Society of
Automotive Historians

2019 WSAH Spring Meeting

Eighteen members and one guest attended the WSAH Annual Spring Meeting held at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford on April 13, 2019. The Wisconsin Region of the Studebaker Drivers Club also held a meeting at the museum on the same day. The annual donation by the WSAH to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum was approved. The $1,000 donation will be used by the museum as it sees fit. President Ken Nimocks announced that a large Automobile Quarterly collection may be donated to the WSAH by the family of the late Richard Roubal (this donation to the chapter has since occurred). New member Ralph Kalal talked about his website There was extensive discussion about filling the position of Newsletter/Editor, which will soon be  vacated by member Dave Tesch. Members Ken Nimocks, Jim Morris, Dave Tesch and Don Gullikson are scheduled to attend the April 17 planning meeting for the Iola Car Show. The theme tent will likely be eliminated and more cars will be displayed in the adjacent building used last year.


The Wisconsin Automotive Museum recently acquired the only known surviving Badger automobile. The Badger was manufactured in Columbus, WI from 1910 to 1912. Photos courtesy of Museum Director Dawn Bondhus Mueller.