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Society of Automotive Historians Awards

Each year, the Society recognizes significant contributions to the publishing, documentation, and preservation of the worldwide history of the motor vehicle.  Awards are given for publishing in print (books, articles and magazines) and non-print media (film, video, audio, websites, etc.).

In addition, awards are made for papers authored by undergraduate and graduate-level students at educational institutions. Service awards are presented for the preservation of archives and for exemplary service to the cause of automotive history. Nominations are received in the spring of each year and awards are presented at the Society’s annual meeting, held during October. 


For the history of the recipients of each award, click the “HERE” link at the bottom of each award category.




The Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, English is presented each year for the book which best advances the understanding of the history of the automobile in the English language in the previous calendar year—2020. Nominations should be sent to the Chair,

Edward Garten, Ph.D
3699 Westwind Drive,
Dayton, Ohio 45440

to arrive by April 15, 2021 with a confirmation at his email.

For further information and a list of the recipients of the Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, English, click HERE



The Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, Non-English is presented each year for the book which best advances the historical understanding of the history of the automobile in a language other than English in the previous calendar year-2020. Nominations should be made to the Chair, Arthur Jones, by sending books to the address below to arrive by June 15, 2021:

Arthur Jones
504 South 26th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146-1009
Email Arthur Jones

For further information and a list of the recipients of the Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, Non-English, click HERE



The prestigious lifetime Friend of Automotive History award recognizes an individual who has made a profound individual contribution to the automotive history community and the historical record. Nominations should be sent by April 15, 2021 to:

Andy Beckman
1519 Oakwood Blvd
South Bend IN 46616-2028
Email Andy Beckman

For further information and a list of the recipients of the Friend of Automotive History Award, click HERE



In order to encourage research and writing effort among university students in the area of automotive history, the Society confers its annual award for the best student paper in the auto history field.  The award is named for Richard Scharchburg, the late Professor of History at Kettering University, eminent automotive historian, and past vice president of the Society of Automotive Historians. Beginning in 2021, the SAH will offer seperate awards for best student paper in both the undergraduate and graduate categories.  Persons submitting papers must be enrolled at educational institutions (upper-class undergraduate or graduate level) at the time of submission.  This competition is international in scope, but papers must be in the English language.  Papers already published or scheduled for publication will not be accepted.

Manuscripts should not exceed 10,000 words, and should be double-spaced.  An abstract is requested.  Judging criteria include clear statement of purpose and testable hypothesis, accuracy and thoroughness of research, originality of the research, documentation, quality and extent of bibliographic resources, and writing style.  Diagrams, graphs, or photographs may be included.  Submissions are to be electronic, in Word 1997-2003 format or pdf files only, to the e-mail address below.

Possible subjects include but are not limited to historical aspects of automobile companies and their leaders, regulation of the auto industry, financial and economic aspects of the industry, the social effects of the automobile, highway development, environmental matters, and automotive marketing, design, engineering and safety.

A cover letter should be included stating the student’s address, school, program, advisor, and stage in studies.  The student should indicate how the paper submitted will relate to his or her professional future.  Submissions must be e-mail dated by June 15, 2021.  All papers submitted will be acknowledged.

Upon recommendation of the judges, the winning paper will considered for publication in the Society’s Automotive History Review.   The award consists of a plaque and a cash prize of $500.00.

Submissions should be received by June 15, 2021 to:

John E. Mohr,  Chair, Student Awards Committee
Department of History,
University of Alabama in Huntsville,
Roberts Hall 403,
301 Sparkman Drive,
Huntsville, AL, 35899

E-mail John Mohr

For further information and a list of the recipients of the Richard P. Scharchburg Student Paper Award, click HERE 



The Carl Benz Award recognizes excellence in the presentation of automotive history appearing in a periodical. All commercial, club and academic periodicals are welcome to be nominated. An author or publisher is welcome to nominate his or her own works or works in their respective publication. Members and non-members alike can nominate a work.

The Benz Award judging process has now gone digital. Please forward a copy of the article in PDF format to the chair  Don Keefe. In the submission, please include the name of the publication, the volume/date in which the article appeared, and the page numbers. If unable to submit digitally, contact the chair for further instructions. 

The article must have appeared in a publication with an on-sale date within 2020. Multi-part article need to have at least one installment published with a 2020 on-sale date. Any multi-part article with an installment appearing in a publication with a 2021 on-sale date must wait until next year for nomination but all parts would be eligible at that time. The Benz Committee Chair reserves the right to accept or reject any nomination based on suitability or compatibility with the award.

Please send all nominations by April 15, 2021 to:

Don Keefe, Chair
Benz Award
1448 Seagull Drive A-312
Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Email Don Keefe

For further information and a list of the recipients of the Carl Benz Award, click HERE



The E. P. Ingersoll Award is given for the best presentation of automotive history in media other than print. Video documentaries, oral histories and sound recordings, podcasts, websites, blogs, social media, cell phone and tablet apps, computer software and art are eligible for consideration.  (Nominations for online publications should be directed toward the Brigham Award.)  Nominations for this award must be made by June 15th, 2021 to:

Steve Wilson, Chair
PO Box 611
Jefferson, NC 28640
Email Steven Wilson Chair

For further information and a list of the recipients of the E. P. Ingersoll Award, click HERE



Have you helped a Librarian Lately? You can– with a nomination for the James J. Bradley Distinguished Service Award! Every year, the Society of Automotive Historians honors the work of libraries and archives whose mission is to preserve motor vehicle resource materials.

The nomination is due June 15, 2021. The award will be presented at the SAH annual banquet at the Hershey Country Club on October 2021 during the AACA Eastern Fall Meet at Hershey, PA.

To nominate a deserving library or archives, contact Ed Garten, Committee Chair, who will provide you with the Bradley Award nomination form.  Contact Ed Garten via Email.

Bradley Award committee members include H. Don Capps, Ed Garten, Carla Lesh, and Jim Wagner.

For further Information and a list of the recipients of the James J. Bradley Distinguished Service Award, click HERE



The Richard and Grace Brigham Award is presented to the automotive history magazine or automotive club publication that represents a most exemplary editorial, graphic or historical content published in the previous calendar year–2020. Publications with an online presence are also eligible.  Please note that consideration is given to the content of the entire publication rather than a single article.  (Nominations of individual articles should be directed to the Benz Award).  Nominations should be mailed by April 15, 2021 to:

Andy Beckman
1519 Oakwood Blvd
South Bend IN 46616-2028
Email Andy Beckman

For further Information and a list of the recipients of the Richard and Grace Bringham Award, click HERE