Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing

Call for Papers:
The Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History upholds the mission of the International Motor Racing Research Center, the International Motor Sports History Section of the Society of Automotive Historians, and the Vehicular Culture Area of the Popular Culture Association to provide an opportunity for researchers to present their work on automotive competition history. We encourage submissions from faculty, graduate students, independent researchers, and all historians of motor sports. Continue reading “Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing”

Remembering Nick Georgano

George Nicholas “Nick” Georgano
1932 – October 22, 2017

Nick Georgano passed away in Guernsey where he had moved to in retirement.  He authored or edited an astonishing array of books, over 60 titles published in the UK and the USA apart from many translations, ranging from modest Shire volumes to The Complete Encyclopaedia of Motorcars first published in 1968 and its ultimate successor The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

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Introducing SAH Annual Digital Membership: $20

The SAH has added “digital member” to its list of member categories. A digital member has all SAH member rights and privileges, but all media and communication is delivered (via email) and available electronically (via the website: autohistory.org). For example, this means that a digital member receives the bimonthly SAH Journal and the Automotive History Review as downloadable PDF files via email and will not receive hard copies in the mail. However, the digital versions of these publications are available and sent while the printing process is underway, so the digital versions are not subject to the added time it takes to print, mail and deliver the printed versions. Annual digital membership, regardless of domicile, is $20.

Please note: while annual membership dues for North America (U.S. / Canada / Mexico) remains at $50, given ever increasing postage expenses, annual “Overseas” membership (all territories beyond U.S. / Canada / Mexico) has been set at $60.

Like all members, digital members have full access to the “members only” section of the website, which includes all the past issues of the SAH Journal and the Automotive History Review. From time-to-time the SAH produces a printed member directory—while digital members will not receive a printed copy, the website has a member directory with full search capabilities. If digital members wish to purchase a directory as well as issues of other SAH publications, they are available at their given price plus postage.

New Member Benefits (Publisher Discounts!): we are pleased to announce that our members can now purchase books from Veloce Publishers (see: veloce.co.uk) at a 35% discount, and books from Racemaker Press (see: racemaker.com) at a 15% discount. Just use your SAH member number when ordering. Recognizing that our members are car and book enthusiasts, we will try to add more publishers to this list.

Website Benefits: all members are entitled to access the “members only” section of the SAH website: autohistory.org. There, you will find portals to access all the issues of the SAH Journal and the Automotive History Review as well as other features, like the photos and images library; and the website will continue to expand its features and benefits.