International Motor Sports History Section


The mission of the SAH International Motor Sports History Section is to promote, contribute to and support the serious, scholarly study of international automotive competition history.

General Goals of the SAH International Motor Sports History Section (IMSHS)
  • To encourage and support serious, scholarly automotive competition history research and publication;
  • To develop and support activities and strategies that foster international automotive competition history;
  • To work with historically oriented groups, organizations, research centers, museums, elementary and secondary schools, and relevant community events to further the knowledge and understanding of international automotive competition history;
  • To support and, when possible, coordinate the dissemination of international automotive competition histories;
  • To encourage and support the development and expansion of international automotive competition archives and databases;
  • To foster and support the study of under-represented groups and their involvement with international automotive competition;
  • To develop functional partnerships with allied entities such as businesses, publishers, sanctioning bodies, research centers, museums, colleges, and universities.
The mission and goals of the SAH IMSHS will be served by the supporting following program:
  • The SAH International Motor Sports History Section, along with the SAH Academic Committee, serves as the co-host with the International Motor Racing Research Center (IMRRC) located in Watkins Glen, New York, for the annual Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium for International Automotive Competition History to be held each November in Watkins Glen. The IMRRC and the SAH IMSHS will generally select a theme for each symposium, although any topic relating to international automotive competition history can be accepted. An ongoing and recurring theme of thrust of the Argetsinger Symposium will be “The Cultural Turn Meets the First Turn.” The SAH IMSHS and the IMRRC will coordinate on the selection of the papers to be presented, the composition of the panels and their chairs, with the IMRRC selecting the featured speaker for the symposium.
Organization of the SAH IMSHS
  • The International Motor Sports History Section is a duly constituted section under the auspices of the Society of Automotive Historians, having been voted on and recognized as a legal section under the SAH Charter and By-laws.
  • The head of the SAH IMSHS is its Chairperson. The chair of the SAH IMSHS will serve as the official representative to the SAH Board of Directors and will act on the behalf of the SAH IMSHS in matters relating to the SAH.
Point of Contact

For further information on the SAH International Motor Sports History Section and/or international automotive competition history, please contact H. Donald Capps at: