The Society of Automotive Historians


Fourth International Drive History Conference 2020

Bill Warner has been confirmed as a keynote speaker for this conference. See further details here. Included with this Conference will be a personally hosted tour by Dr. Simeone of the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum with a feature of “Ford vs. Ferrari”. Further details are available here. The other unique aspect of this gathering of … Read more

Third International Drive History Conference

For a recap of the Third International Drive History Conference held by the Historic Vehicle Association in Allentown, Pennsylvania celebrating the 50th Anniversary of SAH can be found HERE. …

Second European History Conference

For a recap of the Second European Automotive History Conference held at Loumann Museum at The Hague can be found HERE. …

The San Diego County/Inland Empire Chapter

San Diego County and the Inland Empire now has its own chapter of the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH).  For further details CLICK HERE. …