Paid up SAH members have access to the “Member’s Library” Section of our website once you have established electronic contact with our membership service provider Cornerstone Registrations.

Guide to Create An Online Account For Paid-Up SAH Members

Scroll down to the next section for a Guide on How to Log In

Step 1 – Go to the home page and scroll down until you see the login image. Underneath that image will be a link “Create a new Online Account Here”. Click that link and follow it to the next page. 

Step 2 – Fill in the boxes to the form. Use your current SAH Membership number in the first box. Fill in each box with your information. Make note of you username and password so you can log in, in the future. Choose a security question that you can remember the answer to. Once everything is filled out, click the “Submit” button at the bottom. 

Step 3 – After completing the form and clicking “Submit” you will be brought to the page below. You will then need to login with the information you just created. 


You will gain access to the Following:

SAH Journal – View issues of The Journal
 – An index can be found here
Automotive History Review – View issues of The Review
 – An index can be found here
Archives – View Past issues of The Journal and Review
Photos and Images – View photographs from various museums, car shows and other such meets in North America, Europe, Australia and Africa.
Self-Publishing Guide – A guide for the beginner.
Unpublished Manuscripts – A selection of various articles and stories.
Member Directory – access member names and those who share a common interest or live in a given area.

Guide to Log In

Step 1 – Click the log in button on the main page or select it from the drop down menu at the top of the website. 

Step 2 – Fill in your log in information and click the login information. If you do not have a username see the section above “Guide to create an online account for paid up SAH Members”

Access To Member's Library

After logging in, you will be redirected to your account information. You can add more information here or correct any wrong information on this page.

From here you can search for:
 –  Member’s Library where you can find our publications, photos and other files of interest.

 –  SAH members, seek others who share a common interest, membership cards, etc.  See below for further details.

Access To Search Members

Identifying a member or their interests or area of residence can be done by typing in the a name, topic of interest or State/Town, respectively, into the appropriate field.

Step 1 – After logging into the members section. Click on the Search Members tab located in the menu bar.

Step 2 – You can search members from a variety of criteria:
 – Member Name
 – City
 – State (Use abbreviation)
 – Area of interest

You can search only one of these or fill in any combination to narrow your search.