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Automotive Historians Australia (AHA) was founded in Melbourne in 2015 to promote the understanding and enjoyment of automotive history by promoting scholarly research, education, archival collection and the dissemination of knowledge though publications, discussions and events. 

The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain (SAHB) was originally established in 1980 as a Chapter of the Society of Automotive Historians. The SAHB became an entirely independent organization in 2015-2016. The principal purpose of the SAHB is to encourage research, preservation, recording, compilation, and publication of historic facts concerning the development of the automobile and related items, from its inception to the present day, throughout the world.

The Patrimoine & Histoire de l’Automobile en France, or the Heritage and History of the Automobile in France (PHAF), was founded in 2018 to bring together historians and enthusiasts interested in the history of the automobile in France, to promote research on the history of the automobile and its associated activities, promote exchanges and mutual aid between historians and researchers, publish research work, and save archives and make them available to historians and researchers.

The Automobilhistorische Gesellschaft e. V. or The Association of Automotive Historians in Germany (AHG) is an association of experts who research and publish in the field of automotive history. Historians, publicists, technicians, lecturers, chroniclers, archivists, museum operators, curators and private collectors are represented in the AHG. The AHG is supported exclusively by its members and by donations.

The Associazione Italiana per la storia dell’automobile or the Italian Association for the History of the Automobile (AISA) was founded in 1987 to bring together historians, enthusiasts and witnesses of the known and lesser-known aspects of automotive history.  The Association has published over 120 monographs to date, and has organized over 100 meetings.

Contactgroep Auto- en Motorrijwiel Historie or the Contact Group Car and Motorcycle History (Conam) is a society of automotive historians in the Netherlands. Founded in 1991, Conam is active in historical research and in promoting interest in and the safeguarding of automotive heritage. Apart from daily contacts, members meet four times each year to visit automotive collections and exchange information. Conam publishes the quarterly Conam Bulletin.