The Society of Automotive Historians



The Society of Automotive Historians was founded in Hershey Pennsylvania in 1969. We are an international organization with over 900 members scattered across the globe. The Society is an eclectic but serious community of historians that includes academic scholars, automotive journalists and publishers, museum and library professionals, educational and cultural organizations, car collectors and restorers, and enthusiasts.

Our membership encourages research into any aspect of automotive history. We actively support the compilation and preservation of papers, organizational records, print ephemera and images to safeguard, broaden and deepen the understanding of motorized, wheeled land transportation through the modern age and into the future.

To reveal this history, we promote the publishing of research findings in books, journals and conference papers. We support the efforts of educators to teach college level academic courses and those who introduce K-12 students to the panorama of automotive history.

For all members, the SAH provides camaraderie and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and data. The Society’s roster allows members to connect with others who have similar specialized interests

Read about the Society’s origins here.   Please consider joining our Society !


  • All members receive the Society’s three publications. The bimonthly SAH Journal carries news of the SAH and its members along with short feature articles, book and video reviews, plus classified advertisements.  The semianual journal Automotive History Review publishes in-depth articles on automotive history, most of them based on original, independent research.  And the online Membership Directory includes extensive indexes and cross-referencing so that members can match mutual interests and communicate on automotive topics around the world.


Each year, the Society recognizes significant contributions to the publishing, documentation, and preservation of the worldwide history of the motor vehicle. There are awards for publishing in print (books, articles and magazines) and non-print media (film, video, audio, websites, etc.). Additionally, awards are made for papers authored by undergraduate- and graduate-level students at educational institutions. Service awards are presented for the preservation of archives and for exemplary service to the cause of automotive history. Nominations are received in the spring of each year and awards are presented at the Society’s annual meeting, held during October.


The SAH encourages members to participate in programs associated with automotive history, such as conferences on industry topics, locating or identifying repositories of company records and personal papers of historical figures, and preserving and providing access to historical materials. The Society holds its annual meeting in conjunction with the Antique Automobile Club of America’s National Fall Meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania each October. More than 100 people traditionally attend the Friday night buffet and awards presentation. The SAH also maintains a Hospitality Tent for members and guests on the Hershey flea market fields each year, Wednesday through Friday on the Orange Field at OBB 16 – 19.


The principal source of the Society’s income is membership dues. A standard one-year membership is $50. A standard one-year student membership is $25. A digital membership is $20 in which all communications to the member are via electronic means.

A secondary source is its silent auction of automotive books and literature, conducted by mail. Because the SAH is a not-for-profit corporation, it is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a charitable and educational organization. Monetary contributions are deductible to the extent provided by law. Contributions are applied toward the cost of publications and awards.