Society of
Automotive Historians

2019 WSAH Summer Meeting and Iola Car show

The 2019 Iola Car Show in Wisconsin took place Thursday, July 11th, through Saturday, July 13th. The theme of the Special Exhibit this year was Calling All Car Clubs. The WSAH continued its annual tradition of staffing the Special Exhibit.

There were some 55 cars inside the Special Exhibit building as part of the Car Club displays. Approximately 35 Car Clubs had displays inside and outside the Special Exhibit building. The WSAH answered questions and sold Iola Car Show posters, books, pins and other souvenirs at their tables by the main entrance of the building.

The WSAH Summer Meeting was held on Friday, July 12th, at 2:00 PM in a conference room in the Special Exhibit building, with fourteen members in attendance. Dave Tesch is handing over the editorship of the Carhart Chronicle chapter newsletter to Ralph Kalal. Dave did an outstanding job over the years, and Ralph is well qualified to carry on the tradition in his own way. Sincere thanks to both Dave and Ralph. Ken Nimocks and George Tesar will meet in the near future to discuss collaborative efforts between the WSAH and the Wisconsin Historical Society, including WSAH members possibly volunteering to give presentations at the WHS, assisted by the automotive archivist of the WHS.

(l-r) Ken Nimocks, Dan Manola, Don Gullikson, Dave Tesch and Jim Morris in the Special Exhibit building.
Front entrance of the Special Exhibit Building. (Don Gullikson photo)
Back display area of the Special Exhibit Building. (Don Gullikson photo)
1930 Nash 452R Coupe and 1936 Nash Ambassador 8 4dr Sedan. (Jim Morris Photo)

A 1930 Franklin and a 1937 Packard 1501 Coupe flank the CCCA table in the Special Exhibit Building, with a neighboring Studebaker. (Jim Morris photo)