Society of Automotive Historians Awards

Each year, the Society presents several awards in recognition of significant contributions to the publishing, documentation and preservation of the worldwide history of the motor vehicle. There are awards for print media (books, articles and periodicals) and non-print media (film, video, audio, websites, etc.). Awards are also made for papers authored by undergraduate and graduate-level students at educational institutions, for the preservation of libraries and archives, and for individuals’ exemplary service to the cause of automotive history.

Nominations are received in the spring of each year for books, articles and periodicals published in the previous calendar year. The awards announced in September and are presented at the Society’s Annual Awards Banquet in October. Please see our nomination procedure page for nomination details and deadlines.

Below is the list of the SAH awards, with descriptions of each award, details about communicating with award panel chairs, and lists of previous recipients:

SAH membership is not a requirement to submit a nomination. Nominations will be accepted from members and non-members alike.