Society of
Automotive Historians

SAH Award Nominations

The SAH awards to be presented in 2024 will recognize exemplary work during calendar year 2023 by print and electronic publishers, undergraduate and graduate students, and individuals, museums, libraries and archives for long-term achievements in various aspects of automotive history.

The nomination deadline for these 2024 awards is April 15, 2024:


The nominations deadline for these 2024 awards is June 15, 2024:


Submit nominations for all SAH awards to this single email address:

Please include the following information in nomination emails:

  • Name of the award for which the nomination is being made
  • Publication, institution or person being nominated
  • Name and contact information of individual making the nomination
  • One or two lines outlining reasons for the nomination

SAH membership is not a requirement to submit a nomination. Nominations may be submitted by members and non-members alike.