SAHJ145               The Best of Bill’s Car Stories by William T. Cameron

SAHJ058               The Best of Old Cars by Krause Publications

SAHJ086               The Best of Old Cars #4 by Krause Publications

SAHJ223               The Big Book of Car Culture by Jim Hinckley & Jon G. Robinson

SAHJ213               Birdcage to Supercage: Maserati Tipo 63-64-65 by Willem Oosthoek

SAHJ082               The Birth of the British Motor Car by T.R Nicholson

SAHJ157               The Birth of Chrysler Corporation and Its Engineering Legacy by Carl Breer

SAHJ184               The Big Guide to Kit & Speciality Cars Past & Present by Harold Pace

SAHJ252               Blood and Smoke: A true Tale of Mystery, Mayhem and the Birth of the Indy 500 by Charles Leerhsen

SAHJ068               BMW: A History by Halwart Schrader

SAHJ051               BMW: The Bavarian Motor Works by Michael Frostick

SAHJ092               BMW – Bavaria’s Driving Machine by Jan P. Norbye

SAHJ230               BMW Sportwagen by V. & H.J. Schneider & R. Simons

SAHJ135               Board Track – Gut, Gold and Glory by Dick Wallen

SAHJ155               The Bobby, The Babe and Me by Herk Edwards

SAHJ051               The Bosch Book of the Motor Car by John Day

SAHJ263               Brick by Brick: The Biography of the Man Who Really Made the Mini – Leonard Lord by Martyn Nutland

SAHJ244               Breaking the Banks in Motor City: The Auto Industry, the 1933 Detroit Banking Crisis & the Start of the New Deal by Darwyn H. Lumley

SAHJ030               A Brief Guide to Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars 1925-1965 by J.B.M. Adams

SAHJ197               Bristol Cars – A Brooklands Portfolio by R.M. Clarke

SAHJ149               British Car factories From 1896 by Paul Collins & Michael Stratton

SAHJ179               British Trials Drivers – Their Cars and Awards 1929-1939 by Donald Cowbourne

SAHJ125               Bugatti by Hugh Conway

SAHJ075               Bugatti, The Dynamics of Mythology by Griffith Borgeson

SAHJ067               Bugatti Doubles Arbes (Twin-Cam) by Robert Jarraud

SAHJ157               Bugatti – La Gloire by Franco Zagari

SAHJ154               Bugatti – Le Regard De Rob Roy by Pierre Fouquet-Hatarllairs

SAHJ046               Bugatti, Thoroughbreds from Molsheim by Pierre Dumont

SAHJ254               The Bugattis of Jean De Dobbeleer by Charles Fawcett

SAHJ038               Buick Cars 1929-1939 by R.M. Clarke

SAHJ242               Buick, The Australian Story by Eric North & John Gerdtz

SAHJ066               Bulldog: The Wolds Most Famous Truck by John R. Montville

SAHJ116               The Bus World Encyclopedia of Buses by Ed Strauss

SAHJ251               The Business of Speed: The Hot Rod Industry in America, 1915-1990 by David N. Luscko


SAHJ194               Cabrio-Klassiker aus neun Jahrzehnten by Halwart Schrader

SAHJ236               Cabriolets – Die schonsten Autos zum Tramen by Guiseppe Guzzrardi & Enzo Rizzo

SAHJ068               Cadillac – Standard of Excellence, 1903-1980 by Consumer Guide

SAHJ030               Cadillac – Standard of the World, the Complete 75 Year History by Maurice D. Hendry

SAHJ129               Cadillac – Standard of the World, the Complete History by Maurice D. Hendry

SAHJ131               The Cameron Story by William T. Cameron

SAHJ186               Can You Afford to Walk? The History of the Hounsfield Trojan by Eric Rance & Don Williams

SAHJ102               Canadian cars 1946-1984 by R. Perry Zavitz

SAHJ134               The Car Book Value Guide by Thomas E. Warth

SAHJ161               The Car Book Value Guide (1996 Edition) by Thomas E. Warth

SAHJ253               The Car Book Value Guide (6th Edition) by Thomas E. Warth

SAHJ058               Car Facts & Feats by Anthony Harding

SAHJ262               The Car in 2035: Mobility Planning for the Near Future by Kati Rubinyi

SAHJ253               Car Guys vs. Bean Counters, The Battle for the Soul of American Business by Bob Lutz

SAHJ256               Carl Renner: 1950s GM Dream Car Creator by Frederick A. Sharf

SAHJ150               Carriages Without Horses by J. Frank Duryea

SAHJ105               Cars 1886-1930 by G.N. Georgano

SAHJ217               Cars and Culture: The Life Story of a Technology by Rudi Volti

SAHJ033               Cars of Canada by Hugh Durnford and Glenn Beechler

SAHJ160               Cars of Cuba by Cristina Garcia

SAHJ252               Cars of the Revolution by Devrim Arabalari

SAHJ075               Cars and Coachbuilding by George Oliver

SAHJ239               Cars I Could’ve, Should’ve Kept by Jackson Brooks

SAHJ259               Cars I’ve Loved & Hated: Michael Lamm’s Unauthorized Biography by Michael Lamm

SAHJ124               Cars Made in Upstate New York by James F. Bellamy

SAHJ067               Cars of the 1930’s by Consumer Guide

SAHJ082               Cars with Personalities by John A. Conde

SAHJ253               Carved-Panel Hearses, An Illustrated History 1933-1948 by Walter M.P. McCall & Thomas A. McPherson

SAHJ145               The Case Against the Little White Slaver

SAHJ231               A Century of London Taxis by Bill Munro

SAHJ264               Champion of the Lark: Harold Churchill and the Presidency of Studebaker-Packard 1956-1961 by Robert R. Ebert

SAHJ187               Charles-Henry Brasier 1864-1941 Un Enfant d’Ivry La Bataille by Michel Bricard

SAHJ179               Chenard-Walcker Far: The Lost Empire of Gennevilliers by Claude Rouxel

SAHJ266               Chevrolet 1911-1960 and 1960-2013 by Michael W.R. Davis

SAHJ257               Chevrolet Volt: Development Story of the Pioneering Electrified Vehicle by Lindsay Brooke

SAHJ058               Chrysler Cars 1930-1939 By Brooklands

SAHJ087               Continental: It’s Motors and Its People by William Wagner

SAHJ075               Cisitalia by Nino Balestra & Cesare de Agostini

SAHJ216               Citroen-Jahrbuch 2005 by Ulrich Knaak & Halwart Schrader

SAHJ192               The Classic Era by Beverly Rae Kimes

SAHJ131               The Classic Car – The Ultimate Book About the World’s Grandest Automobiles by Beverly Rae Kimes

SAHJ133               The Classic Kissel by Val V. Quandt

SAHJ189               Cleaner Cars: The History & Technology of Emission Control Since the 1960s by J. Robert Mondt

SAHJ079               Clutches Through the Years by La Frisione Nel Tempo

SAHJ036               The Coachbuilt Packard by Hugo Pfau

SAHJ257               Coachcraft: 1930s Coachbuilding Style by John Dyson

SAHJ043               Coachwork on Rolls-Royce 1906-1939 by Lawrence Dalton

SAHJ039               The Complete Catalogue of British Cars by David Culshaw

SAHJ224               The Complete U.S. Automobile sales Literature Checklist 1946-2000 by Kenneth N. Eisbrener

SAHJ083               The Constant Search – Collecting Motoring and Motorcycling Books by Charles Mortimer

SAHJ090               The Constant Search – Collecting Motoring and Motorcycling Books by Charles Mortimer

SAHJ263               Co-Operative Transport by Bill Aldridge

SAHJ266               Co-Operative Transport by Bill Aldridge

SAHJ247               Cord Complete by Josh B. Malks

SAHJ171               Corvette: American Legend, The Beginning by Noland Adams

SAHJ173               Corvette: American Legend, 1954-55 Production by Noland Adams

SAHJ176               Corvette: American Legend, 1956-Racing Success by Noland Adams

SAHJ182               Corvette: American Legend, 1957 Fuel Injection/283 V-8 by Noland Adams

SAHJ260               Corvette Racing: The Complete Competition History from Sebring to Le Mans by David Kimble

SAHJ265               Corvette Sting Ray: Genesis of an American Icon by Peter Brock

SAHJ261               The Craft of Research by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb & Joseph M. Williams

SAHJ265               The Crew Chief’s Son: A Trackside Memoir of Early NASCAR by Michael L. Clements

SAHJ259               Crosley & Crosley Motors: An Illustrated History of America’s First Compact car & the Company that Built It by Michael Banks

SAHJ235               Crossing the Sands – The Sahara Desert Track to Timbuktu by Ariane Audouin-Dubreuil

SAHJ022               The Custom Body Era by Hugo Pfaw

SAHJ258               Custom Built by McFarlane: A history of the Carriage & Automobile Manufacture, 1856-1928 by Richard A. Stanley


SAHJ163               The Daimler Century – The Fall of Britain’s Oldest Car Maker by Lord Montagu & David Burgess-Wise

SAHJ220               Daimler Chrysler Werk Unterturkheim by Wilfred Feldenkirchen

SAHJ029               The Daimler Tradition by Brian E. Smith

SAHJ209               Das Steyr-Baby und siene Verwandten by Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher & Franz Knogler

SAHJ158               Dashboards by David Holland

SAHJ168               Datsun Z Series: The Complete Story by David G. Styles

SAHJ230               David Buick’s Marvelous Motor Car; The Men and the Automobile That Launched General Motors by Lawrence R. Gustin

SAHJ150               Daytona: The Quest For Speed by Tom Tucker & Jim Tiller

SAHJ087               The Decline & Fall of the American Automobile Industry by Brock Yates

SAHJ166               De Dion-Bouton – De l’automobile…a l’aeronautique by Pierre Boyer

SAHJ238               Delage – France’s Finest Car by Daniel Cabart, Claude Rouxel & David Burgess Wise

SAHJ222               Delage Styling and Design – La Belle Voiture Francaise by Richard Adatto & Diana E. Meredith

SAHJ160               Delahaye: Le Grand Livre by Jacques Dorizon, Francois Peigney & Jean-Pierre Dauliac

SAHJ229               Delahaye Styling and Design by Richard S. Adatto

SAHJ247               The Detroit Electrical Scheme by D.E. Johnson

SAHJ129               Detroit Fire Department Apparatus History by Matthew Lee

SAHJ203               Deutsche Autos 1885-1920 by Halwart Schrader

SAHJ086               Deutsche Autos 1920-1945 by Werner Oswald

SAHJ200               Deutsche Autos 1920-1945 by Werner Oswald

SAHJ092               Deutsche Autos 1945-1975 by Werner Oswald

SAHJ066               Diesel, The Man and the Engine by Morton Grosser

SAHJ211               Dirt Track Auto racing 1919-1941: A Pictorial History by Don Radbruch

SAHJ177               Divco: A History of the Truck and Company by Robert R. Ebert & John S. Rienzo, Jr.

SAHJ188               Divorce Your Car! Ending the Love Affair with the Automobile by Katie Alvord

SAHJ058               Dodge Cars, 1924-1938 by Brooklands

SAHJ253               Don’t Tell Douglas! By John C. Meyer III

SAHJ196               Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper by Nicholson Baker

SAHJ150               Down the Asphalt Path, the Automobile and the American City by Clay McShane

SAHJ196               The Drive To Design by Rolf J.E. Kieselbach

SAHJ214               Driven; Inside BMW, The Most Admired Car Company In the World by David Kiley

SAHJ214               Duesenberg by Dennis Adler

SAHJ079               Duesenberg: The Pursuit of Perfection by Fred Roe


SAHJ117               Early Motoring in South Africa: A Pictorial History by R.H. Johnston

SAHJ251               Eat My Dust: Early Women Motorists by Georgine Clarsen

SAHJ217               Edelbrock: Made in USA by Tom Madigan

SAHJ156               The Edwardian Rolls-Royce by John Fasal & Bryan Goodman

SAHJ243               The Eight Cylinder DuPont by Stan Smith

SAHJ216               Eighty Years of Citroen in the United Kingdom 1923-2003 by John Reynolds

SAHJ199               Elcar and Pratt Automobiles: The Complete Story by William S. Locke

SAHJ224               El Garaje Nacional 1930-1950 de los Dorados Anos del Automovil en Espana a su Epoca Negra by Cesar Oliver y Monteso

SAHJ257               Elva: The Cars, The People, The History by Janos Wimpffen

SAHJ195               The E-M-F Company: The Story of Automotive Pioneers Barney Everitt, William Metzger & Walter Flanders by Anthony J. Yanik

SAHJ128               Emile Mathis – Constructeur Automobile by Jean Francois Blattner

SAHJ073               Encyclopedia of American Cars, 1940-1970 by Richard Langworth

SAHJ148               Encyclopedia of American Business History & Biography – The Automobile Industry 1896-1920 by George S. May

SAHJ127               Encyclopedia of American Business History & Biography – The Automobile Industry 1920-1980 by George S. May

SAHJ033               Encyclopedia of Auto racing Greats by Robert Cutter and Bob Fendell

SAHJ069               The Encyclopedia of the Motorcar by Phil Drackett

SAHJ156               The End of the Line: Lost Jobs, New Lives in Post-industrial America by Kathryn Marie Dudley

SAHJ186               Engines & Enterprise – The Life & Work of Sir Harry Ricardo by John Reynolds

SAHJ240               The English Model T Ford – A Century of Model T in Britain by Martin Riley

SAHJ093               Errett Lobban Cord: His Empire, His Motor Cars by Griffith Borgeson

SAHJ066               ERF by Pat  Kennett

SAHJ143               The European Automobile Industry by James Laux


SAHJ267               Faces of Henry Ford: A Pictorial Chronology of Henry Ford by Robert C. Kreipke

SAHJ208               The Fairmount Park Motor Races by Michael J. Seneca

SAHJ170               Famous But Forgotten: The Study of Alexander Winton, Automotive Pioneer & Industrialist by T.F. Saal & B.J. Golias

SAHJ246               Fast Ladies – Female Racing Drivers 1888-1970 by Jean-Francois Bouzanquet

SAHJ250               The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties by Ard and Arnoud op de Weegh, Kay Hottendorff

SAHJ220               Ferrari, A Champion’s View by Phil Hill

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SAHJ153               Studebaker Cars by James H. Moloney

SAHJ256               The Studebaker National Museum….Over a Century on Wheels by Andrew Beckman

SAHJ080               Studebaker: The Complete Story by William A. Cannon

SAHJ256               Studebaker’s Last dance, The Avanti by Andrew Beckman

SAHJ122               Sunbeam Racing Cars 1910-1930 by Anthony S. Heal

SAHJ138               The Suppression of the Automobile; Skulduggery at the Crossroads by David Beasley


SAHJ122               Tangled Web: The Legacy of Auto Pioneer John F, Dodge by Jean Maddern Pitrone

SAHJ155               Tattersall. The Legend by Ed Watson and Dennis Newlyn

SAHJ127               Tatra – The Legacy of Hans Ledwinka by Ivam Margolius & John G. Henry

SAHJ177               Taxi: The Story of the Taxicab by Malcolm Bobbitt

SAHJ067               Taxicab Scrapbook: A Pictorial Review of the Taxi by D.L. Scrimger

SAHJ256               Theodore W Pietsch II (1912-1993) and the Development of Automobile Design in the Golden Age by Theodore W Pietsch II

SAHJ103               There Is No Mistaking a Pierce-Arrow by Brooks T. Brierley

SAHJ230               Thunder at Sunrise: A History of Vanderbilt Cup, the Grand Prix & the Indianapolis 500, 1904-1916 by John H. Burns

SAHJ186               Thus Spake David E. by David E. Davis

SAHJ200               Tickford: The Joy of Driving by Gavin Farmer

SAHJ073               Tootsietoys; World’s First Diecast Models by James Wieland

SAHJ128               The Tourist from California by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ064               Triumph Cars: The Complete 75-year History by Richard Langworth

SAHJ064               Triumph TR 4 & TR5 1961-1969 by Brooklands Books

SAHJ061               Trucks, An Illustrated History, 1896-1920 by G.N. Georgano

SAHJ053               TVR: Success Against the Odds by Peter Filby


SAHJ086               Unic – Passe Avant Tout by Dominique Dubarry

SAHJ083               U.S. Military Wheeled Vehicles by Fred Crismon

SAHJ259               User Unfriendly: Consumer Struggles with Personal Technologies, from Clocks & Sewing Machines to Cars & Computers by Joseph J. Corn


SAHJ230               The V12 Engine: The Untold Inside Story of the Technology, Evolution, Performance & Impact of All V12-Engined cars by Karl Ludvigsen

SAHJ171               Vanderbilt Cup race by Brock Yates

SAHJ077               Vauxhall by Michael Sedgwick

SAHJ023               Veteran and Vintage Cars in Colour by Michael Sedgwick

SAHJ076               The Veteran Car Club, 50 Years Pictorial History by Elizabeth Nagle & Michael Sedgwick

SAHJ087               The Veterans

SAHJ134               Victor W. page: Automotive and Aviation Pioneer by Frank C. Derate

SAHJ218               Vintage American Road Racing cars 1950-1970 by Harold W. Pace & Mark R. Brinker

SAHJ067               The Vintage-Auto Almanac by Hemmings Motor News

SAHJ234               Vintage Franklin, A History of the Car in Its Time by Sinclair Powell and Mark Chaplin

SAHJ086               Vintage Lorry Album #3 by Nick Baldwin

SAHJ201               Volvo – Personenwagen seit 1927 by Christer Olsson


SAHJ226               Walt Hansgen: His Life and the History of Post-War American Road racing by Michael Argetsinger

SAHJ199               The Wankel Rotary Engine: A History by John Hege

SAHJ238               The Wankel Rotary Engine: A History by John Hege

SAHJ257               Watkins Glen, The Street Years 1948-1952 by Phillipe Defecgereux

SAHJ227               Welcome Aboard the GM New Look Bus by John H. McKane

SAHJ246               Weller Brothers of Memphis by Walter M. McCall

SAHJ128               What’s Old in Car Posters by The Eaton Corporation

SAHJ088               Wheels & Tracks: The International Review of Military Vehicles

SAHJ127               Wheels of Misfortune – The Rise & Fall of the British Motor Industry by Jonathon Wood

SAHJ007               Wheels Within Wheels – A short Story of American Motor Car Manufacturing  by Philip H. Smith

SAHJ191               Wheels Within Wheels: An Unconventional Life by Lord Montagu

SAHJ171               Where They Raced by Harold L. Osmer

SAHJ068               Who’s Who Behind Personalized California License Plates by Mike Farley

SAHJ238               Why Not? The Story of the Honourable Charles Stewart Rolls Inspired by Contemporary Accounts by David Baines

SAHJ207               William Howard Taft and the First Motoring Presidency, 1909-1913 by Michael L. Bromley

SAHJ179               Wisconsin Cars & Trucks – A Centenary by Val Quandt

SAHJ026               The Wonderful World of Automobiles, 1895-1930 by Joseph J. Schroeder

SAHJ074               World Car 1981, 20th Edition by the Automobile Club of Italy

SAHJ086               World Car 1983, 22nd Edition by the Automobile Club of Italy

SAHJ192               The World Encyclopedia of Trucks by Peter J. Davies


SAHJ108               Yesterday’s Yesteryears by Robert J. Carter

SAHJ010               Periodicals – Antique Automobile, Automobile Quarterly, Car Life, Cars & Parts, Road & Track

SAHJ012               Periodicals – Special Interest Autos

SAHJ141               Automobilia News

Chapter News

Filed by Chapter in date sequence

Australian Chapter Invite


British/UK Chapter

SAHJ054               SAHJ062               SAHJ067               SAHJ131               SAHJ132               SAHJ134                SAHJ135               SAHJ138               SAHJ139               SAHJ141               SAHJ144               SAHJ145                SAHJ148               SAHJ166               SAHJ173               SAHJ174               SAHJ197               SAHJ222                SAHJ228               SAHJ241               SAHJ249               SAHJ257               SAHJ258               SAHJ259                SAHJ261               SAHJ262               SAHJ263               SAHJ266

Birthplace of Speed Chapter

SAHJ062               SAHJ069               SAHJ072               SAHJ087

Canadian Chapter

SAHJ054               SAHJ058               SAHJ067               SAHJ068               SAHJ075               SAHJ078                SAHJ079               SAHJ103               SAHJ116

Henry M. Leland Chapter

SAHJ064               SAHJ069               SAHJ072               SAHJ087               SAHJ095               SAHJ113                SAHJ120               SAHJ141               SAHJ148               SAHJ173               SAHJ196               SAHJ211                SAHJ244               SAHJ245

Hoosier Heritage Chapter

SAHJ130               SAHJ137               SAHJ167               SAHJ173               SAHJ176               SAHJ185

International Motorsports Historical Group

SAHJ222               SAHJ234

Military Vehicle Section


Northeastern U.S. Chapter (changed to Pioneer Chapter)

SAHJ054               SAHJ056               SAHJ057

Oliver Evans Chapter

SAHJ066               SAHJ068               SAHJ069               SAHJ073

Pacific Northwest Chapter

SAHJ058               SAHJ060               SAHJ064

Pioneer Chapter (ex-Northeastern U.S. Chapter)

SAHJ059               SAHJ064               SAHJ065               SAHJ066               SAHJ067               SAHJ068                SAHJ071               SAHJ073               SAHJ075               SAHJ091               SAHJ093               SAHJ096                SAHJ102               SAHJ105               SAHJ111               SAHJ113               SAHJ117               SAHJ134                SAHJ172

SAH Racing Section

SAHJ063               SAHJ066               SAHJ068               SAHJ069

Southern California Chapter

SAHJ072               SAHJ085               SAHJ087               SAHJ088               SAHJ091               SAHJ094                SAHJ095               SAHJ101               SAHJ106               SAHJ108               SAHJ111               SAHJ114                SAHJ116               SAHJ128               SAHJ132               SAHJ137               SAHJ143               SAHJ148                SAHJ150               SAHJ155               SAHJ162               SAHJ164               SAHJ173               SAHJ175                SAHJ187               SAHJ190               SAHJ191               SAHJ193               SAHJ196               SAHJ200                SAHJ218               SAHJ221               SAHJ227               SAHJ234               SAHJ238               SAHJ244                SAHJ245               SAHJ255

Wisconsin Chapter

SAHJ062               SAHJ065               SAHJ066               SAHJ070               SAHJ073               SAHJ075                SAHJ081               SAHJ086               SAHJ090               SAHJ091               SAHJ092               SAHJ106                SAHJ110               SAHJ113               SAHJ131               SAHJ148               SAHJ173               SAHJ212

Directors Meeting Minutes, Financial Reports and Awards

Filed in date sequence

SAHJ003               November 1969 Meeting Minutes with Listing of First Members

SAHJ013               October 1970 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ021               October 1971 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ027               October 1972 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ032               October 1973 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ037               October 1974 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ042               June 1975 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ051               October 1976 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ060               October 1978 (Brief) Meeting Minutes

SAHJ061               October 1978 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ062               Financial Report 1978

SAHJ063               February 1979 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ066               October 1979 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ069               May 1980 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ072               Financial Report 1980

SAHJ073               Financial Report 1981 6-months

SAHJ074               October 1981 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ075               Financial Report 1981 9-months

SAHJ077               Financial Report 1981

SAHJ077               February 1982 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ079               Financial Report 1982 3-months

SAHJ081               Financial Report 1982 9-months

SAHJ081               October 1982 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ083               Financial Report 1982

SAHJ083               February 1983 – lacked quorum

SAHJ087               October 1983 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ089               Financial Report 1983

SAHJ090               February 1984 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ091               Financial Report 1984 3-months

SAHJ093               October 1984 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ093               Financial Report 1984 9-months

SAHJ095               February 1985 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ099               Financial Report 1985 9-months

SAHJ099               October 1985 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ101               Financial Report 1985

SAHJ101               February 1986 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ105               October 1986 Awards

SAHJ106               October 1986 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ107               Financial Report 1986

SAHJ107               February 1987 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ111               October 1987 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ113               February 1988 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ117               October 1988 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ120               Financial Report 1988

SAHJ120               April 1989 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ123               October 1989 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ125               Financial Report 1989

SAHJ125               February 1990 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ129               October 1990 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ132               Financial Report 1990

SAHJ132               April 1991 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ135               October 1991 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ137               Financial Report 1991

SAHJ137               March 1992 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ141               October 1992 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ143               April 1993 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ144               Financial Report 1992 9-months

SAHJ147               October 1993 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ147               Financial Report 1993 (Representing new fiscal year end of September 1993)

SAHJ149               April 1994 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ153               Financial Report 1994

SAHJ153               October 1994 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ156               April 1995 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ159               Financial Report 1995

SAHJ159               October 1995 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ161               February 1996 SAH in Paris I

SAHJ162               April 1996 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ165               October 1996 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ165               Financial Report 1996

SAHJ165               Auto History Conference I: Dearborn, Michigan

SAHJ167               February 1997 SAH in Paris II

SAHJ168               April 1997 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ171               Financial Report 1997

SAHJ171               October 1997 Awards

SAHJ172               October 1997 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ174               April 1998 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ177               October 1998 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ177               Financial Report 1998

SAHJ179               February 1999 SAH in Paris IV

SAHJ183               Financial Report 1999

SAHJ183               October 1999 Awards

SAHJ184               October 1999 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ185               February 2000 SAH in Paris V

SAHJ186               March 2000 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ186               Auto History Conference III: Petersen Automotive Museum (No Article, Just Images)

SAHJ189               October 2000 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ191               February 2001 SAH in Paris VI + Awards

SAHJ192               April 2001 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ195               October 2001 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ197               February 2002 SAH in Paris VII & London + Awards

SAHJ198               April 2002 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ198               Auto History Conference IV: ACD

SAHJ201               October 2002 Awards

SAHJ202               October 2002 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ203               February 2003 SAH in Paris VIII + Awards

SAHJ205               April 2003 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ207               October 2003 Awards

SAHJ208               October 2003 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ209               February 2004 SAH in Paris IX + Awards

SAHJ210               March 2004 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ210               Auto History Conference V: Dayton & Packard Museum

SAHJ213               October 2004 Awards

SAHJ214               October 2004 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ215               February 2005 SAH in Paris X + Awards

SAHJ216               April 2005 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ218               October 2005 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ221               February 2006 SAH in Paris XI + Awards

SAHJ222               April 2006 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ222               Auto History Conference VI: Studebaker National Museum

SAHJ225               October 2006 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ227               February 2007 SAH in Paris XII + Awards

SAHJ228               March 2007 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ231               October 2007 Awards

SAHJ231               February 2008 SAH in Paris XIII

SAHJ232               October 2007 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ233               February 2008 SAH in Paris XIII Awards

SAHJ234               April 2008 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ234               Auto History Conference VII: SAH in Music City

SAHJ237               October 2008 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ238               February 2009 SAH in Paris XIV + Awards

SAHJ240               April 2009 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ242               October 2009 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ244               January 2010 SAH in Paris XV + Awards

SAHJ234               Auto History Conference VIII: SAH in Tupelo

SAHJ247               April 2010 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ248               October 2010 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ248               Financial Report 2010

SAHJ250               February 2011 SAH in Paris XVI + Awards

SAHJ251               April 2011 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ253               February 2012 SAH in Paris XVI1

SAHJ253               Financial Report 2011

SAHJ254               October 2011 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ255               February 2012 SAH in Paris XVIII + Awards

SAHJ256               April 2012 Meeting Minutes

SAHJ258               October 2012 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ258               Financial Report 2012

SAHJ260               February 2013 SAH in Paris XIX + Awards

SAHJ263               Directory Notice

SAHJ266               Financial Report 2013

SAHJ266               October 2013 Meeting Minutes + Awards

SAHJ267               February 2014 SAH in Paris XIX + Awards

A Few Words From:

SAHJ165               Robert Lutz of Chrysler

SAHJ166               John Rock of Oldsmobile

SAHJ191               David Holls Interview

Histories: Auto, Individual and Corporate plus Related Historical Comment

Every attempt has been made to file in alphabetical sequence of make or topic


SAHJ154               Aero Minor, A Small Big Car by Dr. Jan Tulis

SAHJ116               Cars by Albright

SAHJ192               Alfa Romeo: The Real History of its Beginnings by Dott. Ing. Stuart Schaller

SAHJ154               Ing. Rudolf Hruska, Austrian Engineer, Father of Alfasud by Jan P. Norbye

SAHJ147               Syd’s Father’s Allard

SAHJ067               Altoona Speedway by Junior Palmer

SAHJ189               American Automobiles and Motorcycles in Czechoslovakia by Marian Duman-Hreblay

SAHJ027               The American Motor Vehicle Company

SAHJ183               The American Motor Car Industry of 1940 by Harlan E. Appelquist

SAHJ024               American Motors – an Anniversary

SAHJ108               The “American” Before the Underslung Models

SAHJ009               America’s First Automobile Company? by John Peckman

SAHJ025               America’s Forgotten Industry by David L. Lewis

SAHJ149               The AMX/3 by Patrick R. Foster

SAHJ013               The Argo – Galloway Puzzle

SAHJ022               The Argonne – Power and Speed with Economy by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ165               Zora Arkus-Duntov Remembered by E. Dean Butler

SAHJ163               Recovery of the Lost Armstrong by Dennis Wood

SAHJ098               The Art of Exaggeration by Steve Richmond

SAHJ096               The Atlantic Electric Truck by Ralph Dunwoodie

SAHJ170               Vehicles Built at Auschwitz by Albert Mroz

SAHJ038               Some Early Australian Motor Cars by Max Gregory

SAHJ107               Automotive Oddities by Arby Roe

SAHJ108               Automotive Oddities by Arby Roe

SAHJ109               Automotive Oddities by Arby Roe

SAHJ111               Automotive Oddities by Arby Roe

SAHJ115               Automotive Oddities by Arby Roe

SAHJ174               Automotive Trivia by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ175               Automotive Trivia Answers by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ152               The Automotive Press in 1969

SAHJ024               Researches on the Mystery Tracked Auto, The Autotrailer, and Other Things by R.A. Wawrzyniak


SAHJ100               The Peculiar Cars of the Backus Water Motor Company by Ralph Dunwoodie

SAHJ021               The Balboa by William J. Lewis

SAHJ126               The Disappearing Bartholomew by Fred Roe

SAHJ260               The Real Blue Train Bentley by Clare Hay

SAHJ260               Epilogue: Blues for the Blue Train Bentley by Ruben Verdes

SAHJ260               On Correcting the Record: The Case of the Blue Train Bentley & the Work of the Historian by Sabu Advani

SAHJ241               The Best Car Ever in the Universe

SAHJ045               The Birmingham by Stan Yost

SAHJ024               The Bliss Automobile by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ171               Are Car Brands Becoming More Disposable? By Steve Salmi

SAHJ243               The Brink by Allan Meyer

SAHJ246               Brinksmanship by Allan Meyer

SAHJ197               The Story of the British Car Tag by Bryan Goodman

SAHJ014               A Note About B.S.A by Maurice A. Harrison

SAHJ085               The Educated Speculation Syndrome (Bucciali) by Bill Lewis

SAHJ254               Bugatti 4WD Experiment by Charles Fawcett

SAHJ154               Bugattiana in the Pipeline

SAHJ154               Buick Honored in Abroath


SAHJ265               What’s In A Name (Cadet/Kadett) by Helen V. Hutchings

SAHJ078               Model Identification & Dating of Single Cylinder Cadillacs by Philip S. Durnka

SAHJ221               The Result of an Ad (Cadillac) by Arthur Jones

SAHJ130               Cadillac Just Before the Lelands Left by W.F. Robinson, Jr.

SAHJ025               The Cameron

SAHJ225               The California Motor-Bicycle by John Perala

SAHJ119               Early California Vehicles by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ236               California’s Electriquettes by John Perala

SAHJ190               The Most famous of All Campers by Donald F. Wood

SAHJ192               News Flash! A Canadian Invented the Automobile by Len Haffenden

SAHJ014               Canadian Mutations – Part 1 by R. Perry Zavitz

SAHJ016               Canadian Mutations – Part 2 by R. Perry Zavitz

SAHJ022               Canadian Mutations – Part 3 by R. Perry Zavitz

SAHJ030               Canadian Mutations – Update by Dave Hermanson

SAHJ167               First Cross-Canada Auto Tour by John Lorne Findlay

SAHJ166               Remember the Era Past: The End of the Fleetwood (Cadillac) by Richard Sills

SAHJ171               Car of the Year by Pete Whittier

SAHJ088               Predictions of Hugh Chalmers

SAHJ201               An American in Paris: Roy Chapin Reports on the 1922 Salon edited by D.J. Kava

SAHJ104               The Rescue & Restoration of a Very Special (Chevrolet) Corvair Super Monza

SAHJ266               Unexpected Rewards (Chevrolet Corvette) by Helen V. Hutchings

SAHJ244               The End of Checker Motors by Edwin Krampitz, Jr.

SAHJ129               The Checker Roadster by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ084               History of American Chrysler Cars in Ireland by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ058               Chrysler’s “Missing” Models by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ094               What Did Fred Really Sat to Norman (Chrysler Airflow) Ross MacLean

SAHJ221               Straight Line History (Chrysler) by Jim Schild

SAHJ164               Class Eight Trucks by D.J. Kava

SAHJ059               Cleburne Postscripts and Acknowledgements by D.J. Kava

SAHJ105               Climax and Hinde & Dauch Trucks

SAHJ209               The “Cockeyed Wonder” by Donald Paul

SAHJ092               The Coyotes of California by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ039               The Cars of Henry M. Crane by Fred D. Roe

SAHJ177               “Complete” Custom Coachwork and the Crane-Simplex by Keith Marvin

SAHJ181               Automobiles B.C. (Before Cugnot) by Charles W. Bishop

SAHJ250               Chariot Of Fire – Alain Cerf’s Cugnot Replica Wows Retromobile by Kit Foster

SAHJ150               The Culver Juveniles by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ224               Cyclecars in South Africa, 1913-21 by Michael McGowan

SAHJ262               The Short Happy Life of the Cyclecars by Anthony J. Yanik

SAHJ169               Cylinder Blocks by Jan P. Norbye


SAHJ242               My First Dutch (Daf) Car by Allan Meyer

SAHJ174               Daimler Chrysler Is Born by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ222               Daimler’s Cousins by Jerry McDermott

SAHJ084               Early Days by Whitman C. Daly

SAHJ086               Whitman C. Daly Remembers

SAHJ088               An Old-Timer Remembers (Daly) by Beverly Rae Kimes

SAHJ180               Davis: A Lead, For Those Who May Be Interested by Darwin Lumley

SAHJ164               Davis Delivery Wagon by Lawrence A. Brough

SAHJ149               The Dead Shall Be Raised by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ191               DeDion Motorette Company & Kenneth A. Skinner by Gordon Brooks

SAHJ255               Diamonds Aren’t Forever

SAHJ091               Did They or Didn’t They by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ183               They Don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To by Judy Richie and Rebecca Greiman

SAHJ174               Built Up To a Standard, Not Down To a Price (Dorris) by Ralph Atkinson

SAHJ164               Driving on the Left and Right by Jan P. Norbye & Keith Marvin

SAHJ165               More on Driving Left or Right

SAHJ202               The Duck Motorcycle by John Perala

SAHJ238               Du Pont Letter

SAHJ027               The Irrepressible Charles E. Duryea

SAHJ034               Dating Duesenberg and Rochester-Duesenberg Engines by Fred D. Roe

SAHJ070               Duesenberg II by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ166               The Fabulous Duesenberg Brothers, Iowa’s Claim to Automotive History by Peter F. Stevens

SAHJ163               The Phoenix Known as the Duesenberg by Sam Fiorani


SAHJ035               Early Experiments with the Internal Combustion Engine in the U.S. by John M. Peckham

SAHJ181               Early Experiments with the Internal Combustion Engine in the U.S. by John M. Peckham

SAHJ177               A Tribute to Frank Nichols and Elva Cars: The Little Racers from Sussex by Jeff Allison

SAHJ102               Enger: From Highwheeler to V-12


SAHJ194               Fageol’s Fadgl by John Perala

SAHJ119               The Fageol Victoria: L’Envoi by Keith Marvin

SAHJ042               Was Chrysler’s Fargo Also a Passenger Car? By G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ087               Faultless Hails from Saginaw

SAHJ072               Byways of History: The Fiat 2800 by Michael Sedgwick

SAHJ089               Another First Car? By G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ188               Miniature 1931 Napoleonic Coach Finds Permanent Home (Fisher Guild) by John L. Jacobus

SAHJ235               Flxible and Buick by Albert Mroz

SAHJ010               Ford, A preview of the Model T by R.B. Brigham

SAHJ267               Af-Ford-ing A Last Look

SAHJ135               What Did Henry (Ford) Drive?

SAHJ127               The Ford Engine Exchange Program by David L. Cole

SAHJ019               English Ford, 1947 – 1970 by Jan Eyerman

SAHJ241               What Knocked the Model T (Ford) Off Its UK Perch? By Robin Barraclough

SAHJ199               Henry Ford of Farm Tractor Fame by Max Gregory

SAHJ159               History in the Glove Compartment: 1950 and 1993 Ford Owner`s Manuals by Pete Whittier

SAHJ023               Ford Publicity by David L. Lewis

SAHJ031               Publicity and Prestige: Ford, Henry and the Automobile from 1933 to 1941 by David L. Lewis

SAHJ159               About Model T Ford Racing by Don Radbruch

SAHJ117               Rear Engine, Front Drive Car Described by Ford in Patent Specification

SAHJ176               Missing the Ride (Not a Ford Investor) by David L. Lewis

SAHJ098               Ford Versus Chevrolet, Early Thirties Survivors by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ030               Ford’s Early Market Research by David L. Lewis

SAHJ164               Yankee Town Celebrates French Auto Heritage

SAHJ082               Front Wheel Driver Pioneer by Jan P. Norbye

SAHJ183               The Funny Side of Automobiling by Peter Winnewisser


SAHJ118               Gas Engine Tricycle Revisited by David L. Cole

SAHJ203               Gentlemen, Start Your Engines by Albert Mroz

SAHJ179               ‘GM Envy’ can Distort How We Analyze the Auto Industry by Steve Salmi

SAHJ002               G. N. (The British)

SAHJ097               The Great Getaways by James Gray-Gold

SAHJ065               Additional Information on the Gorham Car by Fred Roe

SAHJ182               The Graham-Paige March by Keith Marvin

SAHJ104               The Front-Wheel Drive Gregoire

SAHJ140               Front Drive Pioneer J.A. Gregoire Dies at 93 by Jan P. Norbye

SAHJ143               Kendall’s British Gregoire by Richard Storey

SAHJ008               Grove – 1921


SAHJ196               Hayes-Hunt Update

SAHJ017               TheHenney Kilowatt by Janius Eyerman

SAHJ223               The ThreeHenrys by Jim Schild

SAHJ023               Hillman in the United States 1947 – 1956 by Janius G. Eyerman

SAHJ098               Captain Benyon’s “London-India” Motoring Record (in a Hillman Minx)

SAHJ166               TheHonda Advance in Engine Design by Max Gregory

SAHJ041               Houston cars by Stanley K. Jost

SAHJ200               The Howard: Elusive in Its Own Time by Keith Marvin

SAHJ100               The Cars of Robert C. Hupp

SAHJ104               Wants Rebate When 1910 Model’s Carburetor Gives Out (Hupp)

SAHJ066               The Hydromotor by J.H. Valentine


SAHJ124               A Question of Identity by Bill Lewis

SAHJ042               If You Don’t Have a Picture of Your Car, Use Someone Else’s by Keith Martin

SAHJ085               If You Don’t Have a Picture of Your Car, Use Someone Else’s by Keith Martin

SAHJ026               The Automobile in India by Maurice A. Harrison

SAHJ176               August 18, 1963, The Day the Dinosaurs Died (Indy) by Dean Case

SAHJ244               Too Much Information by Allan Meyer

SAHJ120               The International Motor Wheel

SAHJ024               Cars Behind the Iron Curtain by Janius Eyerman

SAHJ180               Great Vintage Italian Stuff by Griffith Borgeson

SAHJ095               The Story of the Izzer by Thomas W. Merritt, Jr.


SAHJ112               The Jackson Line for 1912

SAHJ211               James Bond Investigates the German Grand Prix Racers by Charles W. Bishop

SAHJ019               Nicholas & James Johnson’s Steam Carriage by John Peckman

SAHJ167               Edward S. Jordan: The Pioneer of American Auto Ads by Kevin P. Murphy

SAHJ103               Ned Jordan & the Golden Girl from Somewhere by Dean Whitcomb

SAHJ229               Judging Cars (a Little) Differently by Michael Bromley


SAHJ156               The Karns Kar by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ110               The Keeton for 1914

SAHJ162               Coast to Coast in a 1915 Kisselkar by Val V. Quandt

SAHJ214               Two Great Danes: Sorensen andKnudsen by Darwyn Lumley


SAHJ258               A History of the Lancia Astura Tipo 233 Corto (Short Wheelbase) Chassis 33-5313 Cabriolet Aerodynamica by Ruben Verdes

SAHJ074               Rare Lancia Bus by Jan Norbye

SAHJ230               A History of U.S. License Plates by Albert Mroz

SAHJ094               The Lima Light Car Company et al by Dr. B.L. Mundhenk

SAHJ094               Exit the Lima – Enter the Fostoria by Richard B. Brigham

SAHJ266               Cross-Country Tour Marks Lincoln Highway’s Centenial

SAHJ043               Too Little – Too Early? That’s theLittlemac by Don Paul and Stan Yost

SAHJ064               The History of the Locomobile Company of America by George C. Waldo

SAHJ173               Mystery Locomobile by Dennis David

SAHJ082               Mr. Durant’s White Elephant & the Blue Book (Locomobile) by Keith Marvin

SAHJ106               The “Long Distance” Automobile by Steve Richmond

SAHJ053               Los Angeles – The Early Years by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ054               Los Angeles – The Early Years Part II by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ058               Los Angeles – The Late Teens Part III by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ059               Los Angeles – A Tour of the ‘20s Part IV by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ155               Count Jonny Lurani – A Wonderful Life by Griffith Borgeson

SAHJ174               The Lusitania and Automotive History by Albert Mroz

SAHJ026               Friedrich Lutzmann and his Cars – Background to Opel by Jan P. Norbye


SAHJ036               The Macque Cyclecar by Max Gregory

SAHJ007               Makes Within Makes by Richard Langworth

SAHJ101               Marmon-Herrington Research in Progress by Don Chew

SAHJ138               Just In Time, I Found You (Marmon)

SAHJ133               The Marsh Front-Drive Truck, A commercial Curio by Keith Marvin

SAHJ136               The Maryland Car by Willard J. Prentice

SAHJ036               The American Mathis by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ163               Packing Uncle Tom: A Tom McCahill Sampler by Pete Whittier

SAHJ227               It Seems Like Yesterday – McCahill and His Competitors

SAHJ148               McConnell Breaks Eighty-Year-Old Record

SAHJ070               Some Clues to the Elusive Med-Bow and Medcraft by Fred Roe

SAHJ127               Rekindling Old Memories by William J. Lewis

SAHJ147               The Secret Czech Mercedes by Dr. Jan Tulis

SAHJ259               Three Mercury Comets for Life by Gene D. Dickirson

SAHJ226               History of Metallurgy in Automobile Manufacturing by Albert Mroz

SAHJ014               The Metropolitan by John A. Conde

SAHJ169               Car Spotting in Mexico by Michael MacSems

SAHJ172               Camiones Hencho De Mexico by Gary Bricken

SAHJ114               The Milac by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ171               Celebrating 100 Years of Minervas by Raymond Vaes

SAHJ224               The Mitte Special by Don Radbruch

SAHJ012               The Mohs – A modern Luxury Car from Wisconsin

SAHJ168               More on the Mohs by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ233               Modena Trackdays by Myles Kornblatt

SAHJ104               The Moosejaw Standard

SAHJ091               Did They Ever Build a Moreland Auto? By J.H. Valentine

SAHJ092               An Encounter with Watt Moreland by David W. Rice

SAHJ182               A Most Unusual Engine by Don Radbruch

SAHJ212               The Motor Bandits: Car, Crime and Philosophy by Michael Bromley

SAHJ109               A Motor Home of 1909 by Jim Valentine

SAHJ239               Motor Mates, A Novel, But Failed, Marketing Appeal to the Ladies by Edward Garten

SAHJ079               The Moyer of Syracuse by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ176               Searching for the Muir by Dennis David

SAHJ138               The 1929 Murphy Electric Delivery by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ092               That Which is Music to Some


SAHJ104               Names and Initials

SAHJ013               The Story of Nash-Healey by John A. Conde

SAHJ041               American Napier by John Conde

SAHJ042               More on the American Napier by John Conde

SAHJ090               New Cars for Old

SAHJ091               New Cars for Old – A Correction

SAHJ193               Nuremberg: A Sunday 30 Years Ago by Carlos Eduardo Jalife-Villalon

SAHJ126               The Nyberg Automobile & The Henry Nyberg Society


SAHJ107               The Oakland “Forty” 1909

SAHJ198               The Automobile Pioneers of Oakland, California by John Perala

SAHJ188               The Oil Companies: The Secret History of Engine Oil by Graham Orme-Bannister

SAHJ178               Oliver Twist by Kit Foster

SAHJ196               When R.E. Olds “Chased After Strange Electric Gods” by Donald & Kenneth McDowell

SAHJ228               Oldsmar: Ransom’s Florida Legacy by Kit Foster

SAHJ191               Oldsmobile’s Last Days: A Dealer’s Perspective

SAHJ232               An English Engineer Looks At the American Car (Maurice Olley) by Arthur Jones

SAHJ054               Oshkosh F-15: The World’s Largest Fire Truck


SAHJ109               1909 Packard ‘30’ Shows Many Improvements to 1908 Models

SAHJ175               100 Years of Packard

SAHJ022               Further Notes on the Packard Clipper by Richard M. Langworth

SAHJ172               The Last Days of Packard by George W. Green

SAHJ104               Packard’s “Request”

SAHJ142               The Fabulous Packenberg by Don Einarsen

SAHJ197               Gerald Palmer: Multi-talented, Quiet Achiever by Gavin Farmer

SAHJ044               Paragon – A Model of Perfection and Excellence by Stan K. Yost

SAHJ235               Peco Buckaroo: The Cleveland Cowboy? By Kit Foster

SAHJ037               Neither Planned nor Built: Two Pennsylvania Auto Which Never Ran by Donald J. Summar

SAHJ027               Some Surviving Pennsylvania Auto Plants

SAHJ033               A Listing of Employment for Nine Companies in Pennsylvania’s Automobile Industry, 1901-1902 by D.J. Summar

SAHJ094               The Perfex of Los Angeles by Jim Valentine

SAHJ200               The Darl’Mat Racing Peugeots by Jan P. Norbye

SAHJ193               (Pierce) “Arrows” Come Home to Buffalo

SAHJ011               The Plass Self-Propelled Vehicle – A Hoax by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ168               Truck Builders of Poland 1928-1939 by Albert Mroz

SAHJ169               Truck Builders of Poland 1945-1995 by Albert Mroz

SAHJ196               A Bold Yet Practical Vision (Powell) by Albert Mroz

SAHJ262               Power Steering, The Man Who Made It Happen by Fred Summers

SAHJ048               Predictions From Further Up the River by John M. Peckham

SAHJ038               The 1915 Premier Racing Car by Harry Pulfer

SAHJ040               Prodile or Prodal by Stanley K. Yost

SAHJ252               Promomobiles

SAHJ121               Prophesying Woe by Arthur Lee Homan

SAHJ163               Public Safety Vehicles by Kevin P. Murphy


SAHJ145               Did Queen Lilliuokalani Own an Automobile? by Keith Marvin

SAHJ150               Queen Lilliuokalani and the Automobile by Keith Marvin

SAHJ086               Several Questions by Darwyn Lumley


SAHJ165               A Method for Characterizing Automobile Races by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ116               80 Years of Speed: Racing Across New York – New York Museum

SAHJ249               The 1905 AAA National Automobile Racing Circuit & the National Motor Car Championship by H. Donald Capps

SAHJ150               Racing Improves the Brand by Elliott Kahn

SAHJ161               Return of the RAK by Jan P. Norbye

SAHJ087               The Railsbach of Saginaw, Michigan by Ronald J. Putz

SAHJ153               Ravel`s Rhapsody of the Road by Keith Marvin

SAHJ130               More on Early Registrations: Cyclecars & Others by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ134               Who Were Reiland and Bree?

SAHJ161               Fifty Years for the (Renault) 4CV by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ199               Louis Renault and His American Visitor by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ089               The Rex Light Car An Automotive Oddity

SAHJ150               The Rhodes-Ridley by A. John Parker

SAHJ058               Rolls-Royce Catalog 1910/11 A Closer Look by Charles W. Bishop

SAHJ016               A Comment on the Rolls-Royce Situation by Guy P. Seeley, Jr.

SAHJ261               Apparition In the Big Apple: Rolls-Royce Out New Wraith at New York Auto Show by Ruben Verdes

SAHJ006               Roper Steam Vehicles

SAHJ034               Roper’s Ten Machines by John M. Pecham

SAHJ131               A Rose By Any Other Name by Arthur Lee Homan

SAHJ051               Russian Trucks by R.A. Wawrzyniak

SAHJ090               Ruxton – The Kissel Connection by Walter E. Wray

SAHJ145               William Muller & the Ruxton by Val V. Quandt


SAHJ128               Saab Sonett Super Sport by Patrick R. Foster

SAHJ090               Were Any Saginaw Speedsters Ever Built?

SAHJ105               A Saga from Sandusky by Victor C. Johnson

SAHJ163               What’s A Santamayo by A.N. Wallace

SAHJ259               J. Saoutchik, The Iconic Coachbuilder Revisited by Ruben Verdes

SAHJ169               Design Guru’s Lasr Assignment was a Scania by Conny Hetting

SAHJ111               The 1908 Sayers & Scovill Truck

SAHJ148               Franco Vittorio Scaglione, Gifted Designer Dies at 76 by Griffith Borgeson

SAHJ102               Made in Hutchinson (Sellers Motor Car) by Steve Richmond

SAHJ081               Automobiles Sensaud de Lavaud by William J. Lewis

SAHJ002               Shad-Wyck & Shadburne Brothers

SAHJ093               The Shearer Steam Carriage

SAHJ096               As I Remember Mr. C.T. Silver by Burt J. Hubbard

SAHJ124               The Skoda 1100 OHC by Dr, Jan Tilus

SAHJ160               The Skoda Popular – A Brief History by Dr, Jan Tilus

SAHJ247               Josef Sodomka, Jr. by Jan Tulis

SAHJ084               Some Bad Ones by G.H. Brooks

SAHJ214               Two Great Danes: Sorensen and Knudsen by Darwyn Lumley

SAHJ171               Sound Barrier Broken On Land

SAHJ199               High Speed Pure by Ferdinand Hediger

SAHJ058               The Sphinx/DuPont by Hayden Shepley

SAHJ238               Sports Car racing at Watkins Glen by Tom Brownell

SAHJ249               Stalwart or Fossil? By Allan Meyer

SAHJ101               Steaming to a Land Speed Record by James D. Crank

SAHJ151               Brooks Stevens – Talented Designer by Val V. Quandt

SAHJ032               The Name Was Stokesbary by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ007               The Stork-Kar 4 by Richard B. Bingham

SAHJ017               The Stork-Kar, and Other Duplicates

SAHJ099               Street Sweepers, Sprinklers, Etc. by Elliott Kahn

SAHJ168               Studebaker Avanti History, The Birth of Avanti

SAHJ104               Studebaker to Sell Automobiles on Time

SAHJ212               New Arrival at Studebaker Museum Has Oriental Twist

SAHJ171               Stunning, Costly & Tailored-To-Order…But? By Keith Marvin

SAHJ051               Sturtevant, The car with Automatic Transmission in 1904.  Who Made It?

SAHJ031               Early Stutz Serial Numbers by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ182               A Short Subaru Tale by Sam Fiorani


SAHJ213               Following the Targa Floria by Patricia Lee Yongue

SAHJ261               Targa Florio Revisited, Nino Vaccarella Celebrates His 80th by Susan Davies

SAHJ113               The Tatra Super 80 V-12 & 603 Mark I by Dr. Jan Tulis

SAHJ068               Details of the Templar, Oral History “Pay Dirt” by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ158               It Comes from the Misty Ages – The 2nd Coming of the Temple-Westcott (I) by Keith Martin

SAHJ160               It Comes from the Misty Ages – The 2nd Coming of the Temple-Westcott (II) by Keith Martin

SAHJ024               Terex: GM’s Yellow-Green Giant by R. Perry Zavitz

SAHJ040               All Others Towered by Terex Titan Truck by R. Perry Zavitz

SAHJ043               Another Thomas Automobile

SAHJ144               Time Was by Charles W. Bishop

SAHJ214               Time Magazine Covers by Darwyn Lumley

SAHJ051               The Tourist from California by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ100               Fascinating Trivia by William J. Lewis

SAHJ026               The Trumbull Motor Car by George S. Clark

SAHJ220               The Turnpike Is Coming Your Way by Michael Bromley


SAHJ036               The Unique by F. Donald Butler

SAHJ033               U.S. Corporate Manufacturing Passenger cars in 1907 by Frank T. Snyder, Jr.

SAHJ050               The Utilitarian Vehicle of South-East Asia and Oceania by Max Gregory


SAHJ166               Notes on Early V8 Engines by Jan P. Norbye

SAHJ014               Some Notes on the U.S. Pre-Classic V-12s by G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ088               The Cyclecar(s) of the Valley Boat & Engine Company by Richard B. Brigham

SAHJ204               Vehicle Sales Literature in Wartime by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ024               Volkswagen Tops Model T Production Record by Guy P. Seeley

SAHJ184               Volvo’s US Car Assembly Plant by Edwin Krampitz, Jr.


SAHJ050               The Walton Special by D.J. Kava

SAHJ155               The Way It Should Have Been by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ031               Was There a Wenger? By Donald J. Summar

SAHJ250               What Makes the Makers? By Allan Meyer

SAHJ074               What They Drove in 1908 by David Brownell

SAHJ055               What’s In a Name? A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

SAHJ172               What’s on the Back of a Ten Dollar Bill? By Dennis David

SAHJ220               When Heaven Was at the Corner of Sycamore (or maple) and main by Pete Whittier

SAHJ245               When Three was Enough by Allan Meyer

SAHJ107               Who’s on First? Windshield Wipers

SAHJ108               Who’s on First? Powered Windshield Wipers & Left VS. Right-Hand-Drive

SAHJ109               Who’s on First? With Bumpers as Standard Equipment & Heaters

SAHJ110               Who’s on First? With Down-Draft Carburetors, Auto Choke % Hydraulic Valve Lifters

SAHJ111               Who’s on First? With Electric Starter

SAHJ112               Who’s on First? Packard

SAHJ114               Who’s on First? Patrol Wagon & Electric Ambulance

SAHJ024               C.T. Silver and the Willys-Overland Co.

SAHJ101               Willys-Overland in Minnesota – A Follow-up of a 1977 Article

SAHJ230               A Window on the World, The American Car Abroad by Philip C. Campbell

SAHJ096               Winton in Miniature by Walt Gosden

SAHJ187               The Echoes of World War II in the Auto Industry by Edwin Krampitz, Jr.

SAHJ218               Writing the History of Our Hobby by Jim Crabtree


SAHJ254               Editorial Z-profile

SAHJ101               Concerning the Zust Racing Car in 1908

SAHJ101               Regarding the New York to Paris Race in 1908 (Zust)

Libraries, Museums & Societies

Filed in date sequence

SAHJ023               The Milestone Society

SAHJ048               What’s Going On at the NAHC of the DPL

SAHJ090               Nine SAH Members Help Detroit Library Earn $80,000

SAHJ092               The French National Automotive Centennial

SAHJ107               The British Motor Racing Historical Society

SAHJ107               The Italian Association for the History of the Automobile

SAHJ121               Museums – The Henry Ford, Massachusetts, San Diego, Indianapolis

SAHJ124               Los Angeles Museum of Natural History & Collier Automotive Museum

SAHJ125               Smithsonian Seeking Racing Cars

SAHJ126               Studebaker National Museum

SAHJ128               Fondation De L’Automobile Marius Berleit

SAHJ128               Peugeot Museum

SAHJ129               The Automobile in Milan

SAHJ130               Autoworld Brussels

SAHJ133               Smithsonian Exhibits Indy

SAHJ136               Behring Museum

SAHJ137               Smithsonian Acquires Miller “91”

SAHJ139               BP Archives Moving to U. of Warwick

SAHJ149               Reynolds-Alberta Museum Lands a Duesie

SAHJ149               Berliet Foundation Highlights Centenary

SAHJ152               A-C-D Museum Receives Grant for Hoosier Display

SAHJ154               Significant Items to Add to Oldsmobile Collection Each Model Year

SAHJ155               SAH`s Italian Counterpart

SAHJ155               GM Opens Media Archives

SAHJ157               Horseless Carriage Foundation Library Moves

SAHJ158               Horseless Carriage Foundation Library Reopens

SAHJ162               Horseless Carriage Foundation Library Move Completed

SAHJ163               End of Schlumpf Litigation

SAHJ166               Chrysler Museum to Open

SAHJ168               A-C-D Museum Special Exhibit

SAHJ169               Spanish Auto History Foundation

SAHJ169               Historic Engineering Drawings Computerized Restoration in the Alfa Romeo Archives

SAHJ170               AHF (Automotive Hall of Fame) Opens in Dearborn

SAHJ172               International Ford History Project Formed

SAHJ182               Chrysler Museum Opens

SAHJ185               Oldsmobile/GM Heritage Center Opens in Lansing

SAHJ187               Freeman Heads Anderson Museum

SAHJ190               Duryea Transportation Society Museum

SAHJ190               Japanese History Discovered Online

SAHJ191               New Additions to the Scharchburg Archives

SAHJ191               Going Home to Mother

SAHJ200               The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust

SAHJ201               Weeber Collection at New York State Museum

SAHJ202               Classic Car Club Museum Receives Judkins Archives

SAHJ203               Report on the SAH Library

SAHJ207               SAH Acquires Dunwoodie Archives

SAHJ211               Dunwoodie Archives Placed at AACA Library

SAHJ214               Cerf to Exhibit Cugnot Fardier

SAHJ214               New Museum Addition (National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum)

SAHJ215               Douglas Pappas Collection

SAHJ215               Speed, Style and Beauty at Boston’s MFA

SAHJ218               New Museum Exhibit (Hanomag 2/10PS)

SAHJ226               German Auto Sights (and Museums)

SAHJ230               Mercedes Symposium

SAHJ231               Studebaker National Museum Opens Archive Center

SAHJ235               Important Automotive History Collection Given to the University of Windsor

SAHJ239               SAH Receives Kimes Archives – Driving History (by Dennis David) to A-C-D Museum

SAHJ239               SAH Adopts Policy on Archives and Collections

SAHJ241               Nethercutt Accepts Tribute to MacMinn

SAHJ247               Museum Piece

SAHJ250               Ludvigsen Library Finds Home at Collier Collection (Revs Institute)

SAHJ255               Pilgrimage to Alsace

SAHJ257               Deposito Del Automovil, Havana, Cuba

SAHJ259               The Henry Ford Research Resource

SAHJ261               2013 FBCG (Fisher) Reunion, Model Car Exhibition & Competition

SAHJ262               The Australian Motorlife Museum by Chris Martin

SAHJ264               A Visit to Caapy, Poissy, France by Robert Barr

Magazines and Book listing

Filed in date sequence

SAHJ002               “A” Listing

SAHJ046               SAH Library Catalog – Suggested reading

SAHJ059               International Directory of Automotive Literature Collectors

SAHJ066               The UHV Automobilist

SAHJ088               The Automobile

SAHJ101               Motor Press Newsletter

SAHJ121               Automobilia Publications

SAHJ129               Automotive & Truck History

SAHJ134               Journal of Transport History

SAHJ135               Audi History Available

SAHJ137               Books & Journals of Interest

SAHJ138               Crestline Publishing Acquired by Motorbooks

SAHJ143               Warth Publishes New (Book) Value Guide

SAHJ152               Transcontinental Booklets

SAHJ162               Volvo’s USA 40th

SAHJ163               Prewar Datsun History Published

SAHJ163               New French Auto History Magazine

SAHJ165               Stutz Book Published

SAHJ165               Horseless Carriage Gazette Published

SAHJ170               AutoClassic Launched in Hungary

SAHJ183               Packard History Will Be Televised

SAHJ191               Tell-All Tome – GM Published History Includes Company’s Woes by Bill Pelfrey reviewed by  Rick Haglund

SAHJ194               Royal Cars in Holland

SAHJ196               New Book on Norwegian Coachbuilders

SAHJ196               New Book on Frank Curtis

SAHJ198               Just Out – AMX Photo Archive

SAHJ202               Recently Out – Small car Racing, Cars in Queensland

SAHJ203               Recently Out – Monte Carlo Rally

SAHJ205               Suman-Hreblay Publishes Coachbuilder Dictionary

SAHJ205               German Auto manufacturers Where Have They Gone

SAHJ209               Just Out – Stanley Steamer

SAHJ210               Just Out – Jewett, AMC Cars

SAHJ212               Just Out – Krause Auto Collection

SAHJ215               Just Out – John Walter Christie

SAHJ216               Just Out – Model T Racers

SAHJ218               Just Out – Eight-cylinders

SAHJ220               Just Out – World of Cars

SAHJ222               Just Out – Model A Ford

SAHJ225               Yesterday: Inquiring Minds Want To Know, 1953-1958

SAHJ227               Special Use Vehicles Reprinted

SAHJ229               Just Out – Auto Mechanics

SAHJ229               Nearly Out – Iowa’s Automobiles

SAHJ229               New Publisher – Racemaker Press

SAHJ230               Just Out – Hall-Scott

SAHJ236               Now Available – Motorsport

SAHJ253               From the Membership (Youthful Books)

SAHJ256               These Kids Today


Filed in date sequence

SAHJ001               How It All Began

SAHJ001               Restatement of Purpose

SAHJ001               House Organs – part 1

SAHJ002               House Organs – part 2

SAHJ013               Looking Ahead, with a Glance at the Rear-View Mirror – First year of SAH

SAHJ051               Honorary Memberships – Jerry E. Gebby & Raymond A. Woolff

SAHJ064               Honorary Membership – Wallace S. Huffman

SAHJ064               Manufacturer Prototype and Scale Models by Walt Gosden

SAHJ074               Scripps-Booth Registry established

SAHJ089               Bill Tuthill Honored

SAHJ090               Former Governor will Head Fundraising Drive for Harrah Cars

SAHJ106               Motoring Artist Wins major Award at Unique Sporting Event

SAHJ122               The Origins of the Society, Reflections on Our Past, The Way We Were

SAHJ124               The Missing Catalogue Page or The Fun of the Pursuit by Matthew C. Sonfield

SAHJ127               Page Nineteen Discovered (see The Missing Catalogue Page… above)

SAHJ138               Tourist Factory Burns

SAHJ138               Reese Monument Dedicated

SAHJ152               SAH 25th Anniversary – Past Presidents, Editors and a tribute to Richard B. Brigham & G. Marshall Naul

SAHJ155               A Tribute to Richard Bevier Brigham (1907-1995)

SAHJ 160              News From Europe by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ161               More on Estate Planning

SAHJ167               Worthington-Williams Wins Prince Henry Trophy

SAHJ170               SAH Journal Gets a Golden Quill

SAHJ174               SAH Journal Gets Another Golden Quill

SAHJ181               SAH Journal Gets Another Golden Quill (Editorial Comment)

SAHJ182               A Chronology of Significant Events in SAH History

SAHJ182               SAH President and Editor History

SAHJ185               SAH Tops 900 (Members)

SAHJ185               SAH Website Begins February 2000

SAHJ187               SAH Friends Named Honorary Members

SAHJ187               SAH Journal Gets Another Golden Quill (They Really Like Us!)

SAHJ187               “Carlore”: An Elaboration of My 1999 Solicitation by Michael Bell

SAHJ200               Thomas Fairchild Awarded Jan Leno Scholarship

SAHJ200               Setting the Record Straight

SAHJ208               What’s Going to Happen to Your Collection When You Die? By Michael Lamm

SAHJ220               Kimes Is Recipient of IAMA Lifetime Achievement Award


Filed in alphabetical sequence of surname


SAHJ204               Stuart B. Abraham, 1916-2003

SAHJ162               Zora Arkus-Duntov, 1909-1996

SAHJ025               Alvin J. Arnheim, 1906-1972 by Keith Marvin


SAHJ123               Eugene H. Babow, -1989

SAHJ175               David Babb

SAHJ257               L. Scott Bailey, -2012

SAHJ254               Tony Beadle, 1943-2012

SAHJ143               George T Beatie,

SAHJ078               J.W. “Bill” Beggs, -1982

SAHJ116               Harry M. Bennett, 1910-1988

SAHJ221               Vale Errol Archie Bentel, 1937-2005

SAHJ019               W.O. Bentley, 1888 – 1971

SAHJ258               Paul Berliet, 1918-2012

SAHJ167               Giuseppe “Nuccio” Bertone, 1914-1997

SAHJ169               Charles L. Betts, Jr., 1908-1997

SAHJ211               Charles W. Bishop, 1909-2000

SAHJ215               Peter Blair-Richley, 1920-2004

SAHJ233               John Blatchley, 1913-2008

SAHJ128               John R. Bond, 1913-1990

SAHJ236               Thomas E. Bonsall, 1947-2008

SAHJ170               Griffith Borgeson, 1918-1997

SAHJ070               James J. Bradley, -1980

SAHJ194               Robert Braunschweig, 1914-2001

SAHJ243               Grace Brigham, 1909-2009

SAHJ157               Richard Brigham, 1907-1995

SAHJ191               Arch Brown, 1920-2001

SAHJ261               Roy Brown, Jr.,  1917-2013

SAHJ240               Thomas Heath Brownell, 1941-2009

SAHJ132               F. Donald Butler, 1912-1991


SAHJ167               William T. Cameron, 1904-1997

SAHJ176               Carl Chakmakian, 1922-1998

SAHJ194               Roy D. Chapin, Jr., 1915-2001

SAHJ177               Philippe Charbonneaux, 1917-1998

SAHJ174               Ashley Clark, 1916-1998

SAHJ136               Henry Austin Clark, -1991

SAHJ243               William B. Close, 1930-2009

SAHJ009               Joseph Floyd Clymer, 1895-1970 by Harry Pulfer

SAHJ133               Jeffrey Conde, 1945-1991

SAHJ240               John A. Conde, 1918-2008

SAHJ190               John Cooper, 1923-2000

SAHJ237               Donald W. Cowbourne, 1924-2008

SAHJ228               H. Bartholomew Cox, 1937-2007

SAHJ242               Frederick W. Crismon, 1936-2009

SAHJ206               Briggs Swift Cunningham II, 1907-2003


SAHJ214               W.J. “Jack” Daniels, 1912-2004

SAHJ167               Mark Lloyd Dees, 1933-1996

SAHJ216               John Zachary DeLorean, 1925-2003

SAHJ189               Bill Devin, 1915-2000

SAHJ161               Francesco de Virgilio, 1911-1995

SAHJ231               Dorothy Dean, 1922-2007

SAHJ117               A.B. Innes Dick, -1988

SAHJ216               Neal Donavan, 1918-2004

SAHJ224               Menno Duerksen, 1916-2005

SAHJ189               John Dugdale, 1914-2000

SAHJ158               Philip S. Dumka, -1995

SAHJ258               Terry B. Dunham, 1940-2012

SAHJ205               Ralph H. Dunwoodie, 1924-2003

SAHJ066               Hugh Durnford, 1931-1979

SAHJ027               Grace L. Duryea, 1892-1972 (daughter of Charles E. Duryea)


SAHJ215               Helen J. Earley, 1917-2005

SAHJ197               Manfred W. “Terry” Ehrich III, 1941-2002


SAHJ171               Paul Farago, 1912-1997

SAHJ058               Dennis Cromwell Field, 1915-1978

SAHJ180               Bill Fisher, 1926-1999

SAHJ133               Sam Flint, -1991

SAHJ172               Gertrude B. Foster, 1920-1997

SAHJ180               Philip W. Foster, 1910-1999

SAHJ234               Paul Frére, 1917-2008

SAHJ073               Michael Frostick, -1981

SAHJ019               Joseph W. Frazer, 1892 – 1971

SAHJ190               Bill Frick, 1916-2000


SAHJ118               Donat A. Gauthier, -1988

SAHJ121               Jerry F. Gebby, -1989

SAHJ162               Dante Giacosa, 1905-1996

SAHJ174               Jeff Gilles, 1950-1998

SAHJ102               Henri Girod-Eymery, 1912-1986

SAHJ122               William Gottschalk, -1989

SAHJ172               Robert J. Gray, 1930-1997

SAHJ021               William Murray (Bill) Gray, 1890 – 1971 by R. Perry Zavitz

SAHJ202               E.T. “Bob” Gregoire, 1908-2002

SAHJ140               J.A. Gregoire, 1899-1992

SAHJ185               Charles Griffin, 1918-1999


SAHJ179               Stefan Habsburg-Lothringen, 1932-1998

SAHJ227               Walter R. Haessner, 1935-2006

SAHJ213               Asa E. Hall, 1942-2004

SAHJ210               Robert M. Hall III, 1947-2004

SAHJ059               William Fisk Harrah,

SAHJ096               James E. Harrigan, -1985

SAHJ074               Maurice A. J. Harrison -1981

SAHJ103               Sir Laurence Hartnett, 1899-1986

SAHJ190               Warren Hastings, 1940-2000

SAHJ114               Peter Helck, 1893-1988

SAHJ202               Leslie R. Henry, 1913-2002

SAHJ172               Franklin Quick Hershey, 1907-1997

SAHJ065               Van Wyk Hewlett, 1890-1979

SAHJ224               James Hoggatt, Jr., 1916-2006

SAHJ211               H. Judson Holcombe, 1930-2004

SAHJ187               David R. Holls, 1931-2000

SAHJ209               Arthur Lee Homan, 1907-2003


SAHJ215               Elizabeth Janeway, 1913-2005

SAHJ148               Mme Elizabeth Junek, -1994


SAHJ240               Vladimir M. Kabes, Jr., 1918-2009

SAHJ156               Mildred Kahn, -1995

SAHJ208               Joseph H. Karshner, 1914-2003

SAHJ203               Raymond A. Katzell, 1919-2003

SAHJ164               Grace Perin Kimes, -1996

SAHJ235               Beverly Rae Kimes, 1939-2008

SAHJ186               Frank W. King

SAHJ229               E. Anne Klein, 1931-2007

SAHJ131               Kenneth A. Knauk, -1990

SAHJ175               Semon E. “Bunkie” Knudsen, 1913-1998

SAHJ198               Lee Kollins, 1928-2002

SAHJ208               Michael J. Kollins, 1912-2003

SAHJ171               Ludwig Kraus, 1911-1997


SAHJ176               Henry Lauve, 1910-1998

SAHJ177               Henry deSegur Lauve, 1910-1998

SAHJ138               Bruce R. Ledingham, -1992

SAHJ197               JoAnn Wright Lehmkuhler, -2001

SAHJ197               Larry J. Lehmkuhler, 1945-2001

SAHJ197               Richard (Rick) Lenz, 1932-2002

SAHJ172               Peter Letourneau, 1950-1997

SAHJ044               Alfred S. Lewerenz, -1975

SAHJ168               Franco Lini, 1923-1996

SAHJ168               Helene Lini, 1920-1996

SAHJ104               Raymond Loewy, 1894-1986


SAHJ198               Bill Mason, 1915-2002

SAHJ194               Henry Walter Mathis, 1916-2001

SAHJ064               M.H. McCallum, -1979

SAHJ102               Rose H. MacIlvain, -1986

SAHJ176               Walter Orson MacIlvain, 1909-1998

SAHJ161               Clare MacKichan, 1918-1996

SAHJ157               Duane O. MacKie, -1995

SAHJ022               Robert Samuel McLaughlin, 1872 – 1972

SAHJ173               Stother MacMinn, 1918-1998

SAHJ263               Josh Malks, 1935-2013

SAHJ241               Keith Marvin, 1924-2009

SAHJ206               Karen Christine Miller, 1945-2003

SAHJ216               Rodney S. Miller, 1955-2005

SAHJ212               Merle “Mickey” Mishne, 1931-2004

SAHJ176               Peter Monteverdi, 1934-1998

SAHJ207               Peter Morgan, 1919-2003

SAHJ174               Donald T. Mullaney, 1931-1998


SAHJ214               J.B. Nethercutt, 1913-2004

SAHJ202               Harry Newton, 1929-2002

SAHJ204               Jan P. Norbye, 1931-2003

SAHJ198               Margaret Norbye, 1935-2002


SAHJ194               Smith Hempstone Oliver, 1912-2001

SAHJ 206              Genevieve Obert, 1959-2003

SAHJ169               Werner Oswald, 1920-1996


SAHJ231               Wally Parks, 1913-2007

SAHJ193               John M. Peckham, 1931-2001

SAHJ179               James F. Petrik, 1920-1998

SAHJ132               Ledyard Hale Pfund, -1991

SAHJ058               Hugo Pfau, -1978

SAHJ173               Ferry Porsche, 1909-1998

SAHJ156               Dr. Ralph B. Price, -1995

SAHJ132               C. McCord Purdy, -1991

SAHJ026               Ken W. Purdy, 1913-1972


SAHJ088               Alice Huyler Ramsey, 1887-1983

SAHJ260               Phil Remington, -2013

SAHJ214               Gail K. Renner, 1924-2004

SAHJ187               Andre Rheault, 1928-2000

SAHJ194               John T. Robinson, 1930-2001

SAHJ167               Walter F. Robinson, Jr., 1917-1996

SAHJ186               Barbara Roe, -2000

SAHJ243               Frederick D. Roe, 1921-2009

SAHJ157               George Romney, -1995

SAHJ191               Edward Roth, 1931-2001

SAHJ243               Adrian Ryan, 1942-2009


SAHJ175               Ansel Sackett, 1920-1998

SAHJ148               Franco Vittorio Scaglione, 1916-1994

SAHJ186               Richard P. Scharchburg, 1932-2000

SAHJ187               Richard P. Scharchburg, 1932-2000

SAHJ191               James Schefter, 1940-2001

SAHJ227               Reverend Robert Scoon, 1927-2006

SAHJ177               Myron E. Scott, 1907-1998

SAHJ087               Michael Sedgwick, 1926-1983

SAHJ088               Michael Sedgwick, 1926-1983

SAHJ220               LJK Setright, 1931-2005

SAHJ257               Robert D. Shaffner, 1937-2012

SAHJ242               Hayden R. Shepley, 1922-2009

SAHJ171               Larry Shinoda, 1930-1997

SAHJ252               John Martin Smith, -2011

SAHJ044               Frank T. Snyder, Jr. -1975

SAHJ222               Thomas T. Solley, 1924-2006

SAHJ154               Brooks Stevens, 1912-1995

SAHJ164               Richard H. Stout, 1920-1996

SAHJ130               Donald J. Summar, -1990

SAHJ148               Grover Swank, -1993

SAHJ188               William E. Swigart, Jr., 1915-2000


SAHJ213               W. Dorwin Teague, 1910-2004

SAHJ263               Bill Tilden, 1935-2013

SAHJ179               Lorin Tryon, 1927-1999


SAHJ102               Alec Ulmann, 1904-1986


SAHJ172               James H. Valentine, 1931-1997

SAHJ157               Thomas J. Vastine, -1995

SAHJ242               Z. Taylor Vinson, 1933-2009


SAHJ170               J. Richard Wager, 1920-1997

SAHJ064               Edward E. Watson, Jr., 1917-1979

SAHJ201               Nolan White, 1931-2002

SAHJ130               Thurston Williams, -1990

SAHJ205               Donald F. Wood, 1935-2003

SAHJ162               Raymond M. Wood, 1916-1996

SAHJ133               Raymond A. Woolff, -1991

SAHJ184               Nicky Wright, -2000


SAHJ192               Smokey Yunik, 1924-2001


SAHJ160               Louise Zavitz, -c1996

Production/Registration Numbers/Statistics/Factory & Brand Timelines

Filed in date sequence

SAHJ005               1929 USA for the Record

SAHJ007               1908 – 1932 Canadian Ford Production

SAHJ077               1920/1929 US Registrations

SAHJ094               1951 US & Global Production

SAHJ102               World Motor Vehicle Data

SAHJ139               Cadillac Single Cylinder Registry Formed

SAHJ141               What Vermonters Drove in 1918 by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ144               North Dakota Registrations in 1921 by Carl F.W. Larson

SAHJ147               Velie Register Formed

SAHJ149               1912-1913 Georgia Registrations by Jack G. Thomas

SAHJ157               Oldest Model Names Come to Ends

SAHJ157               White & Autocar Disappear

SAHJ157               The Oldest Dealership

SAHJ157               North Dakota Registrations 1911-1914 by Carl E.W. Larson

SAHJ158               Nebraska Auto-Registration Figures for 1905-07 by Curt McConnell

SAHJ158               DuPont Plant Sold

SAHJ158               The Oldest Dealership

SAHJ160               Some 1905 Connecticut Motor Vehicle Registrations by J.H. Valentine

SAHJ162               Old Auto Plant to be Demolished (Ford)

SAHJ163               Cumberland’s Kelly-Springfield Tire Plant to be Demolished

SAHJ165               Ford Produces 250,000,000th

SAHJ165               GM Ends an Era – 1996 Move to the Renaissance Center

SAHJ165               Lotus Changes Hands

SAHJ167               Plug Pulled on the Ford Thunderbird

SAHJ167               Another American Brand Bites the Dust (Geo)

SAHJ169               Marmon Production Comes to an End

SAHJ169               Jaguar Brings an End to V12 Production

SAHJ169               Bugatti Goes on the Block

SAHJ170               Edsel’s Birthday Remembered

SAHJ170               Cars and Trucks of Japan by Brooks Bierley

SAHJ170               Ford Thunderbird, Cougar, Probe and Aerostar Are Gone

SAHJ171               Sterling Truck is Reborn

SAHJ171               Rolls-Royce Up For Sale

SAHJ171               Maybach to Make a Return

SAHJ173               Rolls-Royce Gets German Power (and Owner?)

SAHJ173               Lincoln-Mercury Heads West

SAHJ173               Historical Note – Eagle Brand Ends

SAHJ174               Leyland Trucks Join Paccar

SAHJ174               Rolls-Royce Gets a German Owner, But Which One?

SAHJ175               Volkswagen’s Deep Pockets (RR & Bentley acquisition?)

SAHJ175               1908 Minnesota Automotive Registry by B. Mitchell Carlson

SAHJ176               Timken to Celebrate Centennial in 1999

SAHJ176               Tatra Ceases Car Production

SAHJ177               Three Old Car Names End Production  (88, Cutlass, Riviera)

SAHJ179               Ford Buys a Volvo

SAHJ180               Cadillac Admits an Error

SAHJ180               Renault Helps Out Nissan

SAHJ180               Packard’s Stay of Execution (Plant)

SAHJ180               History As It Happens (Buick Flint Closure) by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ181               Another Model Bites the Dust (Olds 88)

SAHJ182               Cadillac Changes Its Logo

SAHJ182               Dodge Returns To Racing

SAHJ182               Is Plymouth History?

SAHJ182               Fifty Years of VW In the US

SAHJ182               Volvo and Mitsubishi  Link on Trucks

SAHJ184               Avanti to Return, Part IV

SAHJ184               Ready the Gavel (Daewoo)

SAHJ185               BMW Parts With Rover

SAHJ186               General Motors To Be Sold?

SAHJ186               Daimler Chrysler Buys Into Mitsubishi

SAHJ186               Changes and More Changes (Volvo, Rover)

SAHJ187               Daimler Chrysler Goes for Big Game

SAHJ187               Last British (Ford) Escort

SAHJ188               More Rover News

SAHJ188               The Packard Factory Is Saved

SAHJ188               Packard Goes Up for Bids

SAHJ189               Cunningham Is Coming Back, Maybe; Chrysler Is Struggling Again, Definitely

SAHJ190               You Won’t Have Oldsmobile to Kick Around Any Longer

SAHJ191               Erskine Register

SAHJ192               First Woman To Lead the Pack at Indy

SAHJ192               Last Ever Oldsmobile To Win the Indy 500

SAHJ193               Last Plymouth Rolls Off Assembly Line

SAHJ193               One of GM’s Birthrights Faces the Wrecking Ball – and Flint Approves

SAHJ195               Austin-Healey Celebrates 50 Years in 2002

SAHJ196               Limousine Body Plant Destroyed

SAHJ205               Top 19 Fords of the Last 100 Years: A Readers’ Poll

SAHJ209               Daimler (1896-2002) by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ210               Requiem for Oldsmobile – April 29, 2004

SAHJ222               Legendary L.A. Packard Building Reopens

SAHJ229               Dodge Brothers Marker to Be Dedicated at Hamtramck


Filed in date sequence

SAHJ143               Amsterdam’s Auto Rai

SAHJ169               French Industry Exhibit

SAHJ169               Steam Car Festival of the Century

SAHJ170               Beaulieu, Bournemouth Schedule Second History Symposium

SAHJ171               English Motoring History Conference to be Held

SAHJ174               1998 Detroit Auto Show by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ174               1998 New York Show by Gregg D. Merksamer

SAHJ178               North American International Auto Show; Detroit 1999 by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ179               SAH At Retromobile Berliet Foundation ‘99

SAHJ185               SAH At Retromobile Berliet Foundation 2000 by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ185               North American International Auto Show; Detroit 2000 by Taylor Vinson

SAHJ186               New York International Auto Show 2000 by Sam Fiorani

SAHJ191               Retromobile XXVI by Kit Foster

SAHJ203               Retromobile 2003 SAH In Paris

SAHJ210               From Our Man at the New York Auto Show

SAHJ215               SAH X and Retromobile XXX Are Just Super

SAHJ216               New York’s 2005International Auto Show Emphasizes Performance & Practicality

SAHJ221               Retromobile 2006 In Paris

SAHJ244               Retromobile XXXV 2010 In Paris

SAHJ250               Retromobile XXXVI 2011 In Paris

SAHJ255               Retromobile XXXVII 2012 In Paris

SAHJ260               Retromobile XXXVIII 2013 In Paris

SAHJ267               Retromobile XXXIX 2014 In Paris