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The links below take you to two different categories of images, BUT only ONE category may be copied subject to the listed terms and conditions to the right

  1. High Resolution Photographs Contributed by Members – Through the generosity of fellow members, we provide limited access to high resolution images. The furnishing of these photographs aims to provide a source of images for SAH authors without the drawn out process of gaining permission to use such images.  Members are encouraged to contribute their photographs as well as the shared copyright to such images, mind such that SAH can offer this service to members.  In allowing SAH access to private photographs, the member grants equal title to SAH of the copyright to such images.
  2. Brochure Images Provided by Links to Outside Websites Not Affiliated to SAH – These links take you to BROCHURE images of other websites.  Any links can be found below the photos of each Brand.  The Society is NOT affiliated in any way with these brochure websites and simply provides a convenient link for its members to use these brochures for research purposes.


For High Resolution Photos click the Brand Name or under Miscellaneous for lesser known makes Brochures Links are Below the Thumbnails of Photos and are NOT to be copied

Please Note:  Because these High Resolution Photos are large, they take a long time to load and may time-out with an error message.  

Keep trying as they eventually load. 

Members Who Agree to Share their Photographs

Anyone who uploads any photography to this SAH site, in so doing, warrants that they are conferring equal title of these photographs to SAH in their capacity as the photographer and/or have sole rights of ownership such that nobody else can claim the same title.

In the event that a member wishes to subsequently withdraw their images from this site, they understand that that earlier copying may have occurred for books not yet published and as such the copying privileges are not immediately withdrawn when images are removed from this site.

Members Who Copy Images From This Website Page

Permission to use this photography is granted ONLY to SAH members in good standing as the prime author of a book or its publisher subject to the following terms:

SAH and the member donating these photographs as the joint copyright holder need to be identified in the immediate vicinity of the image, rather than in an appendix at the back or elsewhere in the book, for each and every image.  An example acknowledgement of title is as follows:

© Society of Automotive Historians and Louis F. Fourie.

This permission is NOT granted if the publication can become freely available over the internet.  If in a fee charging e-book format, every effort has to be taken to watermark such an image to prevent pirating of copies.

Finally it is understood that at all times these images are used in a professional manner respectful of automotive history and in this manner provide exposure for SAH whenever an SAH sourced image is used in a book.