2022 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award (LOE)

The 2022 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, Language Other than English (LOE), will be awarded to one or more books published in calendar year 2021 that best advance the understanding of the history of the automobile in a language other than English. Consideration will be given to traditional automotive histories, including those focused on vehicles, manufacturers, individuals and events, as well as social histories of the automobile that examine the effect of the automobile on society, culture, and everyday life. The Cugnot (LOE) Award Panel may also, if they deem it warranted, select an additional book or books published in the calendar year 2021 for secondary recognition with an Award of Distinction. The Cugnot English and Language Other than English (LOE) awards have been given as a separate awards since 2002.

Nominations should be emailed to sahawards@gmail.com by June 15, 2022. Upon notice that an nomination is accepted, books should be forwarded to the Cugnot Award (LOE) Panel Chair Arthur Jones.

Any book submitted for Cugnot Award consideration becomes the property of the SAH, whether the nominated book wins an award or not. After the awards are made, all nominated and awarded books are sent to Auburn, Indiana for custodial care in The Society of Automotive Historians Special Reference Collection at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum (ACDAM). This collection is available for onsite use by SAH members, ACDAM members and ACDAM visitors, following reading room protocols established by the ACDAM. A Memorandum of Understanding is in place, between the SAH and the ACDAM, detailing their relationship and the custodial care of the SAH book collection.

Questions regarding the Cugnot Award (LOE) should be directed to Arthur Jones.

Previous Award Winners


Danskbilproduktion by Erich Karsholt, published by Strandbergs Forlag A/S

Award of Distinction: Fenaille & Despeaux, Fancetre d’Esso by Christian Rouxel, published by Editions E-T-A-I


Paul Daimler, König des Kompressors by Harry Niemann, published by Motorburch Verlag


La Hispano Suiza, empresa pionera, El Deportivo Alfonao XIII by Manuel Lage, published by Ministry of Economy and Business

Award of Distinction: Kutschenlack, Asphaltschwarz & Nitroglanz Fahrzeuglackierung zwischen 1900 und 1945 by Gundula Tutt, published by Karren Publishing

Award of Distinction: Durchgeboxt by Thomas Braun, published by Schneider Media


Lorraine-Dietrich: de la Voiture de Grand Luxe ah Geant de l’Aeronautigue by Sébastien Faurès Fustel de Coulanges published by E.T.A.I.

Award of Distinction: Encyklopedia Poznanskiej Motoryzacji by Dobieslav Wielinski


Los Proyectos Deconocidos de CETA y Pegaso by Manuel Lage published by Fundacion Jorge Jove


Iran Royal Garage by Borzou Sepasi (self-published in Farsi)

Award of Distinction: Weismann – Power and Passion by Niels Hamann published by Schneider Media


Given to Jean-Louis Loubet for Lifetime Achievement in research and publications in automotive history of France.

Award of Distinction: Ikarus – Busse fur die Welt by Christian Suhr, published by Verlagkraftakt


Farman, De I’aviation a I’automobile by Claude Rouxel, Laurent Friry and Sébastien Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, published by ETAI

Award of Distinction: Aerodynamicke Automobiliy by Marian Suman-Hreblay, published by CPress, Brno


BMW Gespanne by Hans-Jurgen Schneider and Stefan Knittel, published by Schneider Media

Award of Distinction: La Ferrari secondo Forghieri dal 1947 a Oggi by Mario Foghieri and Daniel Buzzonetti, published by Girogio Nada Editore


No Award


Gotha de l’Automobile Francaise by Claud Rouxel and Laurent Friry

Award of Distinction: Tatra, Nákladní a Užitková Vozidla, Autobusy a Trolejbusy by Marián Šuman-Hreblay, published by Computer Press.

Award of Distinction: Lindner, Karosserien und Anhänger aus Ammendorf by Christian Suhr, published by Verlag Kraftakt.


Fiat en Grand Prix, 1920-1930 by Sébastien Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, published by ETAI in Boulogne-Billancourt.

Legende: BMW 02 by Hans-Jürgen Schneider and Halwart Schrader, published by Schneider Text, in Schneider Text Editions spécialisées Giel-Courteilles France.

Award of Distinction: Samochody osobowe by Andrzej Zielinski, published by Wydawnictwa Komunikacji in Warsaw.


1,000,000: Un Millón de Camiones y Buses Españoles by Manuel Lage, published by IVECO España.

Awards of Distinction: SIMCA – L’aventure de l’hirondelle by Adrien Cahuzac, published by E.T.A.I.

Award of Distinction: Voitures Des Pays De L’est by Bernard Vermeylen, published by E.T.A.I.


d’Azur à Total: Desmarais Frères, le premier grand petrolier français by Christian Rouxel, published by Drivers

Award of Distinction: Alle Autos der 50er Jahre 1945-1960 by Roger Gloor, published by Motorbuch Verlag.


Autorennsport in der DDR – BMW (Ost), EMW, Wartburg by Horst Ihling.

Award of Distinction: Alle Autos der 60er Jahre, by Roger Gloor.


Panhard & Levassor – entre tradition et modernité by Bernard Vermeylen, published by E. T. A. I.

Award of Distinction: La belle voiture française by Daniel Cabart and Claude Rouxel, published by E. T. A. I.

Award of Distinction: Berliet by Monique Chapelle, published by Éditions Le Télégramme.


Award of Distinction: Sie Bauten Autos, by Michael Graf Wolff Metternich and Hans-Otto Neubauer, published by Verlag Hermann E. Sieger GmbH.

Award of Distinction: Ford en France et en Belgique, by Hubert Bonin, Thierry Grosbois, Nicolas Hatzfeld and J-L Loubet, published by éditions P.L.A.G.E.


Sto Lat Polskiej Motoryzacji, by Stanislaw Szelichowski, published by Krakowska Oficyna SAB.

BMW Automobile, by Halwart Schrader, published by Motorbuch Verlag.

Award of Distinction: Renault en Afrique: Croisières automobiles et raids aériens 1901-1939, by Marie-Christine Rouxel, published by E.T.A.I.


Renault des automobiles de prestige, by Claude Rouxel, Marc Griselhubert, Claude Gueldry, and Jacques Dorizon, E.T.A.I.

Award of Distinction: Deutsche Autos Band 1 – 1885-1920, by Halwart Schrader, Motorbuch-Verlag


Handwerk på Hjul (Rolling Coachwork – The Story of Norwegian Bodymakers), by Asbjorn Rolseth.

Award of Distinction: Le Rallye Monte-Carlo au XXème Siècle, by Maurice Louche.


No awards


La Hispano-Suiza: El Vuelo de las Cigüeñas 1916-1931, by Emilio Polo, Wings and Flags.

Award of Distinction: Hanomag-Personenwagen von Hannover in die Welt, by Horst-Dieter Görg and Torsten Hamacher, Mundschenk Druck-und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH.