The Society of Automotive Historians

Pioneer Chapter

The Revival of a Decades Old Chapter with New Objectives

The Pioneer Chapter dates back to the early days of the SAH when members Henry Austin Clark, Jr., Beverly Rae Kimes, Z. Taylor Vinson, Walter E. Gosden, John Montville, Keith Marvin and others would gather for meetings. In the past few years the Chapter has become inactive, but it’s revival is being discussed by like-minded members interested in the growing efforts of various institutions and entities to digitize more and more of their collections, and the ways these collections are searchable and available for research.

A revived Pioneer Chapter would not become a digital archive in itself; instead, the aim is to assemble and maintain an index of the institutions that are doing this work, and the material that is being digitized. As this work progresses, the index would support researchers by indicating where information can be found and how to access it.

Our activities, so far, have taken the form of periodic emails and Zoom calls. Participants include Bob Barr, Dean Case (SAE), Louis Fourie, Walt Gosden, Helen Hutchings, Bob Schmitt, Rubén Verdés, Jim Volgarino, and Dave Wolin.

As we get started… you’re invited! Invited to help lend a hand… to help index a world of resources… and much more. We see this as an ongoing project which will be sustained from generation to generation of SAH members. And, to add fuel to our tank, we will not limit our efforts to institutions and entities which are digitalizing; in time we hope to also index collections pertinent to our interests which have not been digitalized.

Our point of contact is SAH VP Bob Barr at

Please send Bob basic information about libraries and archives you are familiar with; the name of the institution, street address, website address, etc.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome – even words of support – we believe this is a worthwhile endeavor and would like to hear if you feel the same. Thank you!