Society of
Automotive Historians

Wheels Across the Pacific:

Transnational Histories of the Automotive Industry

2022 AHA and SAH Virtual Symposium

For decades, the Australian and North American automotive industries have shared, parts and components, engineering and design expertise, business and management structures, and advertising and trade practices. To explore and celebrate this shared automotive history, the Automotive Historians Australia (AHA) and the SAH co-convened a one-day virtual symposium on September 17, 2022, featuring nine 30-minute presentations by ten AHA and SAH members.

Credit goes to the AHA for organizing and administering the event, and to the students at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) who staged, live streamed, and recorded the symposium on the RMIT campus.

The 2022 Wheels Across the Pacific symposium drove home the concept that there is automotive history beyond our traditional comfort zones of North America and Europe.  YouTube links for the 2022 presentations will be posted here soon.  (3/21/23)