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President –  Robert Barr #3598– Contact for questions and comments about the Society of Automotive Historians

Vice President – Kevin Kirbitz #2594

SecretaryBob Casey #1385

TreasurerRubén L. Verdés #3433 – contact regarding questions on SAH Payments


Board of Directors


Terms Ending Oct. 2022

 – Chris Lezotte #3274

 – Casey Maxon #3921

 – Steve Purdy #3535

Terms ending Oct. 2023

 – H. Donald Capps #3122 ex officio

– John A. Mohr #3938

 – Dean Nelson #4180

 – Bob Schmitt #4303

Terms ending Oct. 2024

– Matt Anderson #3611

 – Bob Elton #2192

 – Carla Rose Lesh #2870


Publications Committee

Thomas S. Jakups, Chairman, Christopher G. Foster, Louis F. Fourie, John Heitmann, D. Donald J. Keefe, Rubén L. Verdés, Steve Wilson.


Web Editor

Louis F. Fourie –  for questions and comments about AutoHistory.Org and SAH


Website Support

Email the Webmaster – for technical issues regarding the website.