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The Society of Automotive Historians (SAH), founded in 1969, is an eclectic community of professional and amateur historians, academic scholars, automotive journalists and publishers, museum and library professionals, educational and cultural institutions, car collectors and restorers, and general automotive enthusiasts. Our 650 members reside in 25 countries, and 20% of our members reside outside the United States.

While our members have varied backgrounds and automotive interests, they all share the common goals of researching, compiling, distributing and promoting any and all aspects of automotive history.

SAH News

SAH Spring Board of Directors Meeting
The Spring Board Meeting was held virtually the evening of Thursday, May 19th. Twelve Officers and Directors were in attendance, along with nine members. The minutes will be posted soon, under Board Documents. (5/19/22)

Wisconsin Society of Automotive Historians (WSAH – a chapter of the SAH)
We are delighted to announce that the Carhart Chronicle, the newsletter of the WSAH, has been awarded a 2021 Golden Quill Award by Old Cars in their “sub-compact chapters category.” Congratulations to the chapter and to Carhart Chronicle editor Ralph Kalal.
All past WSAH newsletters can be viewed at http://wisconsin-auto-historians.org/ under “The Spark/Carhart” toolbar tab. (4/17/22)

Search for Members
The enhanced “Search for Members” function found in the Members Area of the SAH website has now been activated. (4/8/22)

New Login Procedures for Members to Access the SAH Website, 3-22-22
New website Log In procedures for members are now in place. Active members were sent an email on 3/22 titled “Website Access Alert from the Society of Automotive Historians” which provides instructions on their new permanent usernames and new changeable passwords, which need to be used from now on. All sections of the website are now back online and accessible. Thank you all for your patience during this upgrade.

2022 SAH Award Nominations
Nominations for the 2022 SAH Awards, with the exception of the Cugnot LOE and the Scharchburg Awards, have now been completed. Nominations for the Cugnot LOE (langauge other than English) Book Award and the Scharchburg Student Paper Award are due June 15, 2022. Click the  toolbar “Awards” tab above for awards information and instructions on how to submit a nomination for either of these two awards. (4/16/22)

Upcoming Events

Wheels Across the Pacific: transnational histories of the automotive industry, September 18th
The Automotive Historians Australia (AHA) and the SAH will co-convene a one-day online symposium for their members on 9/18/22 in North America and 9/19/22 in Australia. The symposium seeks papers that look at transnational histories of the automotive industry – that is, shared histories that extend or go beyond national boundaries. We recognise that the auto industry has, from the late 19th century, been a global enterprise, although that aspect of its history is often submerged in a national story. Hence, we are looking for papers that explore ways in which the Australian and American auto industries shared expertise, skills, design and studio practices, engineering, staff, business structures and management structures, advertising, parts and components, and trade practices. The symposium will take into account the time differences between the two countries. Ten presentations, fifteen to twenty minutes each, are planned for the main session, and then three presentations and a round-table discussion for the second session. Start time is tentatively scheduled for 5:00 PM EDT on Sunday, 9/18/22 in North America, concluding around 1:00 AM EDT on Monday the 19th, for all thirteen sessions and the round-table discussion. Click here for the Call for Papers (CFP). Abstracts are due June 30, 2022. (4/21/22)

2022 Eastern Division AACA National Fall Meet in Hershey, PA: Tuesday, October 4th through Friday, October 7th            
We look forward to resuming our customary big-tent presence at Hershey in 2022. Please be aware that beginning this year the AACA National Fall Meet in Hershey will be held Tuesday through Friday, replacing the previous schedule of Wednesday through Saturday. The flea market is Tuesday through Thursday (instead of Wednesday through Friday) and the Car Show is Friday (instead of Saturday).

  • SAH Orange Field tent, at spaces OBB16-19, inbetween light poles #113 and #121, will be open Tuesday through Thursday.
  • Our Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon in our Orange Field tent.
  • SAH will conduct its Fall Board Meeting Wednesday evening at the Hershey Country Club.
  • Our Book Signing will take place Thursday in our Orange Field tent.
  • Our Annual Awards Banquet will take place Thursday evening at the Hershey Country Club. 2020-2021 awards will be recognized and 2022 awards will be presented.

Additional details will be announced as the dates draw nearer. (5/20/22)

Third European Conference for Automotive History, October 14th through 16th
The Third European Conference for Automotive History will be held at MAUTO, Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile, in Turin from 14 to 16 October 2022. The conference is organised jointly by Thomas Ulrich of the AHG in Germany and Anders Ditlev Clausager of the SAHB in the UK. The event is supported by the SAHB and the Culture and Youth Commission of FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens). Seventeen 30-minute English language presentations are tenatively scheduled.

If you wish to attend, please complete the Booking Form and mail or email it to Thomas Ulrich (his postal and email addresses are in the Booking Form). Thomas will send you details of the bank account to use for payment. (5/28/22)

Sixth Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History, November 4th and 5th
The Sixth  Michael R. Argetsinger Symposium on International Motor Racing History, scheduled for Friday, November 4th and Saturday, November 5th, 2022, at Watkins Glen, NY, will be an event geared to both motor racing scholars and racing enthusiasts alike. Over the last several years the Symposium, co-hosted by the International Motor Racing Research Center (IMRRC) and the SAH, has established itself as a unique and respected forum and has gained a growing audience of scholars, students and enthusiasts. The open-to-the-public in-person Symposium sessions will be held in the Watkins Glen International Media Center. The Keynote Speaker will be renowned NASCAR historian Buz McKim. Click here for the Call for Papers (CFP). Abstracts are due August 5, 2022. (5/28/22)

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The Society of Automotive Historians at Hershey

SAH member Vince Wright’s videos of our 2018 and 2019 Book Signings in our Orange Field tent at Hershey.

SAH Member Profiles

Meet Our Member: Steve Rossi

   Steven Rossi has worn an impressive number of hats of different makes and models reflecting the all-things-automotive arena in which he has both worked and played practically his whole life, including being an SAH member since 1980.
   His work life as an engine development engineer at Ford began in 1976, after he’d earned his mechanical engineering degree. Two years later he moved to Saab where he would fulfill a number of roles for nearly 15 years before spending a bit of time as President of Lotus Cars USA, followed by two years at GM as head of Chevy’s Product Public Relations. Next came four years with Mercedes-Benz at the helm of its corporate public relations. When M-B became Daimler-Chrysler, Rossi was promoted to head of Global Communications. Next, he went to work for McLaren Performance Technologies. Lastly, before retirement, he spent several years at Honeywell.
   Rossi’s hobby life has been every bit as varied. He describes his collection with: “The garage has about 20 cars and 30 motorcycles in it. Starting with the more common 1912 Overland and 1924 Ford Model T…to the more unique 1922 Wills Sainte Claire A-68 roadster and 1933 Pierce-Arrow…and then to the really weird stuff like my Tatra 603 and Matra Simca Bagheera. The motorcycles are mostly Italian, with a particular leaning toward Moto Guzzi.” And that doesn’t include his collections of tube-type radios or outboard motors and who knows what else.
   Rossi’s been active with the Model T Automotive Heritage Complex in Detroit; has been a trustee of AACA’s Automotive Library and Research Center as well past service as a trustee for the Detroit Public Library’s NAHC. He currently is a trustee of the Historic District Commission of East Haddam, Connecticut, the community in which he resides. He’s also active with the Pierce-Arrow Museum Foundation and editor of that society’s magazine. He writes for the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club and is a regular columnist for AACA’s Antique Automobile magazine where column topics range from those proverbial soup to nuts and back again. A group of them, 48 to be exact, have been assembled in a 2021-published book from McFarland & Company Publishers titled Gearhead At Large: A Backroad Tour of Automotive History and the Old Car Hobby.