Society of
Automotive Historians

Introduction to the Society of
Automotive Historians

The Society of Automotive Historians was founded in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 1969. It an international organization with over 650 members in 25 counties. The Society is an eclectic community of individuals and organizations which includes professional and amateur historians, academic scholars, automotive journalists and publishers, museum and library professionals, educational and cultural organizations, vehicle collectors and restorers, and general enthusiasts.

The Society encourages research into any aspect of automotive history and supports the compilation and preservation of papers, organizational records, print ephemera and images so as to safeguard, broaden and deepen the understanding of motorized, wheeled road transportation from it’s inception. The SAH promotes the publishing of research findings in books, monographs, journals, periodicals and conference papers to make this history known and accessible. Educators are encouraged to introduce K-12 students to the panorama of automotive history and to teach college level courses 

The SAH provides camaraderie and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and data among members. The Society’s digital membership roster includes a search function by interests, which allows members with similar interests to connect.

Read about the Society’s origins here. Please join the SAH!


All members receive the Society’s two publications. The bimonthly SAH Journal carries news of the SAH and its members, along with short feature articles, book rerviews, video reviews and member notices.  The annual Automotive History Review publishes in-depth articles on automotive history, most of them based on original, independent research.


Each year, the Society recognizes significant contributions to the publishing, documentation, and preservation of the worldwide history of the motor vehicle. There are awards for publishing in print (books, articles and periodicals) and non-print media (film, video, audio, websites, etc.). Additionally, awards are made for papers authored by undergraduate and graduate-level students at educational institutions. Service awards are presented for the preservation of archives and for individual’s exemplary service to the cause of automotive history. Nominations are received in the spring of each year and awards are announced in the fall of each year.


The Society holds one or two conferences each year. During the Antique Automobile Club of America’s National Fall Meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the SAH maintains a hospitality tent on the Orange Field for members and visitors. The SAH Annual Awards Banquet is held on Thursday evening of Hershey week.


The principal source of the Society’s income is membership dues. An annual digital membership is $20 and a printed hard copy membership is $50 ($60 overseas). The Society of Automotive Historians is a 501(c)(3) corporation.